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Strip For Me! | Gojo Satoru x Reader

C H A P T E R : 2

"Where's my mom? I want to go back inside that peaceful dark place where I kept swimming 24/7 and drunk my own pee without worrying about real life." You mumbled exhaustingly and fell face first in Nobara's pillowy chest.

"You drink your pee?" Yuuji asked horrified and almost dropped his phone on the ground.

"That's not what she meant, you stupid oversized cunt." Nobara rolled her eyes and ran her fingers through your hair. "Besides, that's something you'll never understand with that damaged brain of yours."

Yuuji's face dropped and his bottom lip stuck out. "Meanie..."

It was lunch time and as usual, you met up with your friends to eat on a random bench outside. The only difference between all the usual lunch breaks and this one, was that you were trying to bury yourself in Nobara's chest and slowly die of suffocation.

The morning was rough. The day started with 3 hours of literature and what came along 3 hours of literature? Professor Gojo aka Mr. Handsome aka Megumi's fucking caretaker you've grinded on for 10 days straight!

If having Mr. Handsome himself as teacher wasn't embarrassing enough, let's not talk about how the professor used the first hour as introduction moment and talked about his amazing experience in a strip club. All this, while eyeing you secretly with a small smile on his face.

Megumi, who had absolutely no interest in knowing what Gojo had experienced with you, tried to read a book throughout the whole hour and put eardrops in his ears to muffle the sound around him. But the sound of the raging boys around him, who had suddenly respected the Professor the moment he said he had a great experience at a stripclub, couldn't concentrate on reading his book.

Those three hours were the worst of your entire life. Literature classes were now your least favorite subject yet your most important one.

"I'm never going back." You groaned and lifted your head from the pillowy chest you've been laying on for the past few minutes. "It's time to bury myself 6 feet under the ground and never come back. Goodbye my life, goodbye my education, goodbye word."

Nobara held you by the shoulders and pushed you back. "No, you're not going to give up just because you've been dancing for a man. You just did what you're so passionate about! So what, you showed him how great your lap dances are or your pole dance skills? It's not like you've fucked him!"

"He's Megumi's caretaker."

Nobara choked on her own spit and coughed frantically, trying to get the saliva out of her lungs. Her eyes turned red from the lack of air and looked at Megumi with the same look you had given him earlier.

"HE'S WHAT?!" She yelled after drinking a huge gulp of the bottle of water Yuuji had offered her. "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God- girl, forget what I said. I'll get a shovel and start digging."

"Nobara!" You whined loudly catching many stares of people around you. With what you experienced this morning, the stares the students were giving you was nothing to feel embarrassed about.

"Why don't you try talking to him." Yuuji said in a sweet tone as he offered you some of his potato salad.

Taking one of his many sporks, you ate some of it to relieve your hunger and sighed in relief. "I can't, Yuuji... And out of all the classes, he just had to be the literature professor. I can swear on my life that someone put a curse on me to ruin my life."

"You're being dramatic." Megumi said after eating his lunch and you almost threw the potato salad at his head.

Before you could react to what he said, Nobara held his collar and started shaking him harshly back and forth. "HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT, STUPID HEDGEHOG! WHERE IS YOUR EMPATHY?!"

Students that were walking by wondered what was happening, some of them even walking away since they were getting a little scared of the girl that had turned into a Demon. Since Nobara was putting some sense back in Megumi, you let her take care of it and laid your head on the table.

Yuuji had taken the free seat next to you and wrapped an arm around your shoulders. He gently pushed you against him to give you some physical comfort and you gladly nuzzled into him.

"I'm sorry about what happened to you, (Name)." He apologized and rubbed your arm with his hand.

You smiled back at him and shook your head. "It's okay, baby. You don't have to apologize. It's just a little bit embarrassing. You three are the only ones that knew about my job and now that my professor knows it too, I guess it's just a little bit too embarrassing for me to handle."

"And the fact that he's Megumi's caretaker." He pointed out, literally holding his finger up and you groaned.

"...That too," You mumbled and placed the container of potato salad back in front of him so he could finish it but he pushed it back to you, telling that you needed it more than him. Because in his eyes, food is the best comforter.

It was a good thing that after lunch you only had 2 more hours before you could go home. The sad thing was that Nobara took her car and she had 4 more courses after the lunch break, which meant you had to take the bus to go home.

Megumi, who enrolled in the same degree as yours could accompany you but every time you set your eyes on him you saw Mr. Handsome taking care of him. The shudders in your spine, though. Unbelievable.

People said the world is small, but this is out of control. How is it possible to, and sensually dance for a teacher and on top of it him being a caretaker of your closest friend?!

Your body had been tense for the whole day and all you wanted to do was go home, strip and dance for hours to forget what happened today.

The last two hours passed like a breeze and you thanked everyone in the universe for it. Megumi had been sitting besides you for the last two classes and you didn't mind. But both if you didn't even utter one word. You being too embarrassed and Megumu felt sorry for telling you earlier that you were being too dramatic.

So as an apology he offered you a ride home. "..Also, I'm sorry for what I said earlier."

"Earlier?" You repeated, too bust eating two sugar donuts that he had given you.

"When I said to stop being too dramatic. I should have considered how you felt. I acted like a child and... I'm sorry." He explained, feeling tense and a little bit scared that you wouldn't forgive him.

A smile crept on your face and you pinched his cheek, your fingers full of powdered sugar which made the boy cringe. "It's okay, boo. I forgive you."

Megumi wiped his cheek with his sleeve and before he could speak up, a certain person called his name out loud which made you shiver in a mix of fear and embarrassment.


The one and only Mr. Handsome was running towards both of you and you almost grabbed Megumi's hand to run away and quickly escape what seemed like a running monster from a nightmare in real life. Megumi looked at you and gave you an apologetic look.


Mr. Handsome shoved his face in his chest and hugged him so tightly even you felt it cut your airways. It was noticable how Megumi was struggling to get some air and get away from the tight grip.

"Let's go home together, Megumi-chan!" He beamed loudly. "I just finished and you're also done! Besides, I took the car this morning. We can also go to that burger place you like so much!"

Megumi shoved him away and coughed, trying to get some air in his lungs again and not pass out on the ground. The smell of his cologne and sweat mixed up was making him so dizzy, he almost felt like he could pass out at any moment. After taking another breath and calming down, he spoke up.

"I'm going home with, (Name)." He said through ragged breaths. Mr. Handsome looked at you and you shivered on the spot when he gave you a mischievous smile.

"Oh. Angel, right?" He smirked, calling you by your stage name.

"BYE!" You shouted and got ready to sprint away like speedy Gonzales.

Megumi quickly butted in and held your wrist before you took off. "Give me the keys. I'm taking the car." He held his hand up and waited for the professor to hand him the keys.

The only thing he got was the feeling of the professors hand on his own like a high five, but obviously lower.

"Nope, I'm taking the car."

Megumi sighed in annoyance. "First of all, that's my car and second show some respect to your student. Don't try to mangle your private life and your professional life."

Mr. Handsome tensed when he saw Megumi glare at him. His glare could be really intimidating, especially when he was really angry. But since he practically raised the little boy, he knew what to do to calm him down immediately.

He touched the frown on his forehead and grinned. "Frowns are just upside down smiles, you must be really happy to see me! Frowny is now gone-y!"

Now you were really wondering if every every man in the stripclub with a sex appeal up the roof, like Mr. Handsome himself, where just as childish as him in real.

Gojo looked at you for a split second and gave you a smirk that made you cringe really hard. Just seeing him like this destroyed all R-rated thoughts you had of him.

The reason why was because first of all, you weren't attracted to overgrown children and second of all just thinking of having sex with a person that could be seen as a second father of a close person of you was a huge turn off.

Sensing the heavy tension forming between the two males, you gently held Megumi's arm.

"Megu-woah!" Gojo's face got so close to your face that you forgot what you wanted to say. His blue hypnotic eyes were scanning every part of your face as if he was looking for something.

Megumi was about to shove his face away from you but Gojo spoke up rather quickly. "Yup, Angel really does suit you."

And off you ran, leaving Megumi and the professor behind.

"I was only complimenting her!" Gojo laughed when he sensed another glare coming from Megumi. "Don't look at me like that, Megumi. I'm only telling the truth! Besides, did you know she's really good at pole dancing? She even works at the-"

"Can you not talk about a student like that?" Megumi looked up, quickly cutting hin off when he saw students walking in his way. "Disgusting."

"Aw!" Gojo whined and his arms flung around Megumi's smaller body. "Don't talk about your dad like that!"

"You're not my father."

Gojo gasped, holding his chest tightly as if he was having a heart attack. "I...Hurt!"

Megumi snatched the keys out of his pocket and walked away while sighing loudly in annoyance. "Anyways now that you chased my friend away, I'll be driving."

"Meanie..." The professor pouted and followed Megumi to the car.

Arrived home, you groaned in your pillow. After running for a good 30 minutes without a break, you had jumped in your bed in hope to enter a whole other universe and forget what happened today. Nobara still had a few hours before she would come home and you had to talk about this to someone.

Knowing there was only one person in the world that supported you in everything you did, you dialed her number and waited for her to pick up.

It didn't even take long before you heard the comforting voice of your mother through the phone. "Hi Honey!"

"Mommyyy!!!" You cried, feeling the rush of embarrassment come up when you thought about your eventful day.

The comforting laughter of your mother reached your ears. "Oh my, something must have happened if you called me 'Mommy', did something happen today? Today was your first day of college after summer break, right?"

"Yes..." You sighed and rubbed your nose bridge. "And I swear, every time I think about it I feel like throwing up."

"...Honey, did you.." She started and you waited for her to finish what she wanted to say. "Did you put your clothes backwards this morning?"

"...Mom, Are you serious?" You asked in disbelief.

"Uh, yes? I mean, what's more embarrassing than going to school with your clothes on backwards?"

"Finding out your favorite customer from the stripclub is your professor."

"Oh my." She gasped. "He must be really hot if he is your favorite."

"He is- wait, that's not the point!" You shouted once you realized what she said. "Mom, he's my professor! No one besides you and my close friends knows that I work as an exotic dancer!"

Your mother hummed. "Still not as embarrassing as what I said, honey."

"...Wow, A+ for the moral support mom."

"Ah, sorry!" Your mother laughed. "But seriously, (Name). You work as an exoctic dancer. People that come and pay to see you will eventually recognise you if they keep coming back to the club. I get that it's embarrassing especially because he is your professor, but I'm pretty sure he will behave and keep that to himself."

"He practically told everyone in class how he went to a strip club and absolutely loved his experience. All this while eyeing me discretly." You sighed.

"That's exciting, he absolutly loved you!"

"That's totally not the point, Mom." You said sternly, starting to get a little bit annoyed by her teasing.

"As long as he stays professional and doesn't expose you, you don't have to worry about it. Besides, if he told anyone he could easily lose his job, dear. You're still his student. Also keep in kind that you work in a stripclub. People who pay to see you will eventually recognize you outside."

Now that you were thinking about it, what she said was true. If he ever thinks about telling someone about this, he'd probably lose his job. It made you feel a little bit relieved but then again, knowing that the person you took a liking to is in fact your professor just doesn't sit well.

"The silence just gives away that what I said is true." Your mother suddenly said.

You hummed and pulled your body out of bed and walked to the kitchen to get a beer out of the fridge. "..Okay, yes. That's true but still... doesn't make things plain up weird mom."

"I'm seen as a weird mother because I thaught you pole dancing the moment you could walk, but look at me! I didn't die from it so don't worry, you'll be okay. But anyways, tell me about your man."

A soft chuckle escaped from your mouth because you knew your mother wouldn't try to sugarcoat things and make the situation any better. In her eyes, if something was difficult, you better deal with that shit and come out stronger than before.

You talked a little bit more with your mother to kill the time. Being alone home was always so boring and you hated feeling lonely. Usually, Megumi would tag along and both of you would make some dinner but fate had something else on its mind.

As time passed by and your mother, who had started drinking some wine during your conversation, had gotten slightly tipsy, she ended the call.

"I wonder what Megumi's doing- what the fuck?" You were going to message him to apologize for suddenly leaving without him earlier and also ask what he was doing but your phone was filled with notifications. "How didn't I hear then when I was on the phone with mom?"

It was no other than your boss himself. The messages were all badly written. Some were even so illegible that you wondered if it was him sending those messages or his 3 years old son.

You just raised an eyebrow and dialed his number. It didn't take a second before he picked up the phone and you heard his raspy voice.

"Can you work tomorrow, Thursday and Friday?!" He asked as if he was in a rush.

"Hey Yaga-Boss, I'm fine and you? Oh, that's super nice to hear." You chuckled when you heard him mumble something incoherent under his breath. He absolutely hated it when you did this to him.

He cleared his throat before speaking up. "Right. My apologies. Hello, how are you? Oh good! I'm doing great! Anyways, back to my question. Can you or not?"

"I don't think I can tomorrow." You said after thinking for a bit. "But I'd be able to come on Thursday and Friday shouldn't be a problem."

Your boss silently cheered. "Angel, we have a special guest on those three days. It would have been perfect if you could come tomorrow too but I understand."

"Well, who is that special guest? And what's so special about him?"

"I was hoping for you to ask this! And truthfully, I don't know who this person is. All I know is that he was ready to pay whatever price I tell him for a private show! Hes getting married in a few weeks and wants to have some fun with his friends."

Your whole body tingled. If this person trusted your boss entirely for the price of a private show, he must be rich as fuck or dumb as fuck.

"And guess what?" He suddenly said and excitement rushed in your whole body. "I demanded 7k for a whole night with our best dancers and he accepted! And guess who is part of those best dancers?"

"You." You teased.

"Shut up, Angel." He laughed. "Since I called you, you should know that you're part if the few dancers."

"How much of the 7k do I get?" You asked. Even if pole dancing was your passion, the money it brought you was clearly something you loved too.

"Uh, are you seriously asking me this?" He said and you got a little bit confused. "Angel, it's 7k per dancer."


"Bitch, what the fuck?" Nobara just got back from college and was met by you screaming in her face.

You hadn't even noticed that you were walking back and forth until you saw a startled Nobara in front of you. She threw you a nasty glare and pushed you out of the way.

Whispering a small sorry in her way, you got back to your phone call. "But boss are you serious?! And you said 7k per night?"

Nobara's ears perked up and she smirked at you. All you did was wink at her and hold your phone with your shoulder so your hands were free. With your free hands you did as if you were swiping money in her direction and she started twerking in front of you.

"Yes." Your responded.

A smirk formed in your face. "You know what, Boss? Sign me up for the 3 nights. And before you say anything about skipping college, I wont."

You knew your boss hated it when you would go to work and skip college the next day. You weren't working full time at the stripclub, only days were you could and the reason for that was because you wanted to finish your education.

Your boss knew about this and gave you the permission to work only on days you were free. For the customers it'd be their luck if you came on stage the day you worked.

It was an understatement that your boss was happy. People with lots of money were in his eyes the ones that would make his strip club even more famous. And he was absolutely delighted that one of his best dancers could entertain those important people.

Nobara had been quietly listening to your conversation. She was just waiting for the moment you ended the call to jump in your arms and celebrate whatever had to be celebrated. The beer cans were already out of the fridge, ready to be chugged down by two happy young adults.

And it didn't take ling before you ended the call and jumped in her arms. Both of you cheered and opened the beers.

"I'm tagging along and flirting with whoever person that is." She laughed after drinking some of her beer. "Oh and sushi! We need to order sushi for dinner. We're celebrating!"

"Fine, fine! And forget about flirting with him, he's getting married. But you can try and flirt wih the people he'll bring along." You laughed and picked up your phone to order the usual huge order of fresh sushi, ready to celebrate the evening with her.

"Anyone can do. I'm ready to party like a hoe." She grinned. "We should totally ask Maki to come along."

"Sure, I'll ask her." You smiled and pressed the touch to end your order. "Sushi is on its way!"

A handsome man smirked after ending the call with the owner of his favorite stripclub. "See you tomorrow, Angel."
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