Making Fake Happiness Real (Ray x Reader)


"I'm not going to be food, because I'm a child. I have emotions that will help change the world. I'm going to be making fake happiness real. It's going to be happiness that's not imprinted in my brain and it's starts now. Goodbye." *jumps* slow burn First published on Inkitt: February 17, 2021 Completed: !!!! I don't own The Promised Neverland or any of the characters. They belong to someone named Kaiu Shirai !!!!

Adventure / Action
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The Beginning

Your p.o.v
It's been about three days since Emma and Norman came back from the gate, for some reason they started to act really weird. I had asked them what happened and if it was something that I had done. For some reason they just walked away or ignored me whenever I asked.
Today I missed breakfast and didn't get a perfect score (Like I normally do). I didn't go outside for free time either, for some reason I kept trying to figure out what I did," What did I do, what did I do", I accidentally said out loud . Little did I know that Ray had walked in. "You didn't get a perfect score today", he said. Though he knew that you were talking about Emma and Norman. He too had seen them when you tried to talk to them.

"Why aren't you outside with everyone?" I said hesitantly, should I ask about what happened that night; but what if Ray will ignore me too. I felt like I shouldn't though, like there was some memory that told me not to. I felt tears fill up in my eyes as one rolls down my cheek, followed by more that I couldn't stop from coming.

Ray sat down by me. "I'm sorry." I said trying to stop any more run down my face. "Im sorry for bugging you." Ray pated my head. "I-I'm going to go help Mama, it's almost time for supper", I ran down stairs in embarrassment.

Ray's p.o.v
I wonder what happened to her? I have seen her like this with a tear stained face, since we were little. It was probably just one of her many personalities. But still, whenever I'm with her I only see the teasing, funny, and sweet side of her.

Your p.o.v
After supper I started to help pickup the dishes like usual, whenever Norman came up to me. I was already suspicious as to why he would want to talk to me if he was mad, but I let him talk. Ray probably said something to him about me crying. "Hi", he said with a smile on his face. "What did Ray tell you?" I know that I didn't tell him to not tell anyone. But doesn't he know what to and to not tell people. "I don't know what your talking about (Y/N), honest." Whoops, sorry Ray. "So what did you want to talk out then Norman?" He began to walk towards me, to be honest, I was a little worried. "I want you to meet Emma, Ray and I in the library tonight, around one. Thanks." He started to walk away. I turned around, grabbing his wrist. "Why me, I thought that you were mad." "Why would you think that?" He began to walk away. There was no way to express how relieved I felt.

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