A roommate? Bokuto X akaashi . bokuaka


"what made you want a roommate?"
The word echoed throughout akaashis mind.
For some reason he felt the need to make up something.
He didn't want to tell bokuto that he was practically forced into it as of courtesy of kuroo.
He didn't want to tell him he was rooming with bokuto just to get kuroo off his back.
But what would sound believable?
"Oh, well you see..."
His mouth had gone completely dry. what could he possibly say?
"Um I'm not very sociable and uh, I was just um thinking that, oh I'm kinda lonely, what if I got a roommate?.... Haha....."
He stared at bokuto's unwavering smile with one plastered on his own face.
I really hope the way I'm smiling doesn't give me away...
"Oh really??? Wow! I didn't think you'd be such a shy person!"
Bokuto beamed, at that moment akaashi wondered.
Have I gotten better at lying or is this guy just that dumb??
Akaashi was never good at lying so his reaction suprised him a little.

Bokuto's p.o.v

"Oh, hey!"
"What would you like to order?"

Dang it! There soooo much to choose from! Hi can I decide?? Not to mention it's absolutely boiling this spring...

"I'll just have some iced tea!"
At least it'll cool me down a bit, not to mention I like tea.

Akaashi's p.o.v

Oh no, I want a lattè but he ordered tea and the lattè is so much more expensive, I don't want him to think I'm taking advantage of the fact that he's paying...

"Oh um I'll just have some uh water..."
"Are you sure? you can get anything you want, I'll pay!"

Ugh what do I do...

"A-are you sure?"

Ugh, why is my voice wavering so much??

"Course I'm sure!"
"Then I'll have a l-latte please..."
"Can I please get a lattè!"
Oh no, I said that way too loud now I probably sound so rude...

"Okay that'll be 578 yen, cash or card?"

(578yen = £4.24)

"Oh I'll be paying with card!"
Bokuto replied.

"Okay, your transaction has gone through, heres your receipt with your order number, we will call you when your drinks are ready, are you staying in or would you like takeout?"

"Ummm.... hey akaashi you wanna stay inside or go out into that park?"

"Okay, then take a seat and we will call you shortly."

Bokuto then grabs akaashi's shoulder and guides him to a window seat with an amazing view of the park and the cherry blossoms.

"It's really pretty outside isn't it?"

Akaashi didn't really know what to say. Yes, he always found cherry blossoms to be stunning but oddly enough, this time they landed on bokuto. He hadn't noticed before but he was quite good looking.

"Yes, they are."
They both sit down on opposite sides of the table admiring the view outside.

"So akaashi what do you have as a job?"

For some reason akaashi dreaded that question.
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