A roommate? Bokuto X akaashi . bokuaka

Lies pt2

"oh umm..."
Dang it... That lump in my throat is back...
"I just have a... normal office job.... you know working under some company..."
Wow that sounded really superficial
"Really? You don't seem like one, though I can kinda see it from those eyebags, haha"
Wow the one day it didn't think they were too bad, guess they've become pretty prominent...
"Hah.. I guess so.."
Akaashi looked down at his drink. Somehow he didn't feel as akward as usual. Probably because people were only nice to him or acted interested because he was wealthy. But this time, they were being genuinely nice.
"Soo,um if you don't mind me asking, what do you do for a living?"
He seems very fit, or, well I can see he's absolutely ripped, although not to the point where he's going overboard with it. Maybe he's a construction worker.
Bokuto puts down his drink down after taking a sip.
"Im a professional volleyball player!"
Akaashi jumped up

Akaashi stares at him open-mouthed.


"haha, kinda shocking Huh?"

Bokuto gazed into akaashi's eyes with an anxious look. He didn't want akaashi to be the type of person to befriend him just to boast about it to others.

"I knew I recognised you from somewhere, I just couldn't pin point where..."
Akaashi stated as he sat back down.

"Is that so..."
"Mhmm, also don't worry I won't out you it would be annoying to be surrounded by paparazzi."
After all akaashi is a multi-billionare whenever he steps out his office building he's surrounded by them, he knows how much of a hassle they are. That's why he chooses to work at home

"Thank you... Also..."
"Umm... You aren't just being nice to me just to boast about being my friend right? Like don't get me wrong I don't think of you like that or think I'm a lot better than you it's just-"
"No no, I can see where you're coming from, Im not being nice to you because of that."
"Okay, I hope so..."
"Oh, by the way..."
"Yes bokuto-san?"
"Um do you wanna come to mine or are we going to be at yours?'
Oh, I completely forgot that we're going to be roommates!
"Um can you tell me your address because I need to see the distance from my office to it, if you don't mind."

~one quick Google maps~
~search later~

Huh he lives right in that nice neighborhood near the office.

Unlike my apartment, I could just walk there from his.

"Um if you don't mind could we go to yours? It's closer to my office than my own place, actually."
"Sure, I even have an extra room you could use as an office separate from your bedroom!"
"Oh, thank you...'

"So when do you wanna bring your stuff?"
"Oh um I have the weekend after next weekend entirely off so if you don't mind then I could slowly bring my stuff over then?"
"Okay, sure!"

They chatted for a while after and then parted ways.
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