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akaashi keiji , the definition of self-made success, CEO of a worldwide company and has connections around the world.his life and himself were perfect. almost. unfortunately this "embodiment of perfection" suffered from depression and has a nonexistent social life. his doctor, kuroo decided that he should get a roommate before he goes insane. with the help of his doctor convincing his friend that was also in need of a roommate to move in with him. at first akaashi was hesitant but it's not like he has a choice. cover art is not mine , I don't know who made it but if you do please let me know and I will credit them.

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Akaashi waited patiently for his named to be called. It was a hospital waiting room. Not sure why he had to get his advice and prescriptions at the hospital and not the usual clinic but there he was. Looking around he saw that most of the people seemed to be suffering the same way from the way they looked.all had severe bags under their eyes and were completely out of it. He didn't even have to wear a mask and glasses to the appointments because in the waiting room All the others were so out of it nobody cared enough ( or were too tired) to react. Some of them didn't even notice he came in.

A few minutes go by.

Can akaashi keiji please come to kurro tetsuro's office, room 4.20.


He thought.

Walking into the hall area the familiar scent of the hospital became stronger.
He didn't even have to look at the names on the office doors, he's been here so many times he knows the way to kuroos office by heart.
Probably not a good thing.

But for some reason the walk to his office seemed longer this time.
Maybe it's because he didn't know what to expect. Kuroo had called him 4 hours earlier and saying as it was his day off he should come to his office and already set an appointment for 16:30.
Akaashi didn't know why kuroo needed him so urgently but he did. He was kind of annoyed since, even though it was his day off he was still doing work. So he felt like it was a little... counter productive...
But either way he didn't know what could possibly be harming him now that already wasn't.

At last he finally arrived at the office.
It felt off though. For once he hesitated opening the door and going in. He never felt this way before when he entered the office.

Why now?

Akaashi stood there, hand on the door handle,frozen.
*Just go into the office it's not that hard.*
At last he pushed down the handle and swung the door open. The grip he had on the handle didn't loosen even though his hands had started to sweat.
He almost forgot to breathe as he just stood there, in the doorway staring at kuroo, who had his back to akaashi.
He seemed to be reading through some test papers.
Akaashi let go of the handle and walked in fully, shutting the door behind him.
Kuroo finally noticed him as he sat down in Infront of him in the spinny chair that he usually does.

"Hey, akaashi... Um.... How are you?"
Kuroo said trying to be enthusiastic like usual but... Clearly it wasn't like usual.
He had plastered an obviously fake smile on his face trying to obtain his signature smirk like always, but he failed miserably.

Akaashi was about to reply when he realised,*weird my throat feels like it's gummed up with saliva..*
Honestly he practically forced the lump in his throat down and painfully spoke
"I'm good, I guess...what about you?"
"I'm okay."
Kuroo sharply inhaled but before he could say anything akaashi asked him,
"Why did you call me here...?"

Kuroos mouth opened and closed, repeatedly, like he was trying to find the right words to say, words that could let whatever bombshell he was going to drop on akaashi fall upon him lightly.


"Do you want me to just drop it on you or let it down slowly?"
Kuroo asked firmly, maintaining eye contact.

"It's okay I'll give you time to think about it."
"Thank you..."
Akaashi muttered.

(*I guess it doesn't really matter, it'll hurt just as bad, at least dropping it on me will hit faster.*)


"Just drop it on me, quickly."
"If you say so..."

Akaashi sat there with baited breath, as kuroo grabbed the paperwork he was reading through earlier when he came in.

At that moment it was like time stopped it was hard to breathe and he was sweating immeasurably. his throat felt clogged like before but more so. Like there was some sort of mucus in his throat. like he was drowning in it.....

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