A roommate? Bokuto X akaashi . bokuaka


"so... Not only does it seem like your depression and insomnia are getting worse, but you seem to have developed a slight case of anxiety and im afraid it might get worse if you continue on like this."
(I guess that explains why I feel so nervous)
"O-oh" Akaashi whispered.
"Mmhmm, so I have a few things I'd like you to start doing, okay?"
"Yeah.." akaashi sat there worried about what he'd have to do to fix himself.
"So, as a professional I want you to take a break, go out, maybe talk to some people."
Akaashi let out an exasperated sigh.
"I can't"
"I have 4 deadlines this week and I barely have time to eat or sleep, yet you want me to go get a social life? You know I don't have the time!"
"Have you considered a pet?"
"I'm allergic."
"What about a roommate?"
"No thank you, I'm not the roommate type, and even if I was, who would I room with?"
"Hmmm well, I do have a friend who wanted a roommate and is looking for one."
"He's got a way with people and-"
"Cmon, he's super nice."
"Itll be fun"

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