A roommate? Bokuto X akaashi . bokuaka


"you NEED to socialize, get out, rest, just something you workaholic!"
"Okay FINE, but I want to meet this guy first before I decide to live with him."
"Well, that makes sense, how about this Sunday? Both of you are free that day aren't you?"
"I guess"
"Okay I'll give you his number and you guys can talk a bit before you meet up."

-time skip-

-Saturday 2:46 pm-

-texting roommate (?)-

+** **** ****


Oh hey!
You must be akaashi!

Yes I am, what's your name?

Kuroo didn't tell you?
Oh well
I'm bokuto koutaro!

Bokuto? That name seems familiar...

Akaashi and bokuto talked for a while before agreeing to meet up at a cafe the next day at 3:30pm.

-time skip-

-sunday 3:20-

-leaving for the cafe-

-akaashis p.o.v-

Ugh, honestly I have no idea how I managed to get talked Into this roomate thing, he did seem pretty excited though and kuroo was definitely right, he has such a way with words I got completely distracted and ended up texting for longer than I thought i would.

-sunday 3:25-

-almost at the cafe-

-bokuto's p.o.v-

Ah I got way too exited, I'm kinda early here, I wonder if I should get a table for us or just wait outside...


"OH! HEY!"

Bokuto whips his head around and smiles at akaashi.
"You must be akaashi! I'm glad we found eachother, imagine if we had to run around for hours looking!"
"Mmm yeah."
"Why don't we go inside? Is there anything you'd like to drink? I'll buy it!"
"Oh um sure."

They walk into the shop and get to the back of the line.

"So akaashi, what made you want a roommate?"

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