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Game of Death - BTS [ONGOING]


Seokjin, a man who has a brave soul, arranged a 'family' night with his friends, having of course a lot of fun until Jungkook suggested a game. A game that would turn their life hell. Will Seokjin manage to save them? This is my story. If you see it somewhere else, it's stolen. [Start: 17.02.2021] [End]

Drama / Mystery
i love yoongi.
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

,,Boys come downstairs! Seokjinnie has made something special!!!"
,,I swear to god Jin, would you stop doing aegyo at these kinds of things",

Yoongi groaned in a raspy voice: Everyone knew that he freshly came back from his nap.
,,So what will today's Plan be?", Namjoon asked.

,,I've arranged a family night!"
The seven good boys played lots of mini games: They put cold water over Yoongi after he had lost a few games.

,,Yah! Must this really be my punishment." Yoongi pouted.
,,Yoongi-Hyung you're so weird telling Jin-Hyung not to do aegyo while you're pouting!"
,,Jungkook-ah that's something different" He whined.

After a couple of hours it was already 1 am and they were really bored after watching Death Note, N.T.R and Citrus.

,,Guys we could play a game"
This sentence haunts the seven boys till today.
,,So which kind of game?"

,, Let's just start playing. Who cares about what's about it these days?" Taehyung spoke in a deep voice.

,, Download the app called ,,Out" and put your name on it."
Everyone obeyed Jungkook and everyone got a little pop up message:

,,Be careful of your life. Don't enter the traps. Each player will be given three Lives. If a Player has only one Life a Member needs to give them one life in order to save them. It's your fate. The game will start tomorrow morning"

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