Just listen to me (Von x Durk)


“If you would’ve just listened to me” BxB don’t read if that’s not your thing

Romance / Action
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Dayvon Daquan Bennett



Gang: 64th

Story: Father was never in his life, So he looked for a way to find money for his sister and mother. So he joined the gang on 64th street where he lives, after hanging around the wrong people. Left home at the age of 15 when his mom got on drugs and all they did was argue, he went to live with his best friend T.Roy, until he started getting his own from selling drugs and living by a gun. He will never give up his for nobody.

“I’ll be fine don’t worry”

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Durk Derrick Banks




Story: Father kicked him out at the age of 14 after he came out to his parents, his mother was the only one who accepted him so she left with him. Him and his mom were homeless for a while but got back on there feet and live in a two-bedroom apartment. His only and best friend is India.

“I can’t help but worry”

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India royale

Age: 17



Story: Grew up in a strict household so at the age of 15 started to rebel. Got pregnant at 16 and the father never stepped up. Her mom kicked her out but said the baby could sleep there having some sympathy left, leaving India to get a job at the corner store she meets durk and they become friends after talking one day. But she currently live with her sister and her sisters boyfriend.

“If you like him I can tolerate him”

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Kayla Bennett
Height: 5,4
Gang: none
Story: Never had a father figure so looked to her brother. When von was bringing money home she looked up to him not knowing what he was actually doing being held back from the truth by her mother and brother. But when von left she knew him and her mom were always arguing so she didn't hold hate for him after he left. But she also, knew her mom was on drugs heavily and had men over the house constantly putting her in danger.

“Just looking out for you”

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Willow royale
Height: 2'0
Gang: none
Story: doesn't have one to little


(Imagine any baby you want)

Taurus Tremani Bartlett
Height: 5'10
Gang: 64th
Story: I was one of the ones got von into the gang life but I told him he don't want that type of life but he instead so here he is now

“You sure you wanna do that”

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Herbert Randall Wright III
Height: 6'0
Gang: 64th
Story: I grew up where I was born to be in a gang so it ain't nun to me.

“You ain’t bout it”

(Type in g herbo you your search engine for a photo)

This I finna try and get everything up to date on this app


If you have questions I’ll answer


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