Just listen to me (Von x Durk)


Durks POV

Loud knocks on my door woke me up from my sleep. "Wake Yo Ass Up Now And Don't Be Locking This Damn Door" my moms muffled yells said through the door.

"Sorry ma, I'm up now" I yell back swinging my legs over the sheets to sit on the side of the bed.

"Mmhm hurry up" I heard then the sound of faint of footsteps walking away.

I got up and made my way to the door unlocking it and going to the bathroom down the hall. When I got in there I stared at my reflection in the mirror. I began running my fingers through my dreads pushing the back.

I then got to freshening up for today.

Small time Skip

Today I was wearing beige plain long sleeve with black skinny jeans and some timbs. It was chilly out side being that it is fall so I wanted to make sure I'd be good. On my way out of my room I grab a simple black jacket from my closet and my book bag sitting on the floor by the door.

"Ma I'm ready" I say grabbing one out of the two pieces of toast on the plate.

"You not gon eat the otha toast" she said grabbing her purse

"Not hungry" I said that nervous feeling already but in my stomach making me lose my appetite.

"Oh ok" she said she had that same look India has when they don't want to push it any further.

Small time Skip

Me and my mom were in the car almost to school when I remember that willow was coming over. "Hey uh ma I'm finna be watching willow today" I said looking down at a book I was reading.

"Do you want me to get her any small snacks while I'm out" she said my mom loved willow so I knew she wouldn't mind.

"Yea you can, nothing to sweet tho she gets hyper easy" I said getting my stuff together seeing the school come into view.

She pulled in the front and stopped.

"Bye ma love you" i say giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Love you too bye" she said as I got out walking around the car going up the steps.

I turned back around she was already gone. I went through the front doors of the school and headed to my locker to see India standing there. "You're early today" I say opening my locker.

"I wanted start being on time more" she said.

"That's good for you cause your late like everyday" I say with a small laugh.

"I'm not" she says but it comes out like a whine.

"But uh you got the time for willow" i say swapping out my books and closing my locker.

"Oh I almost forgot we will drop her off at 6 then we will pick her up at 8:30" she say while writing it down.

"Ok that sounds good" i say turning back to her grabbing the paper from her when she was done.

Class Time

3rd person

Durk had entered the class and took his seat in the back seeing that Von was not here yet. But a few seconds later von walked in that intimidating look on his face.

After everyone entered the class and took their seats the teacher walked in rolling a cart with lots of egg cartons on the top and bottom of it.

"I will come around with your eggs for you and you partner and I wish you luck" the teacher says opening one of the cartons.

"And right now you can start figuring your schedule for swapping because that will need to be in your ending report" the teacher adds taking out the first egg handing it to the pair in the front.

"So uh I'll text you-" Von said but was cut off.

" I-I um don't have a phone" durk said looking down at his desk embarrassed.

"Uhh that's fine... we can just exchange at school in the morning" von said trying to lighten up the mood.

"Yea ok thats fine" Durk said glad he didn't make a big deal out of it.

Thats when the teacher came around with there egg gently placing it on durks desk before walking away to get the next for the other parings.

"I guess I'll take it home today" Durk said picking it up.

"Yea that's fine" Von said looking down at his phone.

Durk didn't respond just only focused on the egg.

Time skip

Durks POV

The day was over so I was heading to my locker to get the egg I had put it in there after first period. I felt a tap on my shoulder only to see India there hold her egg in a purple cloth.

"You scared can't be doing that" i said turning around putting my hand on my chest.

"Sorry" she said giggling.

"So your taking your egg home first today too" I said closing my locker and we began walking out of the school.

"Yea he said he could but I wanted to" she said

"Mines didn't even offer" I said look down at the egg.

"Maybe you guys will eventually warm up to each other" she said her eyes filled with hope.

"Yea maybe" I said.

Time Skip

My mom had already dropped me of at home and I saw the small snacks she left for willow sitting on the counter. India was gonna bring her in a few so I'll just go tidy up.
I was just sitting in the living room watching TV when I heard a knock on the door I knew who it was but still checked to be sure.

"Hey" she said walking in when I opened the door and moved to the side.

"Hey so everything is in that bag" I said taking willow from her as she sat the bag down on the couch.

"Yep" she said before walking back over to us giving willow a kiss on the cheek.

"Ok thanks so much, bye willow mommy loves you" she said willow started giggling and waving her tiny hand as her mom walked out.

"Well it's just me and you" I said grabbing the bag of the couch and heading to my room.

Small time Skip

Right now we were sitting on my bed having a small conversation even tho it was just her babbling and me nodding to what she said.

That was when she turned around wiggling her small feet before she landed on the floor making her way to my night stand looking at the egg. She picked it up carefully before putting it on the bed and going back for a sharpie that was sitting there. She was very smart for her age she could really talk but she knew what some things were for.

She got back on the bed her self handing the stuff to me.

"Willow I don't know if we should draw on it it's not just my egg-" I was cut of when she started making small whines like she was about to cry.

"Ok fine" I took the egg a drew two dots for eyes a small smile and two hearts on each side for cheeks.

She then crawled over to me before whispering something in my ear.

"Yea we can name it willow" I said that sending her into a fit of giggles as she clapped her hands.

πŸ₯š πŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯š
That's it for this longest chapter yet so hope you enjoyed.

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