Just listen to me (Von x Durk)



Durks POV

Willow had went home last night but when India came she was sleeping already. But today I had to give the egg to von and I hope he doesn't make a big deal out of the face on it. I just couldn't say no to willow it's like she had this power over me when she was about cry and I felt bad.

So now the egg has a face and is named willow.
I sighed. I was currently getting ready for school and making sure willow left nothing here, I was stressed. But the most thing I was worried about was handing the egg over I didn't feel he would take good care of it.

So last night me and willow also made a seat for the egg so it won't crack it was the only thing to not make her mess up my room. The seat wasn't much tho just a cut out section of an actual egg carton I thought it would secure the egg more I put a cloth on the bottom and let willow draw on the outside.

Hopefully he's responsible. I began walking out of my room after getting dressed and grabbing my book bag and jacket. I carefully picked up the egg in the seat making sure not to drop it.

"Ma I'm ready, but can you drive carefully today" I said she can drive wild and I don't want it to crack in the car.

"Ain't nobody got time fo dat, let's go" she said getting her stuff opening the door.

I sighed I know there's no way to change her mind.

Time Skip

When I got to the school after saying bye to my mom I started to look for vons locker. I know India is probably at my locker but she can wait a bit.

That's when I saw him he was turned around unlocking his locker and no one was around him which was good cause that would've been awkward. I slowly walked over there and tapped him-

"Oh shit-" he said turning around fast.

"Sorry" I said.

"Nah you good wassup" he said turning back around.

"Here's the egg I made a seat for it so it won't break" i say still nervous about the face stuff.

He took it from me and I could tell her was inspecting it when he turned it to the face side I looked to the side-

Vons POV

"What the hell" I said looking at the egg.

"I was babysitting and got carried away" he said looking down at his shoes.

"I mean it's cute but what the hell"

"It's also named willow" he said finally looking up at me a small smile on his face.

"Damn why not a boy" I said.

"Because I was babysitting my goddaughter she wanted it to be her" he said letting out a small laugh.

"I mean it's cool" I say turning back to my locker putting the egg in.

"Well I'll see you later" he said before walking off.

"Yea later" he just did a small wave.

I don't know but I felt like that broke the ice between us.

Time Skip

Durks POV

When I got to my locker India was standing there a worried look on her face.

"Oh my gosh what took you so long" she said checking my face like I was hurt.

"Nothing I had to give the egg to von" i said laughing at her reaction.

"Oh I thought something happened to you" she said.

"Nah I'm good" I said my mind still on that conversation with von I don't know but I felt more comfortable to be around him.


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