Just listen to me (Von x Durk)


⚠️warning bullying

( continues from same school day)
Durks POV

We were in first period at the moment and me and Von were actually having a conversation it wasn't awkward or tense just natural.

"So you like that movie too, damn thought I was the only one" he said giving off a chuckle it was actually cute-

Wait what am I saying- I know that side of me is not coming back. That's when I felt a tap on my shoulder. " you good, the teacher calling you" he said a worried look on his face I felt my heart squeeze a little

"Yea I'm good" I say giving him a small smile before heading towards the teacher.

"Mr.Banks the office needs you, so grab your things you probably won't be back for this period" he said while writing some thing down on a paper.

I hope I'm not in trouble I thought- vons voice snapping me out of my thoughts. "What happened" he said questioning me.

"I gotta go maybe I'll see you again 5th period but if not tomorrow" I said almost done getting my stuff.

He had this look of sadness take over his face.

"Well tomorrow" he said but when I looked up he was on his phone.

I just sighed and left the classroom towards the office.

Tiny time Skip

Just as I was walking into the office the lady at the front desk waved me over. There was a light skinned boy with black dreads to his shoulder sitting in one of the couches a nervous look on his face. I'm guessing he's new because I never seen him before.

"Mr. Banks this our new student Leonard Anderson, and with you being such a model student, I think you would be a good representation for our school, an example you could say" she said handing the boy his schedule.

"Oh ok I don't mind" I say giving him small smile.

He just returned the smile walking over to me with.

"Well, hi my name is durk" I say greeting him.

"Oh hi my name is Leonard but you can call me Leo" he said I could tell he was shy by the way he had small stutters in his voice.

"Hi Leo, can I see your schedule" I say waiting for him to had it over.

I scan over the paper seeing what classes he had, and if we share any.

"Well you share most classes with me, but I'll still show you around" I said looking back up and began walking towards the first class.

Just as we were walking I feel a shove on my shoulder I look up and see it's that guy from the bathroom again. "What the office want to represent, how ta be pussy" he said an evil smirk on his features.

"Yo Jordan" his friend said laughing at the joke but it wasn't that funny.

"Who is you" he said looking at Leo up and down.

Before he could say anything I quickly grabbed his hand and went around them and just kept walking not listening for the yells to come back.
"Sorry I thought that was a one time thing but this guy is doing to much now" I say my mind going back to the shove in the bathroom.

When I turned around Leo had this upset look on his face. Just as I was about to ask was he ok this tall guy walked over to Leo he was brown skin with at short trimmed hair I think his name was Clint. "Ayo bro wassup wit you" he said looking down at Leo a little.

"I'm good, imma just go to class" Leo said attitude in his voice, I felt him grab my hand. Do they know each other or something?

Clint tried to grab his hand but we were already past him walking away.

I was so confused but didn't have the time to express it with Jordan guy still in my mind. The whole altercation had left a lump in my throat I couldn't help but feel they're words got to me.

It's like I know the plot of the chapter just don't have the energy to write it.😔

Long chapter and long updates or short chapters and quick updates?

I'll answer your questions


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