Just listen to me (Von x Durk)


⚠️Drugs and gangs

Durks POV

It was just before lunch an I decided today I was gonna tell India about the altercation with that guy, Jordan. The whole situation just had me feeling some type of way.

I enter the cafeteria, seeing that India was here first like usual. The lunch lines weren't full being that everyone hadn't fully got here yet. I just waved at her and made the sign i'd be there in a minute. She gave a small nod a went back to eating looking up every now and then.

After getting out of the lunch line I made my way over to our usual table sitting across from her. She looked up from eating and I knew it was time to tell her.

"So umm yesterday I had left first period-"

"So you remember my partner for the egg project, his name is Jordan-"

We had both started talking at the same time but when she said that name my heart stopped.
It couldn't be the same guy right.

"Oh sorry what were you gonna say" she said giggling at little.

"Um it's nothing important you can continue" I say letting out a nervous laugh.

tell her!- It's been a while since India has actually liked someone, the whole thing with willow's father kind of stopped her from exploring or loving at all. As long as she's happy, its good.

"You sure it's nothing you zoned out there" she said looking at me worried.

"It's ok, I'm fine. I promise" I say giving her a reassuring smile.

"Oh shit! I forgot about Leo" India just looked at me confused.

Clint POV

I was determined to talk to Leo today he been blowing me off every chance he gets but now that he's at my school he ain't gonna escape much longer. I saw him sitting at this table by him self on his phone.

I immediately walked over I didn't need food right now. I sat down beside him he noticed it was me and tried to get up but I grabbed his arm pulling him back down. "Bruh, can we just talk".

He turned around and I saw his face softening a bit.

"Fine, but you better be worth my time" he said before sighing and giving me his full attention.

"Ight. I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable it's just I was leaving and I didn't know if I was gonna see you again and I just wanted to let it out" I said looking down. Knowing he was staring at me.

"It's not even that part because I like you too, It's just my mom saw that and she kicked me out so I live over here now with my aunt... I don't know I guess it's just I resented you for that" he said he looked like he's been holding that in for a while now.

"I'm sor-" before I could finish he had put his finger over my lip before pulling me into a hug.
I felt my heart squeeze and my cheeks heat up at bit.

"It's ok, but let's take it slow and just be friends right now" he said pulling away from the hug giving me small smile.

Out of nowhere a guy with curly blond dreads sat in the seat beside Leo and and light skinned girl with black curly hair sat beside the boy.

"I'm so sorry Leo I was so out of it today I forgot about you, did you make it around ok" the blond haired boy said looking at Leo.

"It's ok I was fine" Leo said giving him small smile.

"That's great" he said turning back to his friend.

"Oh I'm India" the girl said big smile on her face.

After that it just went on as normal conversation till lunch was over.

Vons POV

Me and Taurus walked to my car we had to do a job today we wasn't tryna be late. He had got in on the passenger side and just kept looking ahead. The dude looked out of it today but I'll leave him alone for right now.

Pulling out the parking lot, I continued down the back roads, where the hood met the suburbs, heading over to the apartment building where most of our drugs were kept, parking on the side of the road, few houses away. I got out of the car, staring Taurus down.

"You gone get out the car or what?"

"Oh shit, my bad" he said.

He better not get us fucked up today either, sad ass nigga. I should probably ask what's wrong but we got shit to do.

The smell of weed was strong and it was loud. prostitution, drug dealing, and contract killing were the main priorities in here.
We head up the stairs to Boss's quarters, knocking on the door 4 times per person. Something we've been trained to do.

After a total of 8 knocks and a moment of silence, I open the door, bro is taking to long. Herbert and Shéyaa were on the couch rolling blunts and laughing, a bit to close to. Seeing us Shéyaa gets up, the atmosphere becoming more serious.

"What y'all here fo'?" Shéyaa looks at us like we interrupted something.

"Damn, by bad then. but we got a deal in a minute, what's the leeks?"

"Nah y'all good" Shéyaa slides a picture of a guy over to us

"He ordered a quarter of weed, a gram of heroin, and an 8 ball of cocaine. He will give y'all 1,490 dollars before you hand over the drugs. We listening, Taurus?"

Taurus just gives him a look, saying he is.

"Ignore that nigga, in his feeling today" I said, Herbert laughs while Taurus rolls his eyes.

We head out, picking up the packages already prepared for delivery. We get in a different car, im not finna have niggas tracking me, an old police car, painted black, with no license plate or anything showing where it came from.

"Bro ion know what's up with you, but you're gonna have to suck it up, can't be zoning out on the job like this." I tell Taurus ass, if he don't get it together imma do this shit by myself. Never needed a partner anyways.

"Okay, okay. I'm good, let get this shit done" he said. I park in the back, and we get out, Taurus grabs the bags. I load up my 9mm glock, and strap in to my belt.

Only one guy.

"Ain't no way this nigga came here by himself" i whisper to Taurus, he shrugs.

I kick a rock, making the guy turn around and look at us. Same guy in the picture, I note.

"Finally" his voice bounces of the walls.
Why so loud? Almost as if we was talking to someone- Taurus elbows me in the side.

"Come on!"

I can't even remember what I was thinking now.

"Alright chill!" I said rubbing the side of my stomach.

We head over. The guy goes in his pocket, I assume to get the money.

Damn was I wrong.

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