Just listen to me (Von x Durk)


Durks POV

Today was Friday which made me so happy because I was so tired. I was currently on my way to Vons locker to give him the egg. When I see it the distance I noticed that he wasn't there like he usually is.

I decided to just wait maybe he's late.

10 mins later

Ok never mind, I guess I'll hold the egg for extra days if he doesn't show up later. I began making my way back to my locker when I felt someone step on my shoe. I stumbled for bit but caught myself. When I turned around I see it's was that Jordan guy again.

I roll my eyes. This is for India was the only thing keeping my sanity. I could hear his friends snickering as they disappeared around the corner. I just continued on my way back to my locker.

When I get there I see India and Leo standing there talking. I was gonna get him after I got my stuff but at least she remembered too. They stopped talking when they noticed me and walked over.

"What took you so long" India said as made my way to open my locker.

"I was trying to give von the egg but he's not here" I said turning back around.

That's when I looked at Leo and noticed this bright red mark on his cheek.

"What happened to you" I said pointing to it.

"It's nothing I hit my cheek on the door" he said looking away.

India looked like she wanted to say something but bit her tongue.

I knew that was a lie, but I'm not gonna pressure him he's probably not comfortable being that we just met. Just as we were about to start talking again the bell interrupted us from our conversation.

"I'll see you guys at lunch" I tell them before making my way to first period.

"Ok bye" they waved before going their own separate ways.

Today's class way gonna be boring because Von wasn't here.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I miss him little.

Vons POV

Since that happened everybody gotta start moving safe now. Those people were obviously after more than just the shit we sell so they will most likely be back.

I was currently in Shéyaa's office only a few other people. We were discussing a plan for our dealings. Being that those people tricked us so easily they might do it again.

"So why don't we just stop selling till things settle down" said some random guy that was in the room.

"Can't we'll lose a lot of money" Shéyaa said.

"Can't lose that much we the hottest in the city people probably desperate for this shit, so if leave the scene for a while they should come crawling back" the guy said again,

"That's the point they desperate so someone could easily take our spot" Shéyaa said more stern this time.

The guy backed down getting quiet.

"We'll just have to be more cautious then we already are, that's all I have for right now" Shéyaa said making a signal for everyone to get out.

I wanted to wait and see if Taurus was ok or not. I needed a break but I was supposed to go spend some time with my sister.

I was waiting outside of her school the bell had just ring for them so it shouldn't take long. I had eventually just took my eye of those doors and rolled up.

I hear someone knocking on the window making me turn and see it was her. I reached over on her side flicking the lock to open it. She got as soon as I opened it.

"What took you so long" I say starting the car back up.

"My teacher wouldn't let us leave" she says in an annoyed tone.

I only hummed in response backing out of the parking lot.

"So where you wanna eat at" I asked her driving down the road.

"Wendy's" she said looking down at her phone.

I was more jumpy when driving just making sure nobody was following me. And I also, couldn't get pulled over being that I got some weapons in my car. This whole thing was just gonna change they way and carry myself.

Lately that durk kid been on my mind. I don't swing that way and I don't want to swing that way so I usually just smoke it off, which is what I wanna do right now.

Unknown POV

"We possibly got one down"

"Yeah, but his friend took him so he might be alive"

"Hey, hey just stick to people around him like we discussed"

"Yes sir"

"That nigga finna pay what he owe"


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