Just listen to me (Von x Durk)


⚠️warning mentions of death

Durks POV

It was now Monday second week of the new school year. I didnt really get the weekend I wanted because the place me and India registered to work at got back to us and wanted us to come and see our position at the place. My mom doesn't even know I have a job and I'll tell her soon just need some time.

India is not coming to school today so it'll just be me and Leo and maybe Clint. Hopefully von come to school today because I've been holding this egg for a while now and it his turn.

I had just got to school my mom was in here hurry today. Walking the opposite way of my locker I headed for Vons. When I got onto his hallway my eyes land on his locker only to see he is not there.

I sighed but still walked over and decided to wait. It had only been a few minutes when I see those guys that keep messing with me come over with smirks on their faces.

"What yo bitch-ass doin over here kno that nigga Von don't fuck witchu" He said this amused look on his face.

"It's none of your business what I'm doing over here" I said just as much attitude laced in my voice.

"Damn you can talk" he said before his friends started chuckling.

I just rolled my eyes and walked around him. I was doing putting up with this shit for India were they words that keep going through my head. I feel like I tend to put other before myself and it's not really healthy but I can't help it.

I would just keep the egg till von get back and I'm not going to his locker in the morning anymore I'll just wait till after first period.

Time Skip

It was the period I had with India now and this would be so boring. This Monday had been so tiring. Sure I talked to Leo and his friend a little but I still missed India and von.

I could feel my face and ears heating up making me snap out of those thoughts. That's when I felt someone sit in India's seat next to me. It was the this girl she was brown skin and had this small bun on her head.

"Hi hope you don't mind me sitting here" she said smiling.

"No it's ok" I say smiling back.

"You probably don't know me but that's because I just got transferred to this math class" she said giggling a little.

"Yeah that's probably why" I say slightly

She was actually a really nice person. She kept giggling at almost everything I said but maybe it was just funny.

Taurus POV

My eye finally opened it felt like I had been sleeping forever. The brightness hit my face making me squint. Am I dead? My thoughts disappeared when I saw the dimly lit room with concrete walls.

Never mind. This was just the place at the trap where they take care of wounds since going to the hospital after a drop is risky. That's when I remembered I got shot and the last the I remember was Von speeding road to get here.

I groaned feeling this terrible headache come on. That's when von walked in and noticed me holding my head. He had rushed over and gave me a cup of water and painkillers.

"So how you feeling" he said worried.

"I feel sore and this headache but besides that I'm good" I said putting the water down.

"Boss said you can get couples days off till you feel good enough to get back out there again" he said looking around the room.

"Yea I might" I say feeling some was up with him.

"You know the funeral is tomorrow and his mom invited us" he said looking down.

That's when I felt my heart drop and my stomach churn remembering T.Roy's funeral was tomorrow.

"I don't know if I can be there" he said running a hand through his dreads, I could tell he was nervous.

"Its ight you know I gotchu we can leave after the ceremony part if you want" I said looking at him worried.

"Ion know, imma think about it. I'll be back later" he said before getting up and leaving the room.

Leaving me to wallow in my thoughts thinking about one person I gotta make this right with, I could've died.

I forgot about Taurus I was gonna make him die but decided against it.

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