Just listen to me (Von x Durk)


(Large time Skip a week later from last chapter)
Durks POV

Von hadn't come to school that whole last week so now I was getting worried. And the rumors about his friend Taurus getting shot had me thinking maybe something happened to him too. People were saying all kinds of stuff so I didn't know what to believe.

I wouldn't know if he was here until after first period or during. I wasn't waiting for him at his locker anymore. Now that those guys know I was going over there that's just trouble waiting to happen.

When I got to my locker today India looked shocked, most likely because I go to Vons locker first. I had told her I had small crush on him. She wasn't exactly happy about it tho.

"Hey India can I tell you something" I say feeling anxious.

"Of course" she said looking up from the her phone smiling.

"I um have a crush on someone" I say blushing looking away from her.

"Ouuu who" she say in teasing voice.

"If tell I you don't make a fuss" I say finally looking at her.

"Ok I won't" she said eager to hear.

"It um is Von" I say.

It was silent. She was taking it in I guess.

"Oh I don't care you like guys but is he the best person to like" she said worried.

"Well I can't help who I like ok" I muttered.

She looked like she wanted to say something else but stopped her self.

"Well if you like him I can tolerate him".

Flashback over

I wasn't happy about it at first but you can't really control who your attracted too. I had also, noticed Leo would come with a new bruise some every other day we tried asking him, he always brushes it off and makes up an excuse. But maybe he will say something soon.

"He still in isn't here" she said noticing I've had This egg for the longest.

"Nope" I said a bit upset.

"He'll be back" Leo said to lighten up the mood.

That's when I feel soft but rapid taps on my shoulder making turn around to see Laila. I hadn't talked to her since that day India wasn't here so what did she want. When I turned around India was looking at her weird but I see why she popped up out of no where.

"Math teacher said you could catch me up on the work today, since I uh- I transferred late" she said and did that same giggle like last time.

"Uh yea I'll let you know when I'm free later" I said giving her a tight lipped smile.

"Ok bye" she said before giggling again and leaving.

"Who the hell is that" is the first thing for India to say after that.

"I met her that day you weren't here" I say.

"Oh ok" she said still side eyeing Laila as she walked down the hall.

"Chill we're hardly even friends yet" I said patting her on the shoulder.

Vons POV

I had came to school after first period. Because me, herbo, and Taurus had a good smoke this morning and got caught up in the moment. But I'm here now and for some reason I couldn't wait to see durk.

I don't even know why I came the day is almost over. But I needed to avoid being alone right now. It always leaves me to wallow in my thoughts and questioning my self.

Taurus been in a hurry to talk to someone all day. I asked him he told me not to worry about it. But I'm pretty sure he has a boyfriend.

School over

I was currently on the side of the school. I just needed some air. This was the worst place to cry but I felt the wet droplets drip down my face. This has been the worst couple days of my life. My friend died and my other friend almost died when was I gonna get a break.

That's when I heard a someone walking towards me. I harshly wiped my tears before turning around. Only to see durk standing there with a sympathetic look on him face.

"What's wrong" he said worried.

"It's nothing".

It was silent for moment then I felt his arms come around my waist as he snuggled into my side. But i didn't push him away it felt nice. No one ever really hugs me, that's when I felt the tears come again.

"I uh had to go to my friends funeral this week" I tried to say but it just came out like a broken sob.

He just hugged me tighter while I let the tears fall.

"I can't say much because I don't know him but it's gonna be ok" he said looking up at me.

I just stared back taking in those brown eyes. And his lips the way they were shaped into a pout just made my heart clench. I felt our faces get closer, but we just kept looking into the others eyes.

Our lips touched. His were soft they felt so nice. His arms were around my neck while I kept mines around his waist. That's when the sound of a notification had drawn us back from each other.

"That's mines" I said putting my phone back in my pocket.

I noticed the look of regret on his face and for some reason it hurt.

"Oh um my mom is here I gotta go" he said about to walk off before he turned back around. Going into his book bag and pulling out that fucking egg, damn.

"And here" he said patting me on my shoulder and leaving.

I really just kissed a guy and It felt right.


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