Just listen to me (Von x Durk)


Durks POV

I tried so hard not to go to school today, but it failed my mom didn't believe me and was still upset about me shutting my door in her face. So I planned to only talk to von if necessary hopefully he feels the same way.

I like him but I just feel like he probably doesn't feel the same way. Even if he did it probably wouldn't be a real relationship, he just gives of that down low type of vibe. And last time being gay got me kicked out and homeless I at least wanna finish high school first.

I'll just get the egg from him then go on about my day. But the way my life goes nothing is that simple.

Time Skip

As soon as I felt the atmosphere of inside school I knew I didn't wanna be there. But I began making my way to my locker a s usual. And knowing India was there I fixed expression knowing she would notice if I wasn't ok.

As soon as she looked up from her phone she waved me over a big smile on her face. But soon disappeared when she saw how drained I looked. Well guess my plan didn't work.

"Whats wrong and don't lie to me" she said a frown on her face.

There was no use in hiding it I would always end up telling her, so let's just get it over with.

"I had my first kiss"I say whispering in her ear then back away.

"Really" she said she excited again.

"Who was it" she said before I could speak up again.

"Who do you think" She would probably be upset because she doesn't like Von and all but that was the least of my worries right now.

It took her a minute before she let out oh and gasping.

I could tell she wanted to ask more but the bell interrupted her.

"Well I'll see you late bye" she said giving me a side hug and walking off.

I was going to be a little late being that I never got my stuff from my locker. Just as I was turning the lock I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around to see it was that Jordan guy.

I felt him shove me back into my locker making the books fall from my hands. That Jordan guy leaned close to my ear a whispered something that made me freeze and my eyes started watering. He just stood back with this disgusted look on his face.


I had just got school I was late but that didn't matter. I was up all night trying fix what happened.


Something fell, a crack following after. Oh shit.

When I looked to the spot of the sound I could see the egg in pieces and the yolk spilling out on to the floor.

I just stared not know what to do.

Flashback over

I ended up drawing the face and stuff back on the new egg but I couldn't remember so I just put a regular smiley face. But the smile and eyes looked crooked. Hopefully he wouldn't notice.

On the way to my locker I noticed three guys crowding around around durks locker. What the fuck were they doing.We're they trying to get in his locker something. Whatever it was I made my way over there.

I parted a space between two of them only to see a trembling durk in the middle.

"The fuck y'all doing" one of was just about to open his mouth to say something I punched him right in the jaw, he falls back hitting his head on the floor .

"Nigga what the fuck" some guy I think his name Jordan says. I was getting ready to give his ass a swift right-rook but I feel a tug on my shirt.

Making me turn to see durk still crying, but he was shaking his head no signaling me to stop. But just seeing him in such a state made me wanna keep going, but for him I guess I'll stop.

"Just get the fuck outta here" I said daring them to say anything else.

He just began walking away the other friend that had been quiet this whole time picked up the guy on the floor and they were gone. Finally turning my attention to durk I grabbed his hand led him to the bathroom. Going into one of the stalls I grabbed some tissue and wiped his face.

"C-can you stay" he said holding onto my shirt like earlier.

"Yea" I said hugging him as he cried into my shirt.

I'm not sure what they said but that doesn't matter right now.

India POV

I hadn't seen durk since earlier he never came to lunch so I'd ask him about it tomorrow, but maybe he went home early.

"What's on your mind princess" Jordan said making me look over and smile at him.

"Nothing" Im not sure if he knows durk so it wouldn't make since to tell him.

"So I was wondering if you wanted to come over my house today for the report on the project" he said scratching the back of his neck like he was nervous.

"Yea sure what time I might have to take the bus to get-"

"Wait what no, I'll pick you up" he said cutting me off.

"Oh ok" I'd have to ask my sister to watch willow.

"But in the mean time tell me about yourself" he said a smirk on him face.

"What is this a date" I say laughing.

"Nah but if you want it to be" he said biting his lip at me.

"Sure I'll tell you about myself but first what happened to your friend" I said pointing to the guy holding his cheek with a busted lip.

"It's nothing he probably got into a fight or something" he said trying to get off of the topic.

"Well I'm 17, I live with my sister and her boyfriend, I work at a shoe store with my best friend durk and thats about it" I wasn't gonna tell him about willow till I was ready.

"How long have y'all known each other" he said.

"Since I was 15" I say thinking back to when we met.

"Wow thats a long time" he says this look on his face.


"Where does he liv-" he began coughing making it unclear what he said.

"You okay" I say moving the over to pat his back.

"Yea what's he like, is what I was trying to say" he says patting his chest done coughing.

"He really nice and smart I could go on and on" I say.

"Really, well back to about you" he said that look I could quite understand coming back onto his face.


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