Just listen to me (Von x Durk)


⚠️violence, insulting, mentions of bullying, drugs

Durks POV

The sound of my alarm clock woke me up, but not fully. I just laid there staring at the ceiling before the sound of the alarm got annoying. I reached over and turned it off something felt off though.

My mom always wakes me up my alarm was only for times that she couldn't and usually she would tell me the night before. Maybe I'm just overreacting is what went through my head to calm my nerves. Each move I made to get out of bed the springs in the bed cried out.

I made my way over to my closet and began picking what I was gonna wear today. At least it was Friday and a nice weekend was waiting ahead.

Time Skip

I walked over to the door grabbing my bag from the side and walking out. I heard small laughter making me question who was in the kitchen. I quickly made my way up there.

Behind the counter I could see a tattooed back with no shirt facing me. Whoever this person was they were towering over my mom kissing her neck. Wanting them to stop I made loud steps over to the counter to grab the toast my mom made me.

When they turned around to face me I saw the mans face and I felt a knot forming in my throat. My dad was here.

"Durk-" my mom tried.

I felt my jaw clenched, I grabbed a slice of toasted bread before walking out slamming the door behind me.

After all that man put us through she had him up in our kitchen.

I made my way down the stairs of the apartment building with quick steps knowing I'd have to ride the bus today. I couldn't be around my mom right now.

Small Skip

I began running to the bus stop knowing the bus would be there in a minute or two. When I got there only two other people were standing there in their own conversation. The sound of the loud squeak as the bus can to a stop made me hurry up and get on not caring about the two people that we're gonna get on before me.

I took the seat in one of the rows close to the back but not in the back. I put my book bag beside me so no one could sit there. Then I just stared out the window trying to calm myself down before I got to school.

I can't believe my mom I thought she would at least take my feelings into consideration. That man kicked us out he was so disrespectful to both of us-

"When to gay ass start riding the bus" the voice said.

I didn't even know what happened but I got up and flung my fist hard enough that it knocked him back into the seat behind him. The kids around the bus start screaming but I drowned those sounds out.

I jumped back on him and started throwing more punches in him face he couldn't do a thing since he was trapped in the seat. I could feel the phones on the side of my face and around me. I knew I was gonna be in trouble but I didn't care right now

I felt hands on my shoulders tugging me off of him. He got up real fast and threw a punch hard enough to bust my lip. As soon as I got out off the grip of those people I was gonna jump back in. But the bus driver parted the crowed and separated us.

"If y'all don't turn off them damn phones and sit down act like y'all got some sense" he said to the crowd of people.

Before he put his hand between me and the guy separating us as we tried to go at each other again.

"One of y'all come in the front" he said but neither of us moved.

That's when I noticed it was the same guy that Von had beat so bad he got knocked out. Maybe he came at me out of revenge but that didn't work out.

I felt the bus driver push me back into my seat then he grabbed the other guy making him sit at the front of the bus.

And we continued the ride to school. What just happened was the conversation for everyone.


I knew this would happen, as soon as I entered school from the bus ramp all eyes were on me. The way they would slowly peep up from their phones and look as I walked by. Guess people were posting videos all ready, news spreads fast.

I was already agitated the stares and whispers were making me more upset.

"Didn't know he was like that" a voice said.

"He can't even fight y'all gassing" another voice came.

"He don't even be in trouble like that I wonder what happened " the whispers just kept coming.

When I got to the hall with my locker the whispers calmed down a bit. That's when I felt a rough grab on my shoulder. Who the hell-

"Hey durk what happened are you okay" the worried voice of India making me calm down.

"I'm fine." I say not really looking forward to a conversation.

"I don't think you getting into a fight means you're fine" she says trying to push further.

"What I mean is I don't wanna talk about it right now" I say a little more sternly hoping she would leave it alone.

Just as she was about to say more the bell cut her off.

"Ok well I'll ask again later" she said before giving me a side hug and walking off to her class.

Today was the last day of the project I was up writing the report for it last night. I have to give it to von for him to turn it in I'll probably be pulled from class today for fighting. I just wanted to go on about my day quietly, but that won't be happening.

Closing my locker I went through the crowds of people getting to first period. Looking over to where I usually sit I see von isn't here yet. I also noticed people stopped their talking to look over at me then go back to talking.

I go to my seat and putting my stuff on the floor beside my desk and staring towards the window. People were turning around and glancing at me every now and then. Then the teacher came in so everyone got focused, or at least pretended to be.

Von came in soon after talking a seat beside me. I could feel him burning holes into the side of my face. The teacher's phone rang stopping the lesson.

"Durk" Vons calls out send a shiver through my body, I could tell he was mad.

"Mr.banks grab your things and head to the office" the teachers voice came in as well.

I just grabbed my binder, got the report paper out and putting it on vons desk. He looked like he wanted to ask me something but I was already on my way out of the classroom. I probably have detention or something.

In the office

"Durk banks" the lady at the front desk asked making me nod.

"Right through that door over there" she said pointing at the door with the words principal on a gold colored sign.

I walked over there turning the handle guessing I had the ok to go in. The air in there felt tense the moment I closed the door behind me. In one of the chairs was the principal and in the chair in front of his desk was that guy I fought with. He had bandages on most parts of his face I'm surprised they didn't make him go home. I think his name is Bryan.

"Banks if you would take a seat" the principals deep voice said.

I sat down beside Bryan and I saw his fist clench like he wanted to hit me. I couldn't even lean back in my chair feeling so uncomfortable. I was never in the principals office for something bad, So this was all new to me but I'm pretty sure I'll just get something like detention.

"Do you want to tell me what triggered you to attack this boy"the principal says breaking the silence.

"What you mean attack? Hes the one who came to my seat and said-"

"We saw you attack this boy on the bus if anything it looks like you started it" the principal cut me off.

"Well him and his friends started-"

"He's lying sir, I would never" Bryan said being the one to cut me off this time.

I was staring to get frustrated they wouldn't even let me talk. I felt a tear run down my face. I hate how many things can make me cry.

When my senses came back to me. I noticed Bryan and the principal had been talking for a while.

"Alright I think I've heard enough, Banks you have ISS for a week and Mr.Brooks you will have 2 days ISS. Dismissed." He says, leaving no room for discussion.

When I looked over at Bryan I could a small smirk on his face.

"Yes sir, have a nice day" Bryan says before getting his things and exiting the room.

I got up soon after but didn't say a thing I was so mad. I wish I could skip right now but that would just put me in more trouble. I went to my locker to put my first period stuff up, every body had already went to second. I was late.

When I opened my locker a folded up piece of notebook paper fell out. Picking it up I noticed it was vons hand writing.

|I know you mad right now and won't talk to |me so i wrote this.

Will you go on a date with me?

Yes or No

It'll be at seven and where I'm gon take you is a surprise.

(give this back when your done if you still not |talkin to me). |

I smiled after reading it my mood changing too. 'Yes or no' really? He's so corny. I slid it in one of my binders, heading to class with a better mood.

Time Skip

Second period was over and I felt calmer. Now finally time for lunch, I have so much to tell my friends!

I looked for our usual table, Leo was already there on his phone.

"Hey, what happened? There's a video of you fighting someone" was first thing he said.

"Let's wait for everyone else" I said but more to myself.

"Ight my bad if you ain't ready to talk about" he said his looking at me with pity, I hated that.

"Nah you fine".

I know Leo has only been here a little while but I trust him, he's like a second best friend to me.

"Where's Clint" I notice there's no one leaning all up on Leo or giving him kisses.

"he said he's sick he should be back Monday tho" he says a little sad.

I eventually zoned out but the sound of a tray being smacked down beside me I looked over. Its only India making her self known.

"Now that there are no interruptions wanna tell me what's going on with you" she says pushing her tray aside.

"When I went in the kitchen this morning my dad was there" I say my mood going doing a 180.

"Oh I'm sorry to hear that, and I kept pushing you to say that I'm sorry" she said very upset

"No it's fine I needed someone to talk to so I was gonna tell you guys anyway"I say.

"I don't know much about you and yo dad's relationship but I'm here if you need to talk I've probably had some of the same problems as you" Leo say with this sympathetic look on his face.

"thanks" Im glad I have friends to talk to.

"So what about that fight" India says.

"Uhh, basically he came up to me and started talking shit. I guess cause I was already mad I just swung at him and didn't care at the moment"

"But get this, the principal wouldn't even let me say my side of story and gave me ISS for week" I said annoyed with that still.

"Oh wow, see that's why I don't even like that principal he always halfway does his job, his job old bald headed ass" India says laughing with Leo.

"its whatever, he won't listen to me anyways" I said.

"You'll be fine just try and avoid getting in trouble again" Leo says to lighten up the mood.

"I guess" if life would just go smoothly everything will be ok.

After that we went into a silence but more so to eat some of the food on our trays that wasn't nasty. That's when I remembered I gotta tell India about her crush before something or someone interrupted me.

"India I need to talk to you about that guy you like" I say avoiding her gaze.

"what's wrong" she says sounding worried.

"him and his friends always picking with me, the guy I beat up on the bus is one of them".

"Oh my gosh durk why didn't you tell me"she says.

"I just didn't wanna ruin what you had going on with him" I say looking at my fingers like they were the most important thing in the world.

"No your more important, I'm sorry I talked about him so much with you, you were probably so uncomfortable" she says like she was gonna cry.

"No it's ok it was nice seeing you happy" I say with a reassuring smile.

"he was getting kinda weird constantly asking questions about you, I tried to ignore it but it was getting annoying" she says calming down a bit.

"What kind of things did he ask" I say

Time Skip

We were in the hallway putting some stuff away for our next classes.

"So I was thinking we should all hang out tomorrow, let's me up at the mall" Leo suggests, finally looking up from whoever he was texting.

"Ok, let's do it" India agreed.

I felt a familiar tap on my shoulder making me turn around quickly. Oh it was Laila.

" Durk, you never got back to me on when you could catch me up in math" she said still smiling at me. Does she ever stop.

"Sorry but I don't think I can do it now I got a lot going on" I say because it was true.

"No it's fine I understand, I'll just find someone else" I swear I saw her clench her fist really fast.

"Mhm go find somebody else" India says rolling her eyes at Laila.

Laila rolled her eyes at India remark turning around and walking off.

"That hoe weird as hell" Leo said which surprised me, he never had a problem with her.

Vons POV
(Schools over already)

I just got to the trap house. The smell of weed and other shit hit me the moment I walked in.

When I got to the 3rd floor I saw some of the guys on the couch we had on the side, but one face made me wonder why they were here. I saw Clint sitting on one of the couches high and staring ahead like he was out of it. I only knew him because he be hanging around my baby and his friends.

Thinking nothing of it I kept on over to the couch as ShΓ©yaa walked into the room ready to discuss the next moves we were gonna make.

"y'all have to stay strapped and prepared, this bitch getting heated right now" ShΓ©yaa says sternly.

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