Just listen to me (Von x Durk)


"Von you have to wake up please" durk said, tears making his vision blurry. The only sound being a beep from the the heart monitor. "If you would've just listened to me"...
Durks POV

"Time to wake up sweetie" it was faint I couldn't really hear it until I heard a loud " WAKE UP NOW" thats when I popped up breathing hard my eyes looking everywhere until I see my mom on the side of my bed staring at me with a stern look on her face "oh it just you" I said calming down.

"yea it's just me" she repeated in a mocking tone making me roll my eyes

"Do it again" she said in a warning tone.

"My bad watchu want ma" I said looking at everything but her.

"Well if you remember you have school and I'm not tryna be late for work today" she said walking toward the door.

School school scho- "Oh" I said fully awake and understanding what she meant now.

"Yea oh, anyway hurry up and get dressed you got toast and eggs on the counter don't take to long might get cold" she said walking out and closing the door.

Guess I should get ready I thought swinging my legs off the bed and heading to the bathroom down the hallway.
Time skip
10 mins later
Durks POV

School Im going in for my last year Im not sure how to feel I'm happy cause I can start to look out for my future but then it's my anxiety of the future holding me back I thought. I was already dressed wearing a olive Nike sweat suit (picture the shoes on you own). I was waiting on my mom she takes for ever but blames me for us being late like how that work.

"Ok I'm ready let's go" she said walking out of the bathroom and grabbing her purse.

"Bet" I said getting my book bag making sure I had my key cause my mom don't come home till late.

We were walking down the stairs of the apartment building I really wanna get a nice job and get me and my momma outta here one day I thought. We were now in the parking lot and my anxiety was rising by the minute.

"Why you look so nervous baby" my mom said taking her key out her purse

"It's nothing I'm fine" I said giving her a reassuring fake smile.

I got in the car and immediately looking out the window. The sight of the apartment building becoming smaller and smaller. I don't know but I just feel like something is gonna hold me back this year.

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