Just listen to me (Von x Durk)


⚠️Mentions of self harm

Durks POV

I was not like most kids my age I didn't have a phone, or nice electronics they get. My mom didn't have that type of money so I wasn't gonna push that on her. Another is I only had one friend and her name is India. She alway been there for me so I have nothing but respect and love for her. I hope she can be by my side for everything my life has to offer...

But not having a phone wasn't the only thing I also, didn't really hangout after schools or go to parties I'd rather study or stay home and hangout with my mom. You may find it lame but that's just how I am. Ever since me and mom left dad I can't help but feel guilty like I ripped my mom from my dad. That first year after we left I started cutting it just made my feels go away for a bit. But my mom found out and I stopped for her I've been clean for so long I wanna keep it that way.
Thoughts over

My mom had dropped me off and said bye a little while ago I didn't wanna hold her up so I said a quick bye and I love you. The first thing I did was get my schedule from my book bag looking over it not paying attention until I hit something hard and fell back wincing at the pain on my back. When I looked around for who ran into me when I saw him.

I looked up in fear I had heard about him killing people from India but I don't know if it's true not gonna take a chance.

He was look at me his eyebrows knitted together in confusion "s-sorry I wasn't paying attention-" I began rambling

"You good just watch where you going lil nigga" he said helping me up and pushing my paper to my chest and walking away.

It happened so fast- I felt a tap on my shoulder snapping me out of my trance.

"Durk you okay" I knew that voice from anywhere India

"Yea I'm fine" I said now fully turning to her.

"Okay... anyway willow was being so bratty this morning- she began but I was still thinking about earlier something about that guy has me thinking.



"Oh my bad whatchu say" looking down still deep in thought

She just looked at me I knew she knew something was up but she didn't say anything.

The loud sound of that familiar bell making me say bye to India and head to my first class now paying attention to my surroundings earlier still having me nervous.
Class time

The teacher wasn't in the class so I just looked for a place to sit not worrying about saying hi to whoever the teacher is. I spotted a seat in the corner but the person in the seat next to it made look other places. After finding nowhere I began making my way over there shaking a little.

It was that guy from earlier he wasn't paying attention tho his head was down and his hood pulled over but I just knew from his jacket and hair poking out on the side it was him. I just walked over trying not to make noise when I sat down I noticed people were looking at me I don't like all this attention. The sound the teacher saying hello making everybody turn back around but still were whispering.

I felt eyes on the side of my head making me turn to see him staring at me when I looked back he only looked at me for bit before going back under his hood. Well excuse me-

"Tomorrow you will be getting to know the people beside you for your in school project so I hope your not shy" was the thing that made my anxiety rise so fast I began sweating. Trying to calm my self down so I don't have a panic attack. Can this day get any worse.

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