Just listen to me (Von x Durk)


(Chapter starts from where they bump into each other)

Vons POV

"You good just watch where you going lil nigga" I said helping him up and pushing paper to his chest before walking away.

I wasn't in the mood today my friend got shot over the weekend and he probably won't make it. But I just came the first day because I wanna make a good impression I hardly got to school anyway I might just drop out.

People would move out of my way when I walked, I had this intimidating figure is what my friends say but ion believe that. Speaking of them " wassup with you" my friend Taurus said.

"They got T over the weekend so I'm not in the mood today" I said opening my locker to throw two folders in there.

"Oh damn boss ain't told me" taurus said look down deep in thought.

"He don't know yet, but probably now news fly fast in the streets" I said taking my phone out.

"Anyway you finna do this drop wimme tonight" I said not wanting to discuss the sensitive topic anymore.

"Yea" he said

I tend to hold in emotion cause nobody will truly understand and I don't wanna let my walls down just for it to backfire.

The bell snapping me out of thought. I'm finna skip early today so let's just get this over with.
Time skip
I immediately went to the back of the classroom feeling the stares on my back but if I turn around they all just go back to what there doing it's annoying. I just put in my headphones tuning the other sounds out. Until I saw feet sit beside me and the class got quiet I knew they were looking again.

The teacher had came in making everybody turn back so I looked to see what they were looking at. Oh that kid from earlier.

I just looked at him till he looked back I went back under my hood. Until I heard "tomorrow you will be getting to know the people beside you for your in school project so I hope your not shy". Lil dude finna have to find a new partner cause I ain't doing that.
Time skip
I had another class with that dude but he sat beside that girl India so it ain't matter. But after that class I had left with taurus and Herbert he prefers herbo and I can understand why. We had just went back to my place to smoke and chill.

"I got something to tell y'all" Taurus slurred.

"Wassup" herbo said not taking his eyes from his phone.

"I-Im gay and y'all my niggas so y'all don't gotta accept me but-" he just kept going on and on.

"You good we niggas for life" I was fine with it I mean that ain't my thing so as long as he don't try nuthin I don't really care.

"Ok but can y'all just keep this between us" he said nervously and I knew why no gay niggas were really accepted in these streets .

"Yea I got you dude"I said daping him up before head to the kitchen my munchies were kicking in.
This chapter starts from when they bump in to each other if you were confused I wanted to get a little of vons reaction and how he is gonna be in this story.


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