Just listen to me (Von x Durk)


(If you need to reread the dream from last chapter do that)
It's not the first time i've had a dream like that but it doesn't have a voice I just look at it as someone to make me feel better about my self. But something about that dream just felt so real and different.

It was already morning so I just stayed up cause I gotta get up in a few anyway. I quietly get off the bed and go to towards the living room. I just kinda looked out the large square window at the sky.

My thoughts have been all over the place more that usual. And I gotta do that project with that guy tomorrow. I sighed going back to room to see that India was up too.

"Hey what are you doing up" I asked she turned around fast a startled look on her face but calmed down realizing it's me.

"I should be asking you the same thing" she said looking back at the window in my room.

"Well i had a bad dream, but are you okay?" i said lying about the first part.

"It's just..I don't know what if my sister kicks me out or something-" she started

"She's not gonna kick you out it was just an argument siblings have fights all the time your fine" I said sitting beside her patting her back.

"You've got really good advice thanks" she said smiling.

"No problem now let's go back to sleep we gotta get up in few anyway" I said going back to my side of the bed willow in the middle.

"Ok" she said
Time skip

My mom had dropped willow off at daycare and me and India off a at school already. I'm so nervous cause I gotta work with that guy today and he's very intimidating I don't know if I can do it.

"Durk I'm gonna go back home today" India said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Oh that's great you can make up with your sister today" I said glad she took my mind off of the project.

"You've been very out of it lately-" the sound of the bell cutting her off.

"I'll tell you why some other time bye love you" I said hurrying to class even though I wanted to take long.

"Bye love you too" she yelled over the crowd.
Class time
I got here before him today thankfully. But he soon came in going straight to the seat beside me, and going under his hood.

"Alright get started with the people beside you I want you to just talk today but when you feel you have enough write some things you've noticed about them" the teacher said.

I didn't know if he heard but I could hear small sounds of music from under his hood. Here goes nothing I tapped him-

"That was you" he said taking his headphones out turning to me.

"Y-yea we have to do the project" I said looking down not wanting to face him. But I did look up enough to see he looked hesitant.

"Oh what we supposed to do" he said eyes on his phone.

"Well we're supposed to just talk today but over the weeks notice things about each other to write about" i said a bit agitated he wasn't listening.

"Yea well what you wanna know don't be to In my business" he said finally looking at me. I don't know but I felt my face heat up.

"Well Um first thing what's your name" I said eager to know.

"Von Is what you can call me" he said.

"Oh well you can call me durk" I said he let out a small laugh.



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