Just listen to me (Von x Durk)


Vons POV

I had got to class late today cause me, Taurus, and herbo was smoking in the bathroom and got caught up. But when I did get there I saw that guy got there before me today.

I just went to my seat and got in position under my hood I was still a bit high. I didn't want my high to come down yet so I just my music up loud to turn everything else out.

But that was ruined when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked around but soon turned to my side to that guy.

"That was you" I said irritated taking my headphones out.

"Y-yea we have to do the project" he said looking down.

"Oh what we supposed to do" I said a hesitant look on my face before looking at my phone. I really didn't wanna do this.

"Well were just supposed to just talk today but over the weeks notice things about each other to write about" he said I could here the agitation in his voice.

"Yea well what you wanna know don't be to in my business" I said finally looking at him.

"Well um first thing what your name" he said

"Von is what you can call me" I said

"Oh well you can call me durk" he said I let out a small laugh at how nervous he was.

"Bet" was all I said.

I could tell he didn't know what to ask.

"Favorite sport" he said

"Ion have one" i said looking back down at my phone.

"Oh" he said looking down at his papers.

"Favorite thing to do" he said

"Smoke" I said not caring.

"Oh well mines is reading" he said we were very opposite.
Class was almost about to end before the teacher said "Instead of just talking and talking for weeks you will be given an egg tomorrow and you will write how you think your partner did taking care of it at the end of the project, now class is dismissed".

Wow an egg really was all I could think but I already left the classroom getting ready to leave early today.
Today I gotta go check on my sister and I hate going over there cause of how my mom acts. But im not going over there right now cause she probably at school.

Taurus I think he dating someone he be staying at school for them and he cut down on smoking and a lot of things we used to do, whoever he dating really been killing the vibe.

So it's usually just me and herbo but I left before him today I was just to stressed to even wait for him today.

Maybe I call some girl over she been trying to get at me for weeks now nah- I just wanna be alone. My day was finna be ruined when I go see my momma so might as well enjoy before it all goes down in flames.

And this whole egg project that's gonna be extra shit I gotta do like going to get the egg and make sure it don't crack like ion got time for that. Maybe I just make him do all the work or sum.

I was already back home and went straight to my stash ready to let my feels go.
This was short I just wanted to get the new project out.

If your confused I'll answer your questions

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