Just listen to me (Von x Durk)


⚠️warning bullying
Durks POV

"Instead of just talking and talking for weeks you will be given an egg tomorrow and you will write how you think your partner did taking care of the egg at the end of the project. Now class is dismissed" the teacher said.

I can't do a project like that I don't have a phone what if I have to call him? and what if he can't take care of it? or what if it cracks-

"Mr. Banks class is dismissed already " my teacher said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"O-oh sorry" I said gathering my things quickly and walking out of class only to see India waiting for me.

"Hey, what took you so long today" she said looking at me with worry.

"Nothing I zoned out is all" I said.

"Oh ok then" she said still worry on her face.

"Anyway what's up with you and your sister" I said changing the subject.

"We're good, but that reminds me could you watch willow tomorrow? me and my sister have to go to somewhere with my mom and I don't want willow around her" she said looking at me with pleading eyes.

"Yeah sure you know I don't mind" I said I can understand her mom wasn't the best person to be around a baby.

"Ok thanks" she said a large smile on her face.

"Yea, it's fine with me" I said letting out a small laugh.

Lunch Time

Me and India had chose to sit at a small round table with four chairs but it was just us sitting across from each other.

"So since we have no interruptions finally gonna tell me whats been goin on with you" she said putting her sandwich down.

"So you remember that guy you told me about that apparently kills people the one with the twist" I said hoping she didn't forget.

"Oh, you mean that Dayvon kid?" She said questioning me.

"Yeah I had bumped into him on the first day and fell" I said embarrassed.

"Oh are you okay did he hurt you?" She said that worried look going back on her face.

"Yea I'm fine but that's not it I also have first period with him and have to sit by him" I said her eyes widened while she was chewing.

"Really" she said mouth half full.

"But what really has my anxiety over the roof is we have to do an egg project and that just to much for me" I said feeling myself get anxious again.

Oh, I gotta do that shit to, but my partner kind cute though" she said blushing.

"lucky you" I replied with a sarcastic tone.

Time Skip

Me and India had went our separate ways after lunch. And I was on my way to the bathroom just have some time to my self. I walked in I was heading towards the sink to make sure I had nothing on my face. This whole project has me so stressed I'm breaking out I thought looking a the small rash of bumps on my cheek in the mirror. I wonder what he thinks about this whole project-

Out of nowhere I feel a rough shove on my shoulder. I turn around to see the other people that are in here are snickering and one smirking.

I roll my eyes and walk out.

Time Skip

School was finally over for today so me and India were walking out to the front steps to wait for our rides.

"So I'll give you the time I'll drop off willow tomorrow" she said looking at the cars driving pass.

"Yea ok" I said.

" that's my ride I'll see you tomorrow bye love you" she said giving me a quick side hug.

"Bye love you too" I said she gave a quick wave before riding off.

Time Skip

My mom had already dropped me off at home before heading back to work. It's a bit upsetting not really getting to spend time with her but when I do I wouldn't exchange it for nothing.

I was currently doing my homework when those guys from the bathroom cam to mind but I brush it off. Now thinking about how willow is coming over tomorrow.

I gotta go clean up and baby proof my room.

This a little longer but idk🤷🏽‍♀️

If you have questions I'll answer

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