Katsuki Bakugou x Pregnant Reader


The Story of you and Bakugou. With kids.

Romance / Humor
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You felt weird. It wasn't your usual weird. Your body felt off. You had been feeling nauseous for the past two weeks. Not only that, you had been tired a lot now and felt more hungry than you usually did. You had no idea what was happening. You kept it to yourself though, thinking you just might be sick.

Today you were alone. Katsuki had went to work and today was your day off. Being pro heros wasn't easy. You both were constantly busy. The days you did spend together were filled with cuddles, sex, and all together just love. It was the middle of March, and you felt as if there was nothing to do. So, you asked Uraraka was she doing anything. Thankfully, she wasn't. So you decided to visit.

The drive to get there wasn't that long, so you got there pretty quickly. You parked the car and went to the door. Giving it a knock, you waited for Uraraka to answer the door. Instead, it was Todoroki. "Hey Todoroki." "Ah, hello (Y/N). Ochako said you'd be here." You took of your shoes before walking into the home.

"She's upstairs, if you're wondering." Shouto said, going into the kitchen. You nodded, going up the stairs and into the bedroom. You saw Uraraka laying on her bed, hands holding one of her little babies. "Hello Ochako. And hello to you too." You waved at the both of them, Uraraka giving a smile. "Hi (Y/N)-Chan." You sat next to her, looking at the small baby in her arms. He was only three weeks old. His hair was brown with white tips at the end.

"He's so cute..." You mumbled, holding out your pointer finger. He grabbed it, trying to pull it into his mouth. "No Akimitsu. Fingers are dirty." You smiled as Uraraka slowly pulled his hand off of your finger. He ended up putting his own hand in his little mouth, which was quickly taken out.

"So what's up? You usually don't just randomly call." "I was bored. And you've got two little bundles of joy I can play with." That made Ochako giggle, looking down at Akimitsu. "Hiraku is two now. He's more of a medium bundle of joy. Akimitsu on the other hand is very much so a little bundle of joy." You smiled, but it suddenly turned down as your stomach churned. You quickly got up, rushing your way to the bathroom.

Before you knew it, you were spilling out your guts. Your head was spinning as the containments of your stomach poured into the bowl. By the time you were done, you had both Shouto and Ochako at the doorway. Akimitsu was handed to Todoroki as Uraraka walked towards you. "Are you okay (Y/N)?" "I'm fine... I think I'm just sick..." You flushed the toilet, going to the sink and rinsing out your mouth. "I'll go make you some tea." Shouto said, disappearing from the doorframe. You had controlled your breath, finally calming down. But your heart stopped when Ochako said what she did.

"Are you pregnant?"

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