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More About You || Katsuki Bakugou x Latina Reader


You and Katsuki met at one of Sero's smoke sessions. After a month, the two of you see each other at one of Kirishima's parties. You want to get to know each other and build a relationship. It just has to be in secret. ° ° ° ° {This is a no quirk college au. This story is based off of a oneshot I wrote.}

Romance / Humor
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So, this chapter was originally written in my smut book. Since this is what the story is based on, I’m going to just copy that chapter and put it here.

“Come on y/n! You never come to parties with us!” Mina complained from the bathroom. You didn’t say anything, just finishing Uraraka’s makeup. “She has a point y/n. Besides that one party a couple of months ago, you’ve ever been.” They were right. You didn’t go out to party. College was a big focus for you. Not to say all you did was hit the books though. You usually went to Sero’s smoke sessions once in a while, but that was about it. Mina was the party girl of the group, and Ochako usually went if Shouto was going. Which were most parties Kirishima had.

“I’m just not interested.” You said as you added the final touches. “Alright, you’re done. Now tell Mina to get out of the bathroom so you can get dressed.” She got up, going up to the bathroom, and knocking on the door. Mina came out, playfully dancing in her party outfit.

(I can’t describe these outfits so here.)

“Oou chile, we got a baddie in the building!” You joked as Mina posed for you. The pink went really well with her brown skin tone and already pink hair. “Thank you, babes, but you should really come with! I heard Bakugou was gonna be there.” She wiggled her eyebrows as you snickered.

You and Bakugou met once at one of Sero’s smoke sessions. At the said smoke session, you made out with him in Sero’s bed. You probably would’ve gone farther if Sero didn’t separate you two and kicked Bakugou out. Sometimes you think Sero acts too much like a big brother. That was almost a month ago, and the last time you saw him.

“Aww, you think I miss him.” “Chile I know you miss him. You won’t shut up about how he-” She was interrupted by you throwing a makeup brush at her. Mina let out a scream before dodging it. She was not getting her outfit dirty. Before she could yell at you Ochako came out of the bathroom. “So... What do you guys think?”

“You look so pretty!” Mina ran over to the shorter girl and pulled her into a hug. “Thanks. Though I have to give credit to my makeup artist.” Uraraka pointed to you, in which you gave a small bow. “She could get more praise if she’d come with us,” Mina said with her tongue sticking out. You let out a groan while getting up.

“Is Sero gonna be there?” “Of course he is! He’s the plug.” That made sense. You took about two breaths before looking at them. “Get me an outfit.” Mina squealed before running to her closet. You went into the bathroom to take a shower while Mina picked out your clothes. Tonight was going to be something.

° ° ° ° °

“Are the brownies done yet?” Kirishima asked Sero. “I told you they’re still baking. Let me do my craft.” Sero spoke while looking into the oven. “We’re paying 250 for these, they better be your best fucking craft,” Kaminari said while pouring vodka into the cooler they had. The boys, and Jirou, were setting up for the party. Sero’s parents were out, so he let Kiri throw a party.

“250 is nothing. You get the friend discount.” “Oh, so I guess y/n gets the fuck pass? Cause she doesn’t pay.” Sero punched Kaminari in the arm before pulling out his brownies. “For the last time, I never fucked her. She’s mi hermana pequeña.” Sero didn’t play when it came to you. He treated you like actual family and would beat the shit out of anybody who talked badly about your name or did anything to you. He and Katsuki almost threw hands when he caught you two with Katsuki’s hand in your pants.

“Didn’t you guys do something though? You don’t usually get that close with a girl unless you’ve fucking her.” ” Jesus dude... We made out like twice and I ate her out freshmen year. Then I got with Mina and we chilled on all that. Happy?” He didn’t really like to bring it up. At that time he was horny and you wanted drugs. The real reason Sero never charged you was cause you helped him sell, but he never told anyone that. He wouldn’t get you too caught up in his shit.

“Alright, I see I’m stepping boundaries. I’m gonna go mess with Kacchan then.” “Don’t bring your bullshit over here Pikachu,” Katsuki said from the couch. He had one airpod in, but could still hear everything around him. He did feel a bit weird about hearing what you and Sero did. But shit that happened two years ago was simply just shit that happened two years ago. He wasn’t about to bitch about your old hookups. Instead, he’d scroll through your Instagram and think about your make-out. He wasn’t obsessed. He just missed you.

“Don’t be so fucking mean. We’re friends.” Denki said while sitting next to the ash blonde. He quickly closed out of Instagram. Kaminari wasn’t about to call him a fucking stalker. He went to Snapchat instead, clicking through the stories. He landed on Mina’s story, in which he saw a familiar face.

° ° ° ° °

“We really did that, didn’t we?” Mina said as she looked at Uraraka. “Hell yeah, we did! She looks like a whole meal. And hopefully Katsuki’s hungry.” The two girls giggled as you gave a look. You had to admit, the outfit was amazing. And with your hair in a slicked high ponytail and your makeup on point, it all came together.

“Why’d we all dress in pink?” “People gotta know we’re best friends.” Mina grabbed her phone and keys, then turned to look at you both. “Alright ladies, the parties just getting started from what Sero texted me. We’re gonna stop at McDonald's cause the food at the party is ass and then we’ll go.” She stated while walking towards the door. The two of you did the same, ready to start the night.

° ° ° ° °

It was about 10:30 when the three of you got to the party. Mina looked around before running to the kitchen. Uraraka went to the stairs, which left you at the front door. This is why you didn’t want to come to the party. The kitchen would be a good place to go. You needed a drink. You walked to the kitchen, seeing Mina do what you were about to do. “Where’s Ochako. Probably with Shouto. He’s the only reason she comes to these parties anyway.” Mina just shrugged, handing you a cup.

The drink was sweet at first, but the burn soon kicked in. You had to let out a breath before taking another swig. Mina drank with you, but she didn’t need to pause. God, she was a good drinker. “C’mon. I know where the smoke session is.” Before she could pull you away you were able to dodge her hand. “Gimmie a minute. I’m gonna chill in here for a bit.” She just shrugged and walked away.

° ° ° ° °

Katsuki honestly hated parties. Once Sero started smoking and got his circle together he fell into the routine of passing it to the next person while he sat there. Weed really wasn’t his thing. But once he saw Mina walk in he found hope. He knew that she brought you, so he quickly left the basement to go find you.

Upstairs was filled with people either dancing or drinking. He looked around to see the other girl Mina had on her story. He didn’t know her, but he had a pretty round face. There was no way he was going through that crowd to find you. So he walked into the kitchen. And there you were. Leaning on the isle with a solo cup in your hand. You looked pretty fucking lonely. His eyes looked your body up and down. You’d look better than the last time he’d seen you. And not just because your dress was short and somewhat see-through.

“Hey.” You turned your head to see the ash-blonde looking at you. “Well if it isn’t an old face.” You abandoned your cup to walk over to Bakugou and hug him. He was hesitant at first but hugged you back. It took all of his willpower to not move his hands below your waist, but he was going to be respectful.

The two of you chatted in the kitchen for a while, laughing and joking with each other. “There’s no fucking way that happened.” “It’s the truth. Kirishima ended up having to get his stomach and won’t ever eat a corn dog again.” You had to hold your chest to hold back your laugher. There was a small silence before you broke it.

“Wanna dance?”

That made Katsuki excited and panic all in one. He would love to dance with you. If he could, that is. Now he didn’t have two left feet like Kirishima, but he wasn’t that good. But there was no way in hell he was turning you down. “Yeah.” That was all you needed to know before grabbing his hand and pulling him into the living room.

It was slow at first, his arms around your waist and yours around his neck. You’d probably need to stand on your toes to do this, but the heels help. Your bodies swaying together as the music played. Even though you were surrounded by people, it felt like you two were the only people in the room. It was like euphoria.

“So why’d you never talk to me after that night? No call, no text, nothing.” You asked, opening your eyes to look at him. “I could ask you the same thing.” “But I asked first.” Katsuki let out a low laugh, grabbing your hand and turning you around. His hands went to your thighs, rubbing them while you ground back on him. Your arms reached behind you to wrap around his neck again. “I still want my answer.” You spoke while slightly looking at him.

“You were high. I didn’t know if you were just looking for a hookup or actually wanted to keep things going. So I kind of waited for you.” A small “Oh.” Left your mouth as you kept dancing on him. “I’m sorry.” “Don’t be. I should’ve made the effort after a while. Probably would’ve been sooner if Sero didn’t scare the shit outta me.” That made you turn around to look at him. “What did he do?”

Katsuki was going to tell you nothing, but the look on your face told him you wouldn’t accept that answer. “He got pissed after he caught us. I mean, I don’t blame him. I’d be heated if my sister was about to get fingered on my bed too. Especially if it was. by my best friend.” You had to roll your eyes. Sero acted like you were 15 instead of 20. Your small hands grabbed his bigger ones and the two of you locked eyes. “That doesn’t matter. We’re here right now, aren’t we?”

It was impulsive. You don’t know why you did it, but you leaned in and kissed him. Katsuki was scared at first. He didn’t expect it, but once he relaxed his hands went back to your waist and pulled you closer. The kiss was slow. Some lip bites, but nothing too serious. Soon one of his hands drifted down and went to your ass. He gave it a light squeeze and you suddenly pulled away. Katsuki. “Damn y/n I should’ve-” “It’s fine.” You reassured him. “Just use both hands next time, okay?” Katsuki smirked before kissing you again. He did like you asked, grabbing two handfuls of your ass while slightly lifting you up. His hands didn’t grasp too much so your dress wouldn’t come up.

You were surprised Katsuki was like this in public. But honestly, no one was paying attention to you two. Your tongue made it into his mouth, but before you could do much else there was a tap on your shoulder. You turned your head and Katsuki looked to see who was interrupting you.

Not gonna lie, Kirishima chose the wrong time to get you. Mainly because he didn’t expect to see you and Bakugou making out while he was holding you up by the ass. “Uh- Sero figured out you were here and he -uh- he wants to see you.” Once Kirishima was done delivering his message he quickly went back to the basement. He was not about to be a cock block, considering he knew how much Katsuki liked you.

“I gotta go. I’ll be back though. Promise.” You let Katsuki go in which he did the same. Before you walked away he grabbed your wrist and pulled you close. His mouth went to your ear so you and only you could hear his words. “Don’t get high. If I’m gonna fuck the shit outta you I’m going to need you here all the way.” Your eyes went wide as you nodded, turning around and going to the basement.

“There she is!” Sero laughed as you walked down the steps. He made two people scoot over so you could sit next to him. Mina was on his lap, her head in the crook of his neck while she played with his hair. She was fucking gone. Someone passed you one of the three blunts going around, in which you just handed it to Sero. “Shit, you passing?” “Yeah. We got next Thursday. I’m sticking to my pattern so I don’t become a marihuanero like you.” Sero didn’t do anything but laugh at you while exhaling the smoke.

It was like that for a solid five minutes before you said you had to pee. Truth be told there was a bathroom down there, but Sero was too high to really care. That thankfully got you up and back upstairs. The first place you went was the kitchen. And he was there, cup in hand while leaning on the isle. “Hey.” You said. Bakugou turned around, giving a smirk before pulling you into and hug. This time he did let his hands roam.

“Come on.” You giggled, grabbing your purse and moving towards the stairs with Katsuki hot on your trail. You saw Ochako and Shouto making out at the bottom of the steps, but you didn’t care. Sis had to do her thing, just like you did. The two of you went upstairs, finding one of the empty bathrooms and going inside. You made sure to lock the door. No one was interrupting you this time.

“Turn around.” You told him, moving your finger in a circular motion. “Why?” “Just do it Bakugou.” “Katsuki.” He corrected, turning around. You pushed him forward so he couldn’t see you in the mirror. Once that was done, you took off your heels along with your panties. You didn’t really need them anymore. Your nipple stickers were removed too, but you put them on the sink counter. You pulled your dress back into place before telling Katsuki to turn around.

Once he did, he had to really look down on you. A chuckle left his mouth while he covered it. “What’s so funny?” “You’re short.” You crossed your arms under your chest while you looked at him. “I’m not that short.” “y/n we were almost at eye level. Now my chin meets the top of your head.” You turned around to face the door with a huff. Katsuki let out a playful sigh before he grabbed you ad put you on the counter.

“I don’t give a fuck that you’re short. You’re still cute and I still wanna fuck the shit outta you.” His lips met yours and his tongue slid into your mouth. He was skilled, you had to give him that. But you weren’t about to do all this foreplay shit. You grabbed his hand and put it on your thigh under your dress. He took that as an invitation, sliding his hands downward to meet your pussy. His thumb rubbed against your folds, pushing them apart to feel how wet you were. His pointer finger found your entrance, sliding inside and listening to you moan.

“Fuck babygirl...” Babygirl? You had no idea you were on sex nickname level now. That wasn’t the point right now. The point was Katsuki finger fucking you on this counter. He added another finger while his thumb rubbed your clit. His pace was fast while his mouth attached to your neck. “Don’t leave any hickeys.” “I’m not gonna make that promise.” You could feel him starting to suck on your neck. It wasn’t too harsh, but it would definitely leave a mark.

After a couple of minutes, Katsuki pulled his fingers out and put them in his mouth. “You taste sweet. Get up and put your heels back on.” He said once he was done sucking his fingers. You did as instructed, and afterward, Katsuki grabbed your waist and pushed you against the counter. You saw yourself in the mirror for a brief moment before you were bent over. “You got a condom?” Katsuki asked while lifting your dress up. “My purse.” Was all you said before Katsuki grabbed it and started searching. He found one, setting it in his mouth while pulling down his pants. His hands practically ripped the condom open and slid it on.

“You ready?” ” Papi.” You said, turning your head to look at him. A small chuckle left Katsuki as his hands found your hips and he slowly slid into you. Moans filled the bathroom as the two of you felt the pleasure. You planted your hands on the counter as he continued to push into you. His dick did not have to be this big. Once he was all the way in, he slowly moved his hips while you adjusted to the stretch. After you were ready, you moved your hand to pat him on the chest. Katsuki took at as the okay, pulling out so only the tip was in, then pushing right back in.

His pattern stayed like that, giving you slow strokes while you let out soft moans. It felt nice, but you wanted more. You spread your legs told him to go faster. He did like you asked, one of his hands grabbing the top of your ponytail and pulled your head back. A loud moan left your mouth as your eyes rolled back. His pace was fast. Katsuki wanted to fuck you up in the head. He wanted you to remember this. Remember this exact moment of him fucking you in this bathroom.

Your eyes opened, looking into the mirror and seeing Katsuki’s face. He had this look of dedication on his face. His red eyes looked into the mirror as well, the both of you seeing each other. It was only for a split second due to you moaning again, but there was that spark. “I-I’m gonna cum...” You mumbled, letting your head drop with Katsuki still holding your hair. It didn’t take long, but you came over his dick. You’d let out a mix of cuss words, in English and Spanish, along with Katsuki’s name.

Instead of stopping, Katsuki pulled out and turned you around. He sat you on the counter again before thrusting back into you. You screamed in pleasure as he slammed into you. His breath was hot on your skin as your legs shook from the overstimulation. You came again, this time with Katsuki. You had to lean your head back and rest it on the mirror. Katsuki started peppering kisses on your neck, jaw, and cheek while you both came down from your highs.

“Shit... Do you fuck like that all the time or am I just special?” You laughed at your own words while Katsuki just grabbed your breast. “You? I’ll fuck you like this every single time babygirl.” He pulled your dress down so one of your breasts was exposed. He leaned down to place your nipple in your mouth, lightly sucking as you grabbed his hair. You could not take another fucking, so you pulled him away he let your nipple go.

“You wanna go out to eat tomorrow?” You were still a panting mess, but Katsuki still heard your question loud and clear. It was funny how the two of you went from making out, you meeting again, fucking in a bathroom, to now you asking him on a date. He gave you a genuine smile before kissing your forehead.

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

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