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Omegaverse! Short book: Only 13 chapters Started: Mon,Feb 8th,2021 Finished: ???? Dkdbk = DekuBaku Top: Deku Bottom: Katsuki Fanfiction

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Chapter 1


Katsuki was sitting with his boyfriend, Dabi, he's a drunken,Abusive,rapist bastard. Their at A bar called The Daily Dose, when someone rich walked in "omg ITS THE IZUKU MIDORIYA !!!!!!" A girl screamed fangirling, so he turned around to see and what he couldnt believe was who walked in and how hot he was/is. "Come on" Dabi said drunkenly and pissed and he dragged me off. Katsuki sighed, knowing a beating would be coming. Katsuki was dragged out of the bar by his so called Boyfriend Dabi. Katsuki wanted to stay and admired the Rich dude named Izuku Midoriya again, but No his so called boyfriend wont let him. Once they arrived Home, Katsuki likes to call it hell. Once Dabi had shut the door, he punched Katsuki in the right eye. Katsuki stumbled back, in pain and from the punch. Dabi seethed "so your looking at others now, you Omega whore!" He said and Hit Katsuki again.
Izuku sighs as he walked into the bar The Daily Dose, everywhere He goes, the girls throw themselves at me, fangirl and When He tries to be undercover they always blow it. He always hated it, yes he's a rich Single, Mateless alpha but still, dont throw yourselves at someone. One its shows how stupid they are and two shows that their a whore. Izuku HATES how Desperate some omegas, alphas and betas can be. But there was one person who didnt fangirl/boy over me. He was pretty cute, sadly he left.


To be continued!

I know it short -lmfao-

Heres the first chapter of my


Fanfic i hope you enjoy it!

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