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WARNING - This story contains mature themes such as suicide, some mental health issues, drugs, alcohol, and intimate relations...😏

If you don’t like or feel comfortable with these themes then I suggest not reading my story

*I’ll put a disclaimer before a chapter for any themes that some people may not feel comfortable with.

Hey new readers✌😎 thank you for deciding to read my story

I’m going to be honest and say that I might not update continuously

I hope you enjoy my new and first real story, my beautiful lovebugs

An adventure of the blossoming love of two growing teenagers finding each other.

He just couldn’t resist her, she was so intriguing to him. He had to get to know her and make her his no matter what.

He was so captivating to her as much as she hated to admit it.

She liked him and he liked her but didn’t realize it.

What if her childhood best friend is in love with her? Will she feel the same way?

Oh, oh

I can’t be your midnight love

Oh, oh, oh

When your silver is my gold

Oh, oh, oh

In this light, I swear I’m blind

Oh, oh, oh

In this light, I swear you’re mine

I can’t be your second best

Close but not your favorite

I keep going back for more

Where there’s nothing from before

I’ll have the first chapter up soon...maybe. I might make some changes to the title or the plot, I’ll figure it out.

BYE MY LOVEBUGS! *smooch smooch* *Muah*

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