Chapter 1


Song: Kids by Current joys

Disclaimer: mentions of suicide

Y/n could be considered to be a stone-cold bitch to some people. All except her family, all loved each other unconditionally and were protective of each other...always and forever. She was proud to be called a Gallagher beside her siblings. Fiona had raised them as her own, her parents were drunks and addicts who didn’t really care for their children. It doesn’t bother her as much anymore that her parents aren’t present in her life as much except for when Frank, her father, comes around to bother them. When she was younger it was much more different, she felt left out as she saw all her classmates with their parents. Why did her parents not love her? Was it something about her that made them leave her and her siblings?

She grew up with trauma and depression from her much younger years. Her mother had attempted to take her own life at one of their Thanksgiving dinners, that incident really traumatized her because she and her mother had a stronger mother-daughter-relationship compared to her other siblings. Her mother, Monica, treated her like a princess, Y/n knows that her mother really tried to make an effort to be a good mother for her and her siblings. She loved her mom no matter what has happened in their family. She wasn’t very close to her father. V and Kev were like her auntie and uncle, she loved them so much. They were always there for the Gallaghers when they needed help. She and Lip were definitely the closest compared to their other siblings. Lip had always been so protective of her, he wanted her to be happy and become someone in life. She also hoped that one day he would make something of himself and escape the southside. What was stopping him? he had the brains and strength to be someone in the world.

One day a boy moved in next door when she and Carl were outside collecting strays. He had messy golden locks and was wearing an oversized green striped sweater. They made eye contact until the boy ran into his new home and y/n finally joined Carl in the basement.

The boy’s name turned out to be Tate which she found out when she spotted him at the swings, alone. He hadn’t made any friends in the one week he had attended his new elementary school. His first attempt at making friends ended with him getting his pants pulled down, yikes. She felt sorry for him, this school was crap. What could it hurt to be friends with the new kid? she thought.

“Hey, you’re the new kid that moved in next door right?”

“Umm...yea I guess, why who’s asking? Are you going to try to pull my pants down too?” he said with a slight tone of anger and confusion.

“Calm down goldie locks don’t get your panties in a twist,” she said with a snarky tone and a small chuckle to lighten up the mood.

“Haha funny, what do you want anyways?”

“I don’t know...maybe we can be friends. We can even eat lunch together and play on the monkey bars or chase butterflies...-” she started rambling as she was filled with the excitement of maybe making a new friend.


“Yes! come on now let me show you around to my favorite spots.”

“Ok fine, wait what’s your name?” he asked

“Y/n Julie Gallagher and you are?”

“Umm...Tate, Tate Michael Langdon” he said while scratching his head;)

“Cool. Well then...let’s go goof” she said as she ran away from him

“Wait up!”

Tate had become her best friend, there was nothing neither didn’t know about each other. Tate was also very well-liked around the Gallagher house. He felt safer at the Gallagher house, he would stay over with y/n when his parents would fight. His father was a drunk and would cheat on his mother from time to time as well as beat Tate if he tried to protect his mother from the hands of his father. His mother thought that moving would help save their marriage and seemed to have worked in the beginning. He told y/n why they had moved and how he hoped it would work so his mother can be happy again. He hated seeing her unhappy, he was confused as to why she didn’t just leave his dad. “You’ll understand why when you get older and have a family Tate”, his mother told him. He was glad that he became friends with y/n, there was no way he would survive his parents alone. The first time his parents started fighting again he left his home quickly and went over to the Gallaghers. Fiona let him in and when he saw y/n at the table eating with Carl and Debbie he ran over to her and hugged her as tight as he could. At that moment he thought that if he let her go she would disappear and he would be alone again. Everyone had confused expressions on their faces but all y/n did was comfort him and hug him back while rubbing his head to calm him down. It was as if she knew exactly why he was so distraught and she did. She took Tate to her room and told him to wait while she went downstairs really quickly. She had brought her food and an extra plate for Tate, when she got back he was just sitting at the corner of her bed with his head in between his knees.

“Tate I’m I brought you some food. I didn’t know if you ate or not so I brought it just in case, hey come here oh please don’t cry, Tate. I hate seeing you in pain Mikey”

He looked up at her and wiped his face of any tears with his small frail hands and went over to her and hugged her again.

“Thank you y/n, I love you so much”

“I love you too Mikey, now eat your food or I’ll tickle you to death” (o_0)

“Ok fine”

When they finished eating they laid together in her bed with the covers covering them up to their chin staring at her glow in the dark stars. Tate started to cry and Y/n brought him closer to her chest. She hugged him while rubbing his head to relax him while humming a song to let him know it was all going to be ok.

The duo would have the craziest adventures around their neighborhood, Carl and Debbie were sometimes jealous of how her sister would spend more time with the boy next door than her own siblings. The summer before 10th grade Tate had to go stay with his grandparents and would return a week before school started. Y/n was obviously sad her best friend would be leaving her for the whole summer, he would be sending her letters every now and then to update her on his trip. She accompanied him and his family to the airport to drop him off, they shed some tears but reassured themselves that they would see each other again very soon. They were already coming up with different things they would do when he returned.

When she got home she went up to her room, slammed the door, and cried into her pillow already missing Tate. What would she do all summer without her partner in crime? She eventually fell asleep after crying for almost an hour. She could only wait patiently until summer was over to see him again.









Ok, that was the first chapter, a sort of character background and introduction to our main character and her bestie <3. Tate is really important to her, he’s her first real friend and he would be until death did them apart... What did you think I hope you all loved it, I’ll try to get the next chapter up as soon as I can. There’s no Finn just yet but soon he will be, this information is really important in Y/n’s life so yea. Also, Mikey is a nickname for Michael Tate’s Middle name, I know it’s not in the AHS series but in my story, it is so FIGHT ME >:b

Sorry I’ve been kind of MIA, even if no one actually reads my writing. ok bye, my beautiful lovebugs *smooch smooch* <3

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