Song: Bored by Billie Eilish

“You’re still in bed y/n? When are you going to get up and do something?”

“Never! let me just wallow in the dark deep pits of death in my cozy bed.”

“you can’t just stay in your room for the remainder of summer, the only times you come out of your room are to go to the bathroom and eat. You need to find a hobby or just get some fresh air, look at your room y/n I swear something died in here.”

“Fiona it’s just my new signature smell or that burger from like two weeks ago...”

“Y/N! if you don’t do something about this mess and yourself I’m going to get Lip and he’ll handle you, I’m not joking.”

“Alright alright jeez I’ll get to it soon I promise”

“Thank you also I’m on my way to work right now your room better be squeaky clean by the time I get back”

“Yea yea...hey can you bring me something to eat”

She didn’t get any response except for the front door slamming so hard she could feel the house shake. Startled by the noise she fell over her bed tripping over her foul-smelling sneakers.

“Ughh SHIT MY NOSE! OMG! I’m actually going to vomit. There’s no way I created these inhuman smells.”

Suddenly the doorbell rang. She paid no attention to it thinking someone else would get to it until she heard it ring two more times.


Groaning with annoyance she starts making her way downstairs to the fridge for a quick stop to get a drink. The doorbell rang again longer than the first two times.


“OK I’M COMING ALREADY! What is so important that you need to ring the doorbell so many times...”

When she opened the door she, unfortunately, saw her father Frank.

“What do you want Frank?”

“Nothing nothing, hey is anyone home?”

“No, I’m home alone look what do you want Frank you’re not welcome here”

“You know what I have a right to be here actually I am your father. I made you who you are I practically raised you-”

“HA! raised us, Frank? Did you smoke something that you weren’t supposed to or hit your head? You know what, I don’t have time for this GOODBYE FRANK!”

“Hey NO! Y/n! Some daughter you are”

“Boo Hoo! Goodbye Frank,” she said as she slammed the door in his face.

“Raised me, please. The audacity the man has, I mean showing his face around here claiming to have raised me”



She made sure to grab the bat their family kept for safety to use on Frank.

“I’m warning you Frank leave now or face my wrath hehe”

She opened the door to face her sister Debbie.

“Oh, hey Debbie. Why didn’t you just open the door”

“Sorry, I’m in such a rush...Hey, can you take care of Franny for a while I need to find a job to pay Fiona for my share of this month’s rent? She isn’t even trying to help me GOD she’s such a bitch y/n. I’ll show her that I can be an independent woman-Did she tell you about how she was going to throw me and Franny out if I didn’t pay, I can’t believe her.”

“No she hasn’t look Debbie there’s no way she kicking you out I mean she wouldn’t kick you to the curb with Franny. I’ll help you take care of Franny while you look for a job okay you can count on me for anything Debs you’re my sister”

“Thank you so much y/n I owe you big time, I’ll be back in no time,” she said as she walked out of the house slamming the door.

“Well I guess it’s just you and me Franny,” she said as she stared at her young niece in her stroller.

She put some cartoons on T.V. in her room for Franny while she started to actually clean her room while keeping watch on her. When she finished Franny was already fast asleep so she decided to take a quick shower until she heard her phone ringing. When she picked up her phone she saw that it was an unknown number.

“Hello? Who is this?”

“Y/n? hey it’s Tate”

“OMG! Tate, how are you? I thought you had forgotten all about me, why did you stop sending me letters goof?”

“Sorry I have been so busy, I had to get a summer job and I finally got my grandparents a working cellphone to get in contact with you”

“Don’t worry about it, Mikey. What’s up?”

“I just wanted to let you know I’ll be home tomorrow, I can’t wait to see you again”

“I’m so excited! Should I pick you up at the airport or something?”

“No don’t worry about that hey just meet me at our old elementary school playground in our favorite spot”

“Ok but don’t think you’re not getting a party, I’m gonna throw you a fun party here at the house alright?”

“Alright alright, see you tomorrow crazy”

“Crazy? Tate? Hello?” all she heard was the phone line die

“That idiot”

She quickly went to go shower before Franny wakes. When she was done she called Debbie to let her know that she had to go out and would take Franny with her. She had to go get some decorations and some food for the party then she would go get some clothes for tomorrow.

She decided to get some clothes first to get them out of the way.

“What do you think Franny? Is this shirt nice? Or should I go with this dress? I mean it’s only Tate, right? I’m not trying to impress him right? Right?”

“I don’t know” Franny replied not really caring what her auntie had to say.

“Gee thanks Franny” y/n said while rolling her eyes.

“I want to go to the potty auntie”

“Ok my sweet Franny just wait one sec while I pay for the dress”

“No! I want to go right now! RIGHT NOW!” She suddenly started throwing a tantrum

“Franny, what is going on with you? What’s wrong? I’m so sorry ma’am” She said to the cashier

Franny suddenly threw her doll that she was playing with across the floor and hit someone while yelling.

“Franny, what is wrong with you?” she said while getting her bags

As she went to pick up Franny’s doll someone had beat her to it.









WHO COULD IT BE? comment who you think it is I guess?

I hope you liked this chapter, let me know what you think. Is anyone excited for Tate to come back? I know I time skipped the whole summer but now they’ll be starting school again in about a week.

Ok bye my lovelies

*Smooch smooch*

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