Song: New Girl by Finneas

As she went to pick up Franny’s doll someone had beaten her to it.

“Oh I’m so sorry I don’t know what’s gotten into her-oh hi”

“Don’t worry about it” said the stranger

She couldn’t even think properly enough to come up with a response as she got stuck looking at this stranger. He had messy curly hair on his head and a million freckles scattered all over his face...

“Are you ok? Is there something on my face?” He asked

“What? No, no nothing’s wrong umm...”

“What did you get stuck looking at my handsomeness?” He said while letting out a small laugh

“What! NO WAY! oh don’t flatter yourself asshole, you know what forget it-”

“No, wait I’m sorry look I didn’t mean it ok. Let’s start over ok”

“Ok fine, I’m sorry I might have been exaggerating a bit”

“Don’t worry about it, maybe you can make it up to me by giving me your number perhaps...”

“Oh really?”

“Yea come on what would it hurt?”

“I don’t even know your name, Stranger”

“Finn, Finn Wolfhard”

“Ok Finn Wolfhard, on one condition seeing as you already put me behind schedule”

“Sure anything”( oh you don’t say ;)

“Help me buy some food and take it home for a party I’m having tomorrow”

“Deal, will I be invited to this party afterward maybe?

“I don’t know only time will tell Wolfhard”

“Alright I guess it’s going to have to be baby steps between us”

“Alright wait for a second while I take my niece to the bathroom really quickly”

“Of course”

She quickly took Franny to the bathroom and met up with Finn. They drove in Finn’s car to the nearest Safeway because she had walked. They grabbed all kinds of food and snacks for the party y/n would be throwing tomorrow. There was obvious chemistry between the both of them, some would think they were a couple even.

“Finn, we have to focus and not just put anything in the cart, I have a budget. Especially if you’re turning little Franny against me already. She’ll start a whole tantrum if I don’t get her what you’re promising her”

“No hey don’t worry about that It’s on me ok”

“What no way! We barely just met. Why would you pay for all of this?”

“No reason just being nice Gallagher”

“Yeah right, there’s no way you’re paying for all of this Finn”

“Yes I am and there’s nothing you could do about it,” she said as she grabbed some sodas

“Is that a challenge Gallagher?”

“Take it however you want it to be Wolfhard”

“Oh I will”



“No, you said something”

“No, I didn’t. Franny, did you hear me say something?”

“Nope,” she said while laughing

“Franny! are you taking his side?”

“She isn’t she’s just telling the truth, Gallagher”

“Yea whatever let’s just go pay and don’t even think of paying”

When they were at the cash register Finn made sure to give his card to the cashier before y/n could notice him. When she was going to pay the cashier the cashier told her that her boyfriend paid already. What? When? Boyfriend?

“Your boyfriend gave me his card when you were unloading the cart, I didn’t think anything of it”

“No worries thank you have a good day ma’am”

She turned to see Finn playing with Franny and forgot why she was so angry. He looked up and looked at her.

“Don’t be mad please, I just wanted to make it up to you”

“You know what I’ll let it slide this time...Thank you, Finn”

He looked at her with a confused look

“For what exactly?”

“For helping me out today and for paying, and for being so nice with Franny. I can tell you that you’ll be great with kids one day”

“Only if they’re yours,” he said winking at her

“Haha in your dreams Wolfhard,” she said

“Exactly my point, now let’s get you and Franny home she looks tired already”

“Yeah you’re right let’s go”

When they got to the Gallagher house y/n took Franny out of the car first and into the house where her mother was. Then went back outside to help Finn bring in all of the groceries.

“Well come on!”


“Yea is there a problem? Do I need to invite you in because you’re a vampire?” ;)

“No, no I just don’t want to intrude”

“Finn come on”

They both entered and all the Gallaghers looked at Finn with confused looks on their faces.

“Who’s this y/n” asked Lip

“Umm just Finn some guy I met while shopping”

“Some guy?!” asked Lip

“Calm down he didn’t try to get in my pants or anything...I think”

“WHAT NO! I wasn’t trying to do that” exclaimed Finn in fear of what Lip would do.

“Calm down Wolfhard he won’t do anything he’s really just a softie with that big angry macho man act”

“Alright, I think that’s the last of the groceries, Finn. I’ll accompany you outside come on” she said as she walked out.

“Yeah sure, It was really nice meeting you all. Thank you.” He said following after y/n.

When he closed the door he saw that she was leaning on his car picking at her nails.

“Finally slow-poke took you long enough,” she said as she looked up at him at the top of the staircase.

“Haha you’re a funny one Gallagher”

“I know I am”

They stood in awkward silence under the stars until y/n spoke up.

“I never ended up giving you my number-”

“Don’t worry about it if you don’t want to you don’t have to”

“No, a deal is a deal alright? Here do you have a pen?”

“YEA no umm let me get one from my car,” he said as he ran around to get to his car.


“Calm down Wolfhard why are you in such a rush?”

“Oh nothing it’s just a pretty girl is giving me her number,” he says with a smirk that wasn’t so visible as it was now dark outside but she could definitely see it staring at him up close.

“Wolfhard being a flirt?” she says with a smile that made him melt.


She quickly wrote her number in the palm of his hand with a little heart.

“Thank you for your help today Wolfhard,” she says with a small smile on her face.

“No need to thank me. I’m just so grateful that it was your niece that threw her doll at me and not some other girl’s” tucking her a piece of her hair behind her ear.

She froze at his touch and stumbled on her words.

“ye-yeah right you-you’re just saying that Wolfhard”

“Take it however you want it to be Gallagher” (O 0 O) oh no he didn’t...

“Did you just? You are a funny one when are you coming tomorrow?”

“Is this my official invitation Gallagher?”

“Sure well I better go it’s getting late”

“Yeah of course”

Before she left to the door she leaned in and kissed his cheek. She didn’t know where she had found the confidence to do something so bold.


“Goodnight Wolfhard,” she said as she quickly started to make her way to her front door before he could say anything else.

“Two can play at this game Gallagher,” he said as he watched her close the gate and run into her home while smirking.









THOUGHTS?!?!? I really liked this chapter and the chemistry that they both had. AHH I SHIP THEM SO HARD ALREADY<3 WOW Finn has game with his little flirty comments, I made myself blush while writing this...I hope you really like this chapter let me know with a vote maybe...leave a comment. I love to read them no matter what they are.

Okay bye my beautiful LOVEBUGS


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