We're both crazy [ satori.T]


im too lazy to do a bioπŸ˜«βœ‹

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00. Playlist

Verbatim- mother mother

Can you feel my heart- bring me to the horizon

hayloft- mother mother

Babooshka- kate bush

Afraid- the neighborhood

Homage- mild club

Little dark age- MGMT

Choke- royal&the serpant

Suffer with me- lìue

Toxic- britney spears

Deep end- fousheè

Super freak- rick james

ghosting- mother mother

Nowhere to run-stegosaurus rex

Bang bang bang bang- sohodolls

pumped up kicks- foster the people

What do they know?- mindless self indulgence

Never- mag.lo

Rat- penelope scott

I'll also make the playlist later cos most of them are slowed-

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