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Michael Jackson Imagines

Bedtime Loving (Thriller era)

Warning: Mature content

I groaned in frustration as I had no idea how I was gonna start this project of mine. The only thing I was happy about was that I had three weeks from now to finish it. I look up to see my boyfriend Michael walk into the bedroom. “Hey babe!” he says. “Whatchu doing?”

“Trying to find inspiration to start this project of mine. If only......wait THAT’S IT! I know exactly what to do now!” I frantically start typing away at my keyboard as Michael makes his way over to the bed and sits next to me.

Ten minutes later, I feel his hand rubbing up and down my thigh. “Michael, what are you doing?” I ask while still typing.

“Babygirl, I want some loving.”

“Not right now Michael. Maybe later.” I continue typing up the details for my project when Michael suddenly closes the laptop and tosses it onto the carpet.

“You can do that later. I need you right now.” He started kissing me and laid me back on the pillows while his hands continued to roam my body. He swiftly pulled off my shirt and his shirt before reattaching his lips to mine with more passion than before, the two of us moaning into the kiss. When he started rubbing my sides, I suddenly realized I didn’t shave down there and tried to stop his actions in fear of how he might react.

“B-Baby no, maybe we should save this for another time” I try to get up but Michael prevents me from doing so.

“Please baby! I need you so bad right now!”

“I want you too Michael, but...” I trailed off, not wanting to complete my sentence.

“Tell me, what’s on your mind?” he asks, sitting up a bit and rubbing his hand up and down my side.

“Before I say that, will you promise me that you won’t......be disgusted or anything?”

At this point, Michael was concerned as to what was making his precious babygirl so insecure. “I promise baby. Now tell me, what’s going on?”

“Um, I didn’t shave......down there, so you won’t like it.”

Michael sighed a breath of relief as he thought it was something super serious. He leaned back down towards me and pushed my hair out of my face and cupped it in his smooth hands. “It’s alright babygirl. That’s completely natural. You have nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Y-You’re okay with this?” I asked shocked.

Michael’s eyes darkened a little as he huskily whispered in my ear, “If I wasn’t okay with it girl, would this have happened?” He pressed his solid erection right over my covered womanhood, gyrating his hips to generate more of the pleasurable pressure. He went back to kissing me more fervently while continuing to dry hump me, releasing a few moans in the process.

Swiftly, he unclasped my bra and tossed it aside while trailing his kisses to my neck, sucking on my sweet spot. I moaned loudly at the feeling. My breath hitched in my throat when he kissed down to my right breast, his face only an inch away from my erect nipple, his hot breath fanning it before taking it into his mouth and sucking hard.

I couldn’t hold back my moans anymore as he continued to suck and lick, leaving that breast as he turned his attention to my left breast. Michael again repeated his actions on my left nipple, leaving me squirming under him from the pleasure. His gaze then shifted down as he toyed with the button on my pants before finally undoing it, dragging the material down my legs along with my panties to expose my dripping womanhood. He moaned at the sight before promptly discarding his own clothes to reveal his hard member, throbbing and oozing precum. “I can’t take it any longer babe! I need you right now!”

He slowly started sliding his member inside as he knew that even with all the times we’ve been intimate in the past I can never get used to his enormous size. I felt that initial stabbing pain as he started sliding in deeper and deeper. When he was all the way inside, that pain soon turned into pleasure as I started moving my hips a little to let him know it was okay for him to move now. Michael slowly pulled his member almost completely out before pushing it back in, releasing a high-pitched whimper. He continued at this pace until I couldn’t take it anymore. “Michael......please......go faster!”

Michael looked down at me and smirked. “I thought you would never ask.” He bent my legs at the knees and spread them apart before furiously pounding into me, hitting all the right spots. I couldn’t even speak from all this pleasure he was giving. All I could do was take the overwhelming pleasure as he quenched his desire. “Oh baby! Mmmm! W-Why do you feel so good e-every time I make-make love to you?” The sound of skin hitting skin could be heard all throughout the room with moans and whimpers accentuating it. Michael continued to pound me until I started to feel that familiar buildup and dug my fingers into his back as his member started to twitch inside me, signaling that he was close too.

He moaned before exclaiming again, “Ooo baby! I-I’m about...I’m about to cum!” The sweat from his body dripped down onto mine as we could no longer contain our orgasms and climaxed together. Exhausted, Michael pulled out and collapsed on top of me as we panted, tried to regain our breath. When he finally regained his breath, Michael looked up at me and leaned in to mesh his soft lips with my own in a tender, loving kiss. Before pulling away, he mumbled an “I love you” before reaching for the duvet, pulling it up and over our bodies entangled in a loving embrace.

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