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Reckless and Explosive (Bakugou x Reader)


A Pro Hero Reader is sent across the world to work on a drug case in Japan. Hired by a well known agency, she must work with the stubborn, strong-willed, arrogant Pro who wants nothing to do with her. She sets out on an adventure even her quirk couldn't warn her about. Mature themes, deals with drugs, strong language, death and sexual themes.

Romance / Erotica
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Slouching in your chair you sat there watching the tiny plane move across the screen on the back of the seat in front of you. It inched forward ever so slowly, making it painstakingly obvious how long this flight was going to take. This was your second flight within the last week and you wanted nothing more than to just go home, but that’s not where this plane was taking you.

After your last mission you had been on your way to the airport to head home for a much needed break but your agency called you before you could board your flight telling you they needed you at one of their many locations. They flew you to California for a week while they briefed you on what was to come. There was apparently a drug issue going on in Japan that was becoming a larger problem than they initially thought. The Japanese police reaching out to, Orion, your agency for some assistance with one particular case.

Your agency wasn’t like most, it worked internationally, bringing heroes around the world to solve deeper rooted issues. This was one of the only agencies you wanted to work with after graduation. The chance to travel the world and working covertly, it was nice to not have your name and face out there like all the other heroes. The ones who did this for the fame and fortune. Because of your lack of interest in making a name for yourself, you didn’t do the best in high school, never paying attention in class, slacking off on your work but that didn’t mean you weren’t good at what you did. You may not have worked hard in school, but you worked your ass off to become a part of Orion. You had trained almost two years after school had ended, learning how to handle specific situations you’d face working here, learning multiple languages so you could work just about anywhere they needed you.

That was one of the reasons they had flown you to their larger office in California. They had you brush up on your Japanese, gave you the files on the case you were hired for and the files of the people you’d be working with. They were nothing if not thorough in everything they did. They were an organization that went by the rules, that was something you struggled with while working there. You loved it, but you weren’t someone who liked to be held down by rules and regulations. One of the many reasons you didn’t graduate at the top of your class and one of the many reasons your agency sent a babysitter with you.

You kicked the seat in front of you in frustration, at the thought of how that conversation had gone down. Your boss, the man who oversaw your division, had been more than upset with you for how your last mission had gone. You had acted rashly and against orders, causing a building to catch fire because of your actions. But had you not acted, thousands of people would have been hurt or worse.

Your babysitter turned in his seat, the one you just kicked, to glare at you, he obviously didn’t want to be here just as much as you didn’t want him here. Joe Garcia, one of Orion's many watch dogs. An older guy, no wife, no kids, and a stickler for the rules. This was going to go swimmingly.

“When we get there, you need to be on your best behavior. The agency we’re working with isn’t going to put up with your recklessness. And as some incentive, I’m reporting directly to your department’s director.” There was no malice in his words only, a need to follow orders.

You gave him a small salute with an eye roll, “Aye aye captain.” He grimaced at you before he turned around.

Trying to get comfortable in your seat you stretched out. It didn’t help, you could never relax on planes, something about them gave you anxiety and you could only ever hope to just land and get off. You were just about halfway there, and you tried to watch the movie they had playing but it didn’t really hold your attention. At least your boss wasn’t a complete cheapskate and actually got you both first class seats. You knew this would have been even more hellish without the luxury seating.

Your thoughts went back to what Joe had said about reporting to the department director. This wasn’t the first time you had gotten in trouble. Your quirk had a knack for pushing you to do things that would end up like they had the other day. It wasn’t that you couldn’t control your quirk, that had become second nature to you, it was more like you couldn’t control your actions because of your quirk. In school you had trained yourself to be able to see so many different outcomes within seconds. Your quirk depended on decisions, as in you could see someone's future based on the decisions they made. Once they decided something you could see how that played out but if it wasn’t something they decided then it wouldn’t show up.

There was one aspect of your quirk that you couldn’t control though. Visions about very strong or emotional things. There were times where people close to you made very emotional decisions, or would decide something that would have an extreme affect on you and the vision would just happen. You wouldn’t be able to stop it, just forced to watch. This didn’t happen often though, so it was never really an issue, but if it did, well then you usually had a problem. Visions like that never ended well for you.

Staring at the movie on the screen above you, you couldn’t really make out what was happening. Your mind desperately wanting to just crawl into your bed at home. But the closest you’d get to that would probably be a bed at the hotel, nothing like the bed at your apartment. During the second half of the flight you fell in and out of sleep, waking up with a start every so often, before realizing where you were. It somehow left you more exhausted, this flight had ended up being absolutely agonizing.

But after give or take 11 hours you finally landed in Japan, pulling your suitcase behind you, Joe led you to a taxi. It was early afternoon when you had arrived, the bright light felt jarring as your internal clock fought with itself, not sure what time it should be. You were used to that, changing time zones so much you knew what to expect, even if your body did not.

Staring at the buildings of the city, not paying much attention to where the driver was taking you, the city was beautiful and nothing like you’d ever seen. The culture here much different than the other countries you’d been to. It didn’t seem to take long, or perhaps you were so zoned out it just seemed that way, but the driver pulled up to the hotel you both would be staying at. It was a nice hotel, but it’s not like you would be spending much time in it, probably only sleeping here, the rest of your time would be spent working. Whenever you got a case you always threw yourself into it, wanting it to be over as soon as possible so you can either go home or jump into your next adventure.

You followed Joe inside, standing next to him as he checked you both in. Taking the elevator up a few flights, you finally made it to your room. Ready to flop into bed and sleep, your body was exhausted, but you hadn’t really done anything. There was a knock at your door, most likely Joe, you didn’t have to go to the agency that had hired you until tomorrow, so you weren’t sure why he was bugging you.

Walking to your door you opened it, your grimace deepening when you came face to face with Joe, his face not pleased to see you either. You hated that they had sent him with you, it was like they were saying you couldn’t handle missions on your own. Well, that’s exactly what they were saying. After your little mess up, they made it clear that you couldn’t be left alone until you “grew out” of making rash decisions. But that was easier said than done, especially when your life was led by the unpredictable visions of the future.

“We just got here, what could you possibly want Joe?” you questioned, not really in the mood for anything he had to say.

“For tomorrow I just wanted to make sure you were prepared. You should review all the files Orion set you up with. This Agency is well known throughout Japan and you will be a representation of our agency. So, best behavior, do not start any fights or arguments. Watch your language and wear something presentable. You should know our dress code by now. Tomorrow, we will both be briefed over the situation again. Then your real assignment will start. I just want you prepared. This is not only your job on the line but mine as well.”

You nearly fell asleep during his long-winded speech. Your brain only picturing you curled up under the fluffy comforter on the bed behind you.

“Right, I’ll get right on that.” You didn’t wait for a reply before closing the door in his face, making your way to your bed.

You stopped right before you could climb in, sighing to yourself, he had a point. Your hands reaching up to rub your temples, you didn’t want to do it. Everything inside of you was yearning for sleep but your work ethic wouldn’t let you. You hated to admit it, but you probably should look through your files before you fell asleep. Not sure when you would even wake up, it was best not to chance it.

You walked to the small table by the little kitchenette in your room and you pulled out the files Orion had given you. They were filled with information on the people you would be working with. It had all the basic information you’d find on an I.D. But it also had information about their quirks, passed missions, the schools they attended, more information than you really needed. Looking at the photos attached, a particular file stood out to you. Katsuki Bakugou, Hero name: Dynamite, Quirk: Explosion. He was the Pro Hero of this particular agency, so in a sense you guessed this was your boss for the time being. He looked like a hard ass.

The next file was for one of his sidekicks, Akio Fujimoto. He looked adorable, his big green eyes looked like emeralds, even through the photograph. He seemed like a nice guy, his quirk dealt with cellular production or lack thereof. It seemed complicated, but really interesting, maybe you could ask him about it one day.

Your eyes looked over at the much larger file, the one filled with information about the case. Glancing at the clock it was only 4 in the afternoon. Were you really about to do this to yourself? Yes, yes you were. You set the other folders down, reaching for the large one. Sorting through the information, trying to organize it. It looked like a drug ring had formed somewhere here in Japan, making drugs for the public. They sold anything from pills to harder drugs like heroin. But what kept the police from cracking down was the possible involvement in quirk altering drugs.

The idea wasn’t a new concept or uncommon. But it was something of interest, especially if they were testing on people, and those people were thought of to be among the missing people in town. Japan had seen in increase in missing persons and the police seemed to think it had a direct link to this drug ring. So, until further evidence can be found they must remain covert before bringing them in.

Your head felt like it was going to explode from all this information. Putting your papers away, you put your files in your work bag and grabbed your things to get ready to sleep. After changing you fell into bed. Tomorrow would be a new day and you could try and put all this information together. But for now, you needed some rest. Closing your eyes, you let the exhaustion take over, falling into a dreamless sleep.

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