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Love Story: Destined To Be With You ♥♥


Yume Nijino, a beautiful girl, very popular and came from a wealthy family. Subaru Yūki, a simple boy who lives with his family with a simple life. Both meet by just an accident, oh wait! It is no accident, is it Destiny? Behind his history, or should I say his past? Who is this beautiful young lady? Hair as gold as sunshine with Ruby sunset eyes Beautiful and angelic smile Along with that strong disguise Whoever you are under that mask, I will hold on to you very tight "I kept seeing her in my dream? Who is she? Is she Yume Hyakuya or Yume Nijino?" Deep inside her, what does she feel for him? Is she inlove with him from the past and present? "Why do I feel so comfortable when Subaru's around?" "Who am I? Why is the name Yūki impacts me alot?" "Who are you really? Why does my dream kept saying I Destined to be With YOU?" "Am I inlove?"

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1: How I met You

(Currently editting!)

In the city of Tokyo, Japan....

A beautiful girl namely Yume Nijino lived. She is about 12 years old. She lived with her parents, her aunt, her uncle in the Nijino Mansion.

Her mother owned a fashion designer company while her father owned an advertising product company.

Yume was happy with her life. Until one tragic day, everything changed.

"Bye mom and dad! Have a safe trip!" Yume waved to them as she watch them riding in the car. "Matanee Yume! Be a good girl to your uncle and aunt!" Her mother waved back to her.

"Don't stay up late in the night and make sure to do all the things you need to do." Her father added. "Hai!" Yume said as she watched off and nods. she stands by the gate of the mansion.

"Yume! Come in, it is getting cold out here. You don't want to catch a cold." her uncle Hikaru Moroboshi called out to her.

"Yes uncle!" she said as she ran towards him.

They entered the house and closed the gates as Yume cheerfully skips her way to her room.

Her uncle and aunt are watching the news, when a phone call happened.

"Moshi!" Her Aunt Nina greeted as she answered the phone. "Nina-chan." the one who called in the phone was trembling, "Your sister and her husband, is in the hospital." She said.

Hikaru and Nina prepares themselves as Nina fixes Yume. "What's happening?" Yume wondered. The two adults didn't answer as they drive their to the hospital. When they got to the hospital. Their eyes burst into tears.

"There was a car crash, the car landed near the cliffside of the highway bridge. It exploded. No people on the road nor vehicles crashed or got hurt too. But the couple inside, Mr. and Ms. Nijino passed away after the crash." one of their neighbors explained sadly.

Yume ran into the room where her parents are, the nurses stopped her but they weren't able to stop her. Yume cried out loud as she saw her parents. One of the cops came in. "Looks like someone flattened the tires of your parents' car. We found a bullet one of the tires and car must have lose control and it crashed." He explained, "Luckily we caught the suspect." he added. She then realized, why is the world so cruel?

For twelve years she was raised by her relatives. In four years, some of them left because they had a family to grow. Eight years she lived with her uncle in the mansion.

She was 24 years old, graduated college and already a popular idol. Right now her uncle owns an idol school which is Four Star Academy. That is where she graduated of being a top idol for college. She has four friends, Koharu, Laura, Ako and Mahiru. Five of them became Top idols of the school but only four of them made it to S4. Still, Yume hated guys. But things started to change when....
Yume walks down the street with her purse when a man who is about 35 years old crept behind her and snatched her purse. "Hey! Give that back!" she yelled. A boy who is just her age came and chased the snatcher. Yume followed him. The boy was able to reach the snatcher. He grabbed him by the neck of his back shirt. "Gimme that! You don't own this." the boy said to the man as he gets it to him. The boy drop the man with a single tug on the neck of its back shirt and let's it go as the man fell down on his(man) back. A thud made the man's back hurt. The man stood up and ran away, but unlucky, cops came and arrested the snatcher(man). Yume ran to the boy who stopped the snatcher. " Are you okay?" the boy asked as he returns the purse to her. Yume nodded her head. "I am Subaru, Subaru Yūki. You?" he introduced himself. Yume felt a slight curling up her lips which form a slight smile. "Y-Yume. Yume Nijino." she replied. "Oh, I know you, you are actually part of the S4(LOL, made it up), right? Yume Nijino, Laura Sakuraba, Mahiru Kasumi, and Ako Saotome." he said. "Yes! I am!" Yume said with excitement. Yume reaches out her right hand signing to handshake with her. Subaru was about to handshake with her, when suddenly, "Yume-san!" someone called out to Yume. Yume look back and saw her bodyguard walking towards her, "I heard what happen to you.". " Hai!" Yume said, she turned to Subaru, "Subaru-kun! Arigatogozaimas!" she thanked him with a bright smile. "It is time to go, Hikaru Moroboshi-san is waiting." the bodyguard said. "Yes!" Yume said as she runs off towards her car and ride in. She waved her hand to Subaru. Subaru watches her off. He glanced at her immediately when he saw her leaving. He felt a big curl on his lips which forms a smile. "Yume-chan." he whispered.

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