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Hayloft | E.Todoroki X Enby!Reader


{Modern AU} ❝ My daddy has a gun... ❞ The tell where Y/N's father isn't happy with what he finds happening in the hay. The blossoming love of lust mixed passion got torched with fear and agony. Their love became a living nightmare. ❝ I better run... ❞ Enji Todoroki X Enby!Reader (AFAB) Cover art isn't owned by me, only graphics!!

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Their back leaned against the hayloft, lips interlocked with the male. Y/N's hands worked their way up into the back of Enji's hair, pulling at it slightly to earn soft groans from him. With each kiss, Enji fell in love all over again. He melted into every touch, every way Y/N felt him, everything wrong slipped away.

The palm of Enji's hands was rough, but he tranced them down Y/N's thighs, teasing and the hem of their shorts. Love didn't describe their bond. It was a combination of things that made them whole. As they lived with passion and lust, they sacrificed everything but still suffer from the fear.

At this moment, nothing mattered besides Y/N to Enji. He blocked out the world and listened to the lewd sounds that escaped Y/N's mouth between each kiss.

"I love you, Y/N. I love you to death." Enji rested his forehead onto Y/N's, a smile plastered on his face. He spoke without thinking and no hesitation. Full honesty, he loved Y/N. But his words were challenged...

His smile faded when the cold metal aligned with his head. Enji feared to turn his head, giving in he looked, only to have the eyes of a devil stare back at him. An older man, eyes with bags, wrinkles were distorting his face till he was unrecognizable. A scent that screamed torture. Without any warning or signal, the old man pulled the trigger. He had two chooses in his hand and gave in to the temptations of murder.

His cold, soul-less eyes held no sympathy nor remorse. Blood splattered against Y/N, the blood of their lover. All life slipped out of Enji as his body crashed against the ground, his blood pooling put from his head. That raging endeavor that burned in his eyes mellowed down—casting itself out as the end of a match.

Till death, he said.

The devil challenged his words.

Sexual mentions
Enji Todoroki X Enby!Reader
Third person POV

I DON'T own MHA/BNHA, NOR its character. I ONLY own the plot of this story and any OC.

Any part of this book or plot is NOT allow to be used, reworked, or translated with out permission from me.


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