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Just one shots because I'm procrastinating with the other books lol It's most likely going to be all head cannon tags for the anime you guys ask for will be put in later the ones right now I know I'll put in is all ⚠LANGUAGE TYPOS AND IRREGULAR UPDATES⚠ Fluff: ☁ Angst:⚠ Stoner or involving drugs:🍃 Lime:💧 Started: 2/17/21 Ended:-

Other / Romance
Age Rating:

♦♣Request Page♥♠

♦♣Request Page♥♠

Hi yes I know I have other books to finish but I don’t feel like doing them.

But this is the request page.

Depending on how many requests I get It will take me a while to finish all of them and with school so yea I’m sorry.


Things I will do✔



Depending on who it is I might do Stoner head cannons

Lime maybe?


Things I won’t do❌

Lemon I’m not good at those

anything that has to do with the reader being a minor and whoever it is being over 18 so pretty much pedophilia

Omega verse I have no idea what that is at all so yea

Android character x human reader or anything to do with them being android because my sister gave me a hard time explaining what that was so Ig you could say idk how to do it


I need your requests specified like male character x male reader or fem reader so things like that because by default it will be Fem because yea and I need to know if it's going to be fluff angst or lime? maybe

Depending on if I know the character or not it will take longer because research purposes on people like Hanako-Kun or stuff

Depending on what kind of request I’m working on I might put songs that might fit the request so yea


Request are not accepted right now


Word Count: 248

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