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The Misunderstood | T.Shigaraki X Reader


No one considers what the villain might have gone through,

they don't question what the villain has seen. They don't question what made the villain become like this. They don't ask if their okay. They don't do nothing except jump to conclusions and slap labels onto them.

Was it their fault for becoming villain? Was it the worlds? No one will ever know because no one never seems to ask.

They call villains cold-hearted, but how do they know that if they never known the villain personally. How do they know that the villain is a deep down horrible person.

Becoming a villain changes your life. It makes it impossible to fall in love, to have a family, to have normal friends. It makes it impossible to even be out in society.

People don't comprehend the amount of things villains have to go through, the amount of ties and bonds they have to break. The amount of sacrifices they make just to get away from the world. The bloodshed that's been on their hands.

All villains are fallen heros. Normal people who once had dreams. Now those dreams meet reality and became nightmare. An endless cycle of suffering and torture building inside of their mind.

The pain becoming unbearable. The feeling of wanting to jump out of their own skin. The building sensations in their chest, just wait to be let out. Their emotions bottling up, waiting till it overflows.

They can't go out and ask for help. No. Why? Because their villains. The simple lable that changes their life. It puts everyone in fear. Why should they help a villain? Why should they even care? They never did anything good for them. So why?

Y/N's elbows rest on the railing. She looked down at the water crashing against each other from the breeze in the air. The cold night making the small hairs on her arms raise. She hated today. She hated this bridge. She hated this ocean. She hated all of it.

Yet, she still found herself sneaking out of the dorms to see it every night.

So many bad memories came from this bridge. So many things Y/N blames herself for. So many things she can't forgive herself for.

Everyday she relives the same thing. The same life changing moment. Everyday see can see it replaying as if it's on loop. It's engraved in to her mind and heart. She wishes she can just get a knife and cut it out but she can't.

Her whole life was down hill before, after the incident it officially came crashing down.

The 17 year old girl griped the railing of the bridge. Tears rolling down her cheeks.

Everyday her emotions bottled up. From school. From home. From life in general. It hurt. Her mind. Her heart. Everything always hurt.

A figure walked pass the girl. The tall figure wore a black cloak with the hood on, part of their messy blue hair showed. Their skin was pale, the person was very fail and boney. Their crimson eyes stared at the girl as they passed by.

They just shook their head and kept walking. The farther away they got the crying faded from their ears.

Should they have stoped? The person shook it off and headed towards a warehouse.

Passing by abandon houses and stores as they walked. The person opened the door to the ware house, walking in to be greeted by multiple wanted villains.

"Yay! Handy man is back!!" A blond haired girl yelled.

"I thought you died," stated a male with dark black hair.

Shigaraki scoffed and headed towards his room. He slammed the door shut and pulled off his cloak, throwing it somewhere in the unorganized bedroom.

Papers littered the floor, the walls, the windows. Almost all of them were connected by a red string. The male ran his hand over his face, the silky material artist glove rubbing against his skin.

Even finding out so much information, he still was back where he started. He has nothing on UA. Nothing on the heroes. Nothing.

It annoyed him. The male digged at his skin. Irritated about everything. He scratched to the point his skin started to bleed slightly. It hurt yes. But he was numb to the feeling.

After what he has been through, he doesn't know how to feel any more...

-Chapter end-
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