~Love and Paitience~ Iwaizumi x Oikawa


Oikawa and Iwaizumi were university students, the same year, the same age, and have some classes together. . . . . Disclaimer: Characters are not mine it's Furudate's Characters from the anime Haikyuu. ✳ 🎀 Please C❀mment y🌸ur 🌺pinions~❣ 🎀 ✳

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!~Knowing each other~!

Oikawa Tooru is a university student in his first year. It is the first day of university for both our main characters(Oikawa and Iwaizumi) and in the halls of that university is where this love story shall begin.

Oikawa’s POV

I was driving to my university at 7:30 am taking my time looking through the boring streets around me only a few cars can be seen, it was practically an everyday cycle of my life. I got used to it since I had no friends to talk to, yes I have friends but they're either too busy or just avoiding me. My family is living in another state, so I’m living alone.

~ 15 Minutes Later ~

I arrived at my university and parked my car at the school’s parking lot. While I was about to lock my car I noticed A dark-haired man who was parked a few lots away from me. I didn’t mind him that much and went to my first period which is English Literature. I again noticed the same dark-haired man enter the classroom I was in, ‘I didn’t actually know why do I keep on noticing him. He isn’t that much attractive like me that often gets stared at but why do I always notice him than the other people around me’ he said in his thoughts. My class began and we were all asked to introduce ourselves and that’s when I knew his name. His name was Iwaizumi Hajime. a few minutes later class ended and my next period was Political Science. While I was walking through the halls I bumped into a stranger that was a little bit shorter than me. when I opened my eyes, I was lost looking at the other male’s beautiful dark-browned colored orbs. After a while, we soon apologized to each other and went our separate ways.

Iwaizumi’s POV

I was hurrying to my second-period sociology when I suddenly bumped into a brunette man passing through a corner. I stared at the man’s eyes for a while and we eventually apologized to each other. ‘He looked so attractive and handsome’ I thought to myself. After my second period, I went to my locker to drop off some of my stuff, then I saw the same brunette man walking in my direction. Turns out our lockers were next to each other. I decided to talk to him and invite him to eat with me.

“UHH...I’m Iwaizumi Hajime, umm would you like to eat with me? or maybe be friends?”

“Sure, my name is Oikawa Tooru.” He replied with a charming and bright smile.

I was relieved that things weren’t that awkward between us. We walked to the cafeteria and sat alone together. He started the conversation and we soon got to know each other very well and spent all our free time chatting with each other and enjoying one another’s company. We went to our classes and ended at different times, Oikawa’s class ended earlier than mine. I walked through the halls of the school alone and went to the parking lot, to my surprise I saw him sitting on top of his car humming a beautiful tune. He noticed me and stop, he called out my name and suggested to go home together.

“How are we supposed to if we both have cars?“, He raised an eyebrow.

“Oh right then nevermind, I’ll be going now see ya tomorrow.“He said with a bit of an embarrassed tone.

“Ok bye,” I said bluntly.

Oikawa’s POV

I waited for his classes to be over so that we can go home together. I waited for almost 2 hours and got bored after, so I hummed a tune that my mother used to sing to me. After a while, I heard some footsteps behind me and looked around. Iwaizumi was standing there looking at me. I asked him if we could go home together and I completely forgot that he has a car. I just slid it off trying not to show how embarrassed I am.

~At Home~

I took a bath, dressed up, and ate my dinner. I advanced study for the subjects I got tomorrow and after that, I got to bed. before going to bed I was thinking of Iwaizumi and how excited I am to go to school because of him. He turned my ordinary life into a life I have a reason to live in.







(A/n: This is my first book and I don’t know how this will come out will it be good or bad, I just don’t know so may I please ask for your support and comment on what you think about this story. I’ll be sure to update soon.BYE~!!!)

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