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Mirrored | LisKook


Lisa is living under the name of her twin sister Reese for 16 years. She has been the source of her sister's life and her lifeline that keeps her going. The only identity that she can keep is being an auto-mechanic who fixes cars like her life is depended on it. She found herself loving the life of her hands and Converse shoes getting dirty with grease and being surrounded by car service parts rather than these fancy dresses and sparkling wines. While her sister live under the sparkles and stars, she loved the life with shifting gears and kicking pedals of her cars. For the last time, can Lisa continue living under the identity of her sister and live with her husband Jeon Jungkook? Can a Pauper live as a Princess?

Romance / Erotica
Tiffany Flamel
Age Rating:

1. The Princess and The Pauper

"All done." I said and pushed the hood of the car I just finished fixing. "Start the engine." I told told the man behind the wheels. He nodded and turned on his car. It took a few seconds before it finally turned to life and I smirked, even arrowing my eyebrows at him.

"Damn, Lili. You fixed that in 28 minutes. You broke your old record." Bambam said, who also happened to be my friend too who owns the Automobile Mechanic Shop I am currently working on. I smirked and washed my greasy hands on the sink nearby.

"You underestimated me. You know I get competitive if challenged." I answered as I continue washing my hands.

I heard him giggled. "Well, I am intimidated. You might kill me someday to take over my shop."

I narrowed my eyes and looked at him. "Hmm. Sounds tempting." I said and smirked.

He laughed this time. "Shut up, pussy. Want a can?" He asked and walks to his mini-fridge to open a can of beer.

"Yes, please. I deserve a reward. That car looks like it costs a fortune." I answered and stared at the yellow sports car parked in front of us.

"Catch." He called and tossed me a can of beer which I, of course caught.

"Aren't you gonna leave for your next part time job?" He suddenly asked, making me look at my wrist watch while gulping my beer down.

"Calm down. I still have 2 more hours. I'll help you close the shop." I answered and looks at him. "Why don't you go back to Korea? Your family earns millions in there. Why decide to work in this mess?" I asked, remembering his phone call from his Dad two days ago.

"They have my hyung in there. I won't be needed. I don't do math and shit. I don't know anything about business and negotiations." He answered, shaking his head because he thinks that's completely idiotic.

"Oh come on. You just can't leave your childhood sweetheart who sells rice cake in front of your shop. Quit being a pussy and ask her out." I answered and drinks on my beer again.

"Whatever, Manoban. Leave. I'll be pulling the cage down." He said and started to push me out of his mechanic shop.

I gulped my beer and finished it. "Pussy." I teased before finally walking home to change into my uniform for my night shift in the cafè. I burp and tasted the beer from my throat. Damn, I should not be the in the cashier stand tonight.

I walked upstairs and pulled my keys from my pocket. Before I could slid the keys, I noticed that it wasn't closed.

I frowned.

What the fuck?

Did I get robbed?

I pushed the door open and saw a woman sitting on my couch. She stood up and looked at me intently.

"Lalisa." She called me with her familiar soft voice. Even lifting her painted red lips to smile at me.

"Mom." I called and looked at the man who just walked out my bedroom. "What the fuck are you doing in my room?! Do you think I hid a gun to keep myself from fucking trespassers like you? Well, fuck yeah. And I will get it now." I said but the man pushed me hard against the wall.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Ms. Manoban." He said, keeping me grounded.

"Get your hands off me!" I shouted but he didn't budge.

"Security Park, let her go." Mom said and he did. I hissed a curse under my breath as I press my shoulder. That fucking hurts like a bitch.

I switched my eyes to my Mother who is just keeping her face straight. "I guess you needed a part of my body again, huh? For your favorite daughter?"

She sighed. "Lisa, you have to do this to save your sister."

I shrugged. "It's like I had a fucking choice, didn't I? I don't have an identity in Seoul. Declared you only have 1 daughter because of some monk who told you that having twins is a lifetime abomination. Which is bullshit, Mom. Just want to let you know." I said and shrugged.

"Lisa, do you know why Reese was being punished by these diseases? It's because of this. It's because you aren't supposed to be twins. Reese is my only child and you are the source of her life." Mom answered, frowning her forehead.

I smirked. "Mom, stop. I am not buying your bullshit. I don't believe in those cult shits. I am a fucking person, for God's sake! What a facade you got there. Dressed up like a gorgeous businesswoman who denies the existence of her other child because you believed I was just a lamb for your favorite daughter? I left Seoul because of this! And now you're here to beg for another part of my body? You've got to be kidding me."

Yeah, you heard it right. My mother believed that having twins is a sign of abomination. That the other is just a reflection. Nothing but a facade to keep the other living. I never lived for myself. I lived under my sister's identity for 16 years.

I lived under her name and my Mother is only keeping me alive to be the sacrificial lamb for Reese. I gave her what my body can. Blood, tissues, bone marrows even pancreas? And she always always use my father as a leverage to get what she wants. It was only my Dad who loved me for me. It was only him who let me live as me. My love for cars even came from him. This is where I found my identity.

Dad did his best to be a good husband. I saw that. He did his best to stand for me, to let me live as me. But Mom is too blinded by this belief she has been following to gain fortune, power and glory. She even had to sacrifice her dignity to get the glory she wanted. I am fucking sick of her. Dad never saw this coming. Because of years that they tried to bear a child, they met a monk that fucked up her life. She is desperate to have a child. And when she got two, she killed the other one to let the other one live.

And I was the one she chose to kill.

Reese showed an outstanding knowledge at a very young age. And then there's me, who was busy building lego houses while she studies calculous. She made me go to school under her name. Everything I did is for her. I was just a vessel of her to get those achievements and awards that Mom has been dying to have. One day, she thought. Reese will bring her fortune while I remain the lamb for her body that is being tortured by a disease I don't even know.

I love my sister. She knows what Mom is doing is not right. But does she have a choice? Mom is the only one who is keeping her alive. How can she fight for that? And because I love her, I'd do it even though my Mom never planted in my head that I was just a lamb for her. I love her enough to give what I have. And that's why she's right here right now.

"Lisa, I did this to keep your sister alive. We needed this fortune to keep her alive. She is the reflection that matters." Mom said again, keeping that fucking belief inside her head.

"Mom stop! I am sick of you saying that I am nothing but a lamb for my sister! Use your fucking fortune to buy her a donor! I am not going to be her lamb again!" I exclaimed, getting a bottle of water from my fridge.

Mom did not say anything for a while. Until she released a heavy sigh and looks at me. "Well, I guess you have no say in that." She said and gets up from the chair and left an envelope. "Your Dad is in Seoul. You will never see him if you deny giving what Reese is supposed to have. I need you there in two days, Lalisa."

I watch her walk out of my small apartment and I screamed, throwing that bottle of water against my kitchen that caused an unruly noise from my falling utensils.

"Holy-- what did you just say?" Bambam pulled himself our from under the car he has been fixing. "Your Dad is in Seoul right now?"

"Do I have to repeat myself, dick head?" I monotonously said, glaring at him. "Mom took him. And I will be in Seoul in 2 days too. Reese needs me for another surgery." I answered and continued wiping the service car parts over the table.

"Another surgery? Are you sure about that? You just had one 8 months ago. You had to stop this, Lisa. You know what your Mom believes is a complete bullshit." Bambam said, staring at me.

I sighed. "I don't have a choice, Bam. My Mom is using my Dad to get what she wanted. And I can't just leave my sister dying."

"One day, you'll end up needing what you have been giving, Lali." Bambam said again, making me sigh.

"Cheer up, I'll survive. I am healthier than you think." I said and shrugged, finally making him smile.

Bambam smirked. "Better work on your hangul then. It's been 6 years too when you last stayed there."

I gave him a fake smile. "Choeseon-eul dahagesseubnida!" (I will do my best!) I said in a high-pitched voice, sounding like those cute idols on TV. Bambam laughed and even clapped his hands.

"Wah! You're still good!" He complimented and laughed again. I also fake a laugh and throw him the greasy cloth I was using to wipe the service parts a while ago.

Alright, like what I decided. I got on the first flight to Seoul the next day. I am busy chewing on my gum as I wait for my baggage to arrive when I got off the plane. Once I spotted my bag, I lifted it on my shoulder and pulled my cap before finally walking out the airport.

I am starting to feel the cold air and I fucking hate it. Bangkok is a tropical city and it's hard to adjust to this freezing weather after a 5-hour flight. I saw a sign of my name written in Korean and he raised his hand to make me follow him. As if I know where I am supposed to go, right? I nodded and followed him to lead me to a parked car outside the airport.

"Ms. Lalisa, I am Mr. Kang. Your butler. Welcome to Seoul." He greeted and opened the car door for me.

I smirked. "Thanks." I answered and tossed my bagpack inside the car then hopped inside. I have a freaking butler. I shake my head and just looked at the window as he drives me out of Incheon airport. A lot has changed for the last 6 years I haven't been here. I noticed a lot of huge screens and buildings on our way. We used to live together in this city too. Used to go to school and just go home to a delightful dinner. I still remember having the same rooms with Reese and she always cover me up whenever I sneak out to go to parties at night.

I smiled remembering those times.

It took us for almost an hour until we reached a hospital. I think this is where Reese has been staying. I get off the car before the butler even opened it for me. I saw him jogged to me and bowed.

"Ms. Lalisa, you should've allowed me to open it for you." He said, his gaze on the ground.

"Yah, I can do it myself. Get yourself at ease." I answered and smiled. "Are we going to see my sister?"

"Yes, Ms. Lalisa." He answered politely.

"Alright, lead the way." I said and lowered my cap. He just gave me a quick bow before we walk inside the hospital. We directly walked in a separate hallway and a single elevator is waiting by the end of it. Fucking exclusivity. Of course. Why am I even surprised?

I watched the numbers go up as we get up the highest floor of the building. When it opened, I am welcomed with a luxurious suite private room. Everything just looks expensive here. And here I am looking like a homeless kid in my parka jacket and cargo pants. My Converse shoes looked greasy from the work I had in Bambam's mechanic shop.

I saw Mom standing on the edge of the bed, softly talking to my sister lying on bed.

"Ms. Choi." The butler called her. I almost forgot, she is not using Dad's surname, Manoban anymore. Mom turned to look at me and smiled.

"How's your flight?" She asked.

"Fine." I answered briefly. I walked towards the bed and looked at my lovely sister, who pulled herself to sit on the bed. "What's up, Princess." I greeted, making her smile. She always give me that innocent sweet smile and I hate it because I go all soft in an instant.

"Hi there, Pauper." She greeted back, calling me with our own nicknames back when we were younger. Her eyes scanned me from my dirty converse to my face that exactly look like hers. "Wow, look at you. Your hair is so-- blonde." She said, staring at my long hair, covered with my cap.

I smirked and took off my cap, fixing my bangs. "Yeah. And look at you. Your hair's so brown and boring. Why don't you get some bangs too to hide your freaking forehead? I think I just got blind." I answered, making her release her a soft laugh. Why does even her laugh sounds so cute? What a kitten.

"Thank you for coming home." She said, smiling at me.

I sighed and sits next to her bed. "What's wrong with you this time? Do you need more of my blood? You know--" I shrugged. "I'm getting more expensive." I said, smiling at her.

She giggled again. "Well, you increase value like a classic car in time." She answered, making me amused with her smart argument.

"Wow, look at you. You're still that smart ass, huh." I said, making her smile again. She reached my hand and squeezed it.

"Thank you for saving me again." She said softly. I stared at her. Her skin looks so pale and white. She had gone thinner too. I noticed those dark circles under her eyes and her thinning hair. But the innocence and simplicity in her eyes is still there. The softness of her hand is so much different from mine. I think I even have those greasy dirt in my every corner of my fingertips exclusively from Bangkok. Damn, what a dirty asshole am I.

I released a heavy sigh and glanced at Mom from the end of her bed. "What does she need? Tell me." I asked, squeezing her hand back.

"A piece of your liver. We just need a small amount of it for her to fully recover." Mom answered, making me clench my jaw and stopped chewing my gum.

"I'm sorry." Reese whispered.

I grimaced. "Don't be sorry. It's not your fault I am your knight shining in armor. No, your knight in ragged pants and greasy converse." I said and touched her cheek. She slightly giggled as she looks at me. "Focus on getting better."

She nodded and smiled, reaching my hand too. I glanced at Mom and her butler. "So, when's the operation?"

"Tomorrow." Mom answered.

"Alright." I said and looks back at Reese. "It's settled then. Don't worry, I didn't drink too much beer for you. I have an iron liver." I continued and winked at her.

She released a faint giggle. "Lisa, I owe you my life."

I bite my lower lip and cleared my throat before I could feel the building lump in there. No, I can't cry. "Stop it. We'll get even if you live." I said, making her smile. I stand up from her bed and looks at Mom again. "So, where am I gonna stay tonight?"

"Your room's going to be at the next door. You should rest for your surgery tomorrow." Mom answered, making me nod.

"Before that, I want you to do something for me." I answered, wearing my cap again.

"Tell me."

"Bring me to my Dad." I said, glancing at Rissa on her bed.

"Very well."

Her butler walked me to the other side of the building. Then, we stopped in front of a room. He swiped his card and opened the door for me. He gave me a bow and held the door until I come in. I saw Dad sitting on his wheelchair, looking over the lighed city of Seoul beneath him.

This time, I can't stop the sob anymore. I released a soft whimper and walked to him. I kneeled in front of him but his eyes are focused outside.

"Dad." I called softly, taking off my cap. I reached for his hand and kissed the back of it. "I'm here." I whispered.

But he didn't even flinch. He's looking at nowhere and probably hears nothing too. "Dad, I'm going to give a part of me again." I said, my voice is shaking. I can feel my tears slowly rolling down my cheek down to his wrinkled hands. "Did you see her? She--" I paused and gulped hard. "She looks like a corpse to me." I said, crying harder.

I still didn't get a response from him. That's why I ended up crying on his lap like a lost puppy.

And that night felt like the longest I ever had in my entire life.
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