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Our love from square one Todoroki x Reader

Desk buddies

After lunch you had English class with Present Mic.

"Hey hey first years welcome to English class with the most rockin' teacher!" Present Mic said. "Everyone grab a piece of paper who ever has the same number is your desk buddie!"

You grabbed a piece of paper and looked at the number. "Eight"you said to yourself looking around the room for the desk labeled eight. As you scanned the room you found the desk labeled eight and your desk mate was....TODOROKI?!

You silently went to your seat stayed quieted. After that embarrassing moment when he didn't recognize you, you thought it would be best to keep quiet.

"Hey Todoroki you wanna switch seats?" Kaminari asked standing in front of the two of you.

"Sure." Todoroki responded gathering his things.

Before he could finish Present Mic rushed to the back of the room. "No switching seats my dude." He said putting a hand in Kaminari's shoulder. "I know this one is a beautiful girl but the paper has chosen."

"Aw." Kaminari said walking back to his seat. "Don't forget about me." He fake sniffled.

You playfully rolled your eyes.

"Are you two friends?" Todoroki asked opening his notebook.

"Oh me and Kaminari? I guess so." You replied sheepishly doing your best to not make eye contact. "Have you made any friends?"

"Making friends isn't my top priority." He said.

"Then what is your top priority?" You asked.

"I'd rather not talk about it." He replied.

The rest of the class was a mix of awkward silence and an exchange of random words like 'Can I use your eraser?' or 'Did you understand what he said?'.

-After class-

"Y/n!" Kaminari said running towards you for a hug.

You moved to the side which resulted in him hugging the green haired boy if you remembered correctly was named Midoriya.

Kaminari caught back up with you eventually. "What's up Y/n?" He asked.

"I've made a bad impression when I talked to Todoroki." You replied dryly.

Kaminari looked back at Todoroki who was walking at his own pace in the hall bustling with traffic. "Seems like it would be pretty easy to make a bad impression with him." He said trying to cheer you up. "It also looks like he's a hit with the ladies." He sighed.

"He's always been like that." You said.

"What do you mean always?" Kaminari asked.

"Long story short we were friends when we were younger then got separated."

"Wait?" Kaminari said standing in front of you. "If you two were friends can you introduce me so I can know how to make girls attracted to me?"

"I can't he doesn't remember me." You said lowly.

"Hey you two were you heading?" Mina called through the crowd of people.

"We're headed to our next class." Kaminari replied.

"Wait for us." Sero said running up to you two.

"Don't worry Y/n I'll be your new best friend." Kaminari gave you a side hug.

"Thanks." You gave him a small smile.
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