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Bakugou X Reader (Kirishima's Sister)


You're Kirishima's estranged twin sister. You've come back to Japan after pursuing a modeling career in America (Don't give me sass all of y'all are models to me). Much to your brothers surprise your parents have decided to send you to UA. You began studying a hero course in America so your knowledge and ability with your quirk isn't totally shit (You're actually kind of a badass). One student catches your eye, your brothers best friend. But after fixing your relationship, Kirishima makes a simple request, that you can be with whoever you want in class but do not pursue a relationship with Bakugou. But of course life can't be that simple. Will you follow what your brother asked or will you ruin the new relationship you two now have?

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Chapter 1

*Kirishima’s POV*

It was Eijiro's first week back at UA. It was strange to think his class had started their second year. Life resumed as normal and each of them fell back into the cycle of school, studying and training. The day started off normal enough, Aizawa entered the class in his classic yellow sleeping bag. He rose from the floor and stared out at the class.

“You’ll be having a new student joining your class today.” He stated in the most monotonous voice possible.

An audible gasp was made by almost the entire class. How was that possible? A new student starting the program so late? But before Eijiro could voice his concerns Iida stood up and asked exactly what Eijrio had been thinking while simultaneously making his notorious arm chopping movements.

“That’s a valid concern Iida,” Aizawa answered. “She’s not entirely a new hero course student. She’s transferring from another hero course in America.”

“America!?” The class exclaimed.

“She!?” Mineta managed to yell over the class. “New eye candy, finally?”

“Will you all be quiet?” Aizawa almost yelled at the class. He sighed and then continued, “She’s finishing up a few placement tests and will then join your class after lunch.”

After his announcement classes resumed as normal. But it didn’t feel normal anymore, not with this excitement buzzing through the class. Lunch couldn’t come soon enough and the new student was all anyone could discuss as they made their way to the cafeteria.

“I wonder what she looks like” Mineta said. “I hope she’s hot.”

“Will you shut up?” Bakugou nearly growled. “Why are you even sitting with us, you damn extra?”

Denki started laughing but turned to Mineta, also hopeful the new student was attractive.

Lunch flew by and before he knew it his class stood in the training room they’ve been using this week. Aizawa once again stood in front of them and began to explain that they would work in pairs and use this time to spar with one another.

“WHERE IS SHE!?” Mineta yelled, barely containing his excitement to finally meet this new student. Aizawa glared at the small student but before he could answer, they all heard it. It sounded like fighting coming from the other side of the room. They all had finally caught a glimpse of this mysterious student they had been waiting all day to meet. She was fighting off one of Ectoplasm’s clones. Her brightly colored hair was tied up in a high ponytail. Something felt very familiar about her but she was too far away for him to tell what it was. In the middle of one of her attacks Ectoplasm sent her flying back.

“Shit!” she yelled but got back up. “Again,” she exclaimed.

“Hey isn’t that-” Mina began to say turning to look directly at Eijiro. But before she could finish the girl turned to face the class, realizing others had joined her in the room.

His heart had nearly stopped when he realized who stood before him. He hadn’t seen her in almost 2 years.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he demanded, realizing he had said it out loud before he could stop himself. The class froze, completely shocked by what he had just said.

“Aww, that wasn’t a very warm welcome, Brother” she said snidely with an almost sinister smile on her face.

“Brother!?” the class exclaimed in almost unison.

*Your POV*

Eijiro looked as if he’d seen a ghost.

“You never mentioned that Y/N was your sister!” a small child with what looked like grapes on his head yelled.

“It never came up,” your brother practically mumbled.

“How do you know her, Mineta?” a boy with blond and a black lightning bolt in his hair questioned the short one.

“What? That’s the model Y/N. She debuted in America, has been on almost every magazine cover and has a couple million Instagram followers. How do you not know her?” He questioned the lightening boy with a smirk.

The kid knew his stuff, you had to admit. You would have been flattered but you assumed he had to be the class perv. Not that you were that kind of model, but usually those types tend to know the modeling community a little too well.

“Did you not hear me?” Aizawa asked, clearly annoyed. “Pair up and get to work.” He paused, “There will be a group of three since you’re now an odd number class. Pick your partners now.”

You glanced at Mina, in hopes that she would want to work with you. But she was already hurrying away from Aizawa with two other girls. Fuck. You turned to face your brother, but he was turning to the ash blond next to him.

“Hey Eijiro, you don’t want to work with your sister?” You fake pouted. You knew if you got under his skin he might cave.

“Not particularly” he muttered, glancing at you. You knew your relationship was bad but come on dude. You’d have to dig deeper and bring up your past sibling rivalry if you wanted to get anywhere with him.

“What? Afraid you’ll lose again?” You smirked.

But before he even had a chance to answer, you felt someone come up beside you. Your eyes slowly turned to the person that stood by you. It was a green haired boy with freckles on his face.

“Do you want to be my partner, Y/N?” He asked with a shy smile.

You knew he was just trying to be nice. You paused contemplating your choices. Persuade Eijiro to work with you and possibly start sibling World War III or work with some rando who’s quirk you knew next to nothing about. You weren’t afraid of a challenge, so you turned to the green haired boy and with a smirk said, “Sure”.

You walked in the opposite direction of your brother with greeny or Midoriya as he had introduced himself. He walked ahead of you putting about 20 feet of distance between you.

“You ready?” he asked, getting himself ready to for his first attack.

“As I’ll ever be,” you retorted as you fixed your ponytail. What could only be described as green lightening began to cover his body and, in a flash, he was moving. Almost instantly he was in front of you and threw his first punch. You quickly dodged.

“Shit, you’re fast,” you breathed. You could feel eyes on you as you moved. You knew your brother was watching, hoping Midoriya would take you down. “But not fast enough,” you smirked reaching out with your arm and your quirk, you grabbed him. He looked shocked and then confused as he realized he couldn’t move his body. You brought your arm back and pushed it forward opening your fist. He went flying across the room and hit the wall. You crouched waiting for him to get up and come at you again. But when he didn’t instantly get back up, you stood up.

“Oops” you said under your breath. You began to make you way towards him. Before you reached him he began to get up.

“I underestimated you,” He spoke as he brushed the dust off him.

You grimaced, so he went easy on you. You hated that. Yeah, you chose to pursue modeling but that didn’t mean you was some weak little girl. You instantly reached out and brought Midoriya towards you. A look of shock crossed his face again and as he stopped in front of you.

You spoke in a low voice, “Do not underestimate me.” Then just as quickly as you brought him towards you, you threw your arm behind you and he flew towards the other wall.

This time he got up quicker. He ran towards you again, not as quickly, trying to see if you’d use your quirk again. And sure, you could and keep him far from you to win this fight but where was the fun in that. When you were kids and sparred with Eijiro that’s all you did and you knew he hated it, but in America you did work on your close combat skills and since this kid didn’t turn into a freaking rock punching him wouldn’t hurt as bad. So, you let him come to you and when he threw yet another punch you once again dodged. Yet this time, instead of using your quirk you swung and kicked your leg towards his face. He caught it, not that that surprised you. But you weren’t done yet, pushing off your other leg you used your quirk to hold you steady as you twisted and kick Midoriya in the head with your free leg. He instantly let go and you landed crouching low to the ground.

This wasn’t enough to keep him at bay and you figured that. He quickly recovered and ran towards you; you couldn’t dodge this one fast enough and he had grabbed ahold of your shirt. The shirts buttons popped open revealing your tank top underneath.

“Geez Midoriya, at least take me to dinner before you start taking my clothes off.” You said. Your voiced dripped in sarcasm.

His face had turned bright red. “I’m so sor-” but he was cut off as you kick him in the chest causing him to fly back. He sat there a moment before saying, “I wasn’t trying- that’s not what I- I’m sorry!”

You stopped and saw how flustered he was from what you said. You instantly started laughing. Holding your stomach, you said between laughs, “I was just joking Midoriya.” He looked embarrassed and tried to chuckle with you.

“Alright!” Aizawa yelled, grabbing the attention of the class. “Class dismissed, go study or something.” He pulled out a yellow sleeping bag and began climbing in.

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