Book one: how we had began


this is a fantasy , romance , supernatural Jake fisher has always been shy when it comes to women he is very shy when it comes to crystal read my prolouge to find out more

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Jake Fisher had always been strange when talking to women, he would get nervous and start to stutter real bad. When Attempting to talk to the opposite sex he gets sweaty nervous starts to stutter not being able to finish a sentence. The only woman he doesn't do that with is His mother Elizabeth Fisher , His sister Cassandra Fisher and, his best friend Crystal Jameson. He stutters some around crystal but not as bad as with a woman he barely knows. He has gone on several blind dates set up by his sister and his best friend , needless to say they did not work out . What Crystal nor Cassandra knew the one person he wanted proablly did not want him and he didn't want to get rejected by the only women he had ever loved. He has been in love with Crystal for ten years now, what will happen when she confesses her feelings to him . Turns out she has been in love with him to she was deeply, madly in love with him. She seen him go out on dates with countless women which they did not work out. She decided to tell cassandra the truth and cassandra suggested for crystal to confess to Jake . What will happen when crystal confesses her love to Jake ? will he accept her confession or will he deny it to protect her? Jake Fisher , Cassandra Fisher , Elizabeth and James Fisher are all lycans not just any lycan either they are royalty. Jake and Cassandra's parents are the king and queen of all the lycan's species. The family has a lot of enemies what happens when Crystal turns out to be Jake's mate after all ? They have always been in love with another but never knew they were mates not even Jake's family realized it . Jake had a make over 200 years ago and she was killed in front of him so he didn't even realize he would get a second chance at having a mate, Read more to find out.
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