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BTS Femdom Oneshots


exactly what the title says ʕ'•ᴥ•'ʔ bangtan sonyeondan aus

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Mommy • J.JK

Warning: Obviously, a mommy kink and mentions of breeding.

"Bun, where are you hiding?" You called out for your bunny hybrid, looking around for a place big enough for him to hide in.

Your hybrid's name was Jungkook. He was quite big for a bunny hybrid, but he acted all the same, hyper and playful. He liked to play hide and seek in the middle of the day sometimes.

You looked around the living room for him and spotted his tall ears poking over the side of the couch. You smiled and crept over slowly before jumping out in front of him. "Gotcha!"

Jungkook grinned brightly, beaming with that adorable bunny smile, dimples poking in his cheeks eyes his eyes turned to happy crescent moons. "You found me, Noona!" He jumped out of his spot and wrapped his arms around you rubbing his cheeks and head against you, scenting you as a sign of claim and affection.

You chuckled and pet his head. You avoided his ears, knowing how sensitive they were to him. As you neared them, they twitched a little and Jungkook pulled back, his face turning red.

"Go get washed up and get ready for bed, okay?" You spoke tenderly to the giant bunny who nodded obediently. "Okay, Noona."

He hopped away to go take a bath and get ready for bed.

Jungkook had been acting differently as of late. He was scenting you more often and seemed to get flustered more easily now. You recognized this as a sign he was going into his rut. It was true what they say about rabbits, they go into heat and rut several times a year and the only way for them to get out of it was to mate your rabbit.

You would ask your friend, Taehyung, if his bunny hybrid, Chaewon, would be up to help Jungkook out of his rut like you normally did.

You didn't want to put Jungkook on suppressors, believing that it couldn't possibly be good for his body. Chaewon was a very willing participant in helping Jungkook with his rut as she had been fixed a long time ago and couldn't have children.

You decided that you'd give them a call tomorrow morning. He was in such an early stage that it could wait until tomorrow.

Or so you thought.

You and Jungkook said your goodnight's and went to bed in their separate rooms, both right beside each other.

You slept peacefully, for the most part, only a few hours or so until you were woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of a bed creaking. Not in your room, but Jungkook's.

You sat up in a tired daze and rubbed your eyes as you let out a yawn. You'd just get up, check to make sure Jungkook was okay, and then go back to bed. It was 4 in the morning and you had no time for anything else.

You sleepily got out of bed and left your room. You walked the few feet it took to get to Jungkook's room. In your daze, if sleepiness, you had forgotten to knock and just opened the door.


You were stopped dead in your tracks, the tiredness completely left your body as you looked upon Jungkook on his bed. He had taken off his pants, leaving him in only a t-shirt and his underwear, his little fluffy tail poking out over it.

His muscular thighs flexed as he rutted his hips against the pillow he had between his legs, humping it like no tomorrow.

Jungkook turned his head and looked upon you with absolutely zero shame as he whined and continued rutting against the pillow.

"Mommy~" he cried out with pain and lust. "Please help me, it hurts so bad. Make it stop" He sounded like he was in genuine pain, pleading with you to help him stop it. It was like a burning red hot flame all throughout his body that he couldn't put out.

"Just hold on, Kook. I'll call Taehyung." You told him, but Jungkook shook his head. "No, no, I want yours. M-mommy, mommy please help me."

This wasn't Jungkook talking. He's just in pain, he's going through his rut and he'd literally fuck a fruit if it was given to him. You told yourself as you tried not to panic.

Was it bad that your kind liked it when he called your "mommy"?

You looked upon him against as he continued humping the pillow, needy and whining, desperate for the pain to stop.

Maybe you could help him, just this one time. It would take a while for Taehyung and Chaewon to get you and you were already right, so why not.

You approached him with slight hesitance. You took the pillow from between Jungkook's legs and sat down in front of him as he sat there, painfully hard in his underwear. He rubbed himself, handing the large bulge under the restricting fabric, desperate for friction.

"It's okay, bun. I'm here." You spoke tenderly in soft, comforting words as you moved closer. You reached out and placed your hand over Jungkook's, rubbing him through the thin fabric of his underwear, taking over for him.

The boy whimpered and then moaned softly, your touch like a cup of ice-cold water of a blistering summer day. He bucked his hips against your hand and moved even closer.

"Good boy. It's okay, mommy will make your feel better." You spoke words of reassurance as you leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Jungkook's lips.

You would be lying if you said you never once thought about kissing him. His lips looked so soft sometimes and you just wanted to feel them against yours.

His lips were soft, tasting like a gentle sweetness, like strawberries and bananas mixed together. His lips were soft but firm against yours as he kissed you with hopeless lust.

Lips met teeth and tongue as they sloppily kissed each other while you rubbed him, weighing him in your hand as your felt how big he was.

Your finger ran lightly over the tip and Jungkook shuttered, moaning into the kiss with nothing but pure pleasure. "Yes, right there mommy." He moved his hips again and whimpered as your thumb rubbed against his sensitive tip, feeling his pre-cum through the fabric.

"Let's take these off, shall we?" You said as you moved your hand up to the waistband of his underwear and began pulling them down. Jungkook got up and helped them down his thighs, allowing his size to spring out and slap against his abdomen. He was huge, so long and girthy.

No wonder Chaewon would be limping the next morning.

Jungkook took of this shirt as well and tossed it carelessly to the side, revealing his entirely naked body, sculpted to perfection by some benevolent God. You come back to the bed and kissed You again.

"Please touch me." He whispered against your lips. With each touch from you, the fire in his body went down a little bit, something that had never happen before with Chaewon. He crazed more, he craved your touch, everything.

His mind swam with thoughts of being buried deep inside your wet core, your soft, silky walls hugging and holding him just right as he brought both of them pleasure.

Jungkook let out a gasp as you wrapped your hand around his shaft and began pumping him in your hand, your thumb gently spreading his pre-cum over the sensitive, red, mushroom tip.

"Ahh...oh, mom-mommy." His head dropped to your shoulder and he chewed at his lip as he let You touch him in such an intimate way.

"Please. I want to be inside you. L-let me mate with you. Let me fill you with my kittens." Jungkook rubbed his head against you, his ears brushing against your nose and his tail twitching in his backside. He grabbed restlessly at your shorts, ready to get right into business.

You chuckled a bit at his eagerness and allowed him to pull your shorts and underwear off. Your shirt, leaving you naked to him as well.

Jungkook stared at you for a moment, just for a moment until he was pulled back down on the bed. He looked down at You now sat between his legs, rubbing and teasing his cock until he was a whining, whimpering mess under you.

"Mommy, please...stop teasing," Jungkook said in a small, pathetic voice. You looked down at him, the tears forming in his eyes made you feel pity for him.

Your lowered yourself down between his legs and licked a long strip from his balls up his shaft and to the top where your sucked, running your tongue over and between his slit, eliciting a moaning cry from Jungkook.

You took as much as your could into your mouth and whatever you couldn't fit, you took in your hand and went to work.

The wet sounds of your slurping and gagging around his thick cock as you took him down your throat filled the air around them, thick with lust.

Jungkook was a mess under you. His face was all red and flustered and his back arched off of the bed before falling. He was tense, all the muscles in his body tightened with overwhelming pleasure as he felt You's mouth around him.

"Ngh...ah...mommy! I'm gon-gonna cum!" Jungkook bucked hips roughing into your mouth. You began to drool around his shaft as he used your mouth to get off.

His breaking labored and he rolled his head back, squeezing his eyes shut. His cock twitched in your mouth and only seconds later, he came undone, his cum shooting down your throat. You had to swallow quickly so that you wouldn't choke.

Jungkook's body seemed to relax against the bed a bit as the pain dulled, but it was still evidently there. It wouldn't go away until he had fully mated with someone, which mean he had to be inside them.

You sucked at his tip, cleaning him up with a soft looked flunking in your eyes. Jungkook grunted as the pain slowly began to overtake his body again. "Mommy! Please! I need to be inside you! Let me mate with you!" He cried out. "I want your fill you with my seed. We can make beautiful kits together. Just let me breed you!" He begged you sitting up as tears came to his eyes again. It hurts, everywhere.

You got up and straddled Jungkook's nap, kissing him once more as you hovered just above his dick that stood straight, ready to enter you.

Their tongue mashed messily together, soft slurping sounds moved into their ears as they kissed.

You lined yourself up to Jungkook and slowly sank down on him, your mouth falling open as you felt his girthy cock stretched you out.

Jungkook could barely hold himself back. He grabbed your hips and began forcing you up and down, bouncing on his dick.

"Mmh...ah.." You moaned as you placed your hands over Jungkook's large one's and took control from tyoure, bouncing on him at your own pace. You then moved your hands up to his broad shoulders and moved them back to run your fingers and grip his long black hair right behind his ears. Then you began to gently rub his ears.

Jungkook twitched. "Ngh...Mommy! Mommy p-please don't." You ignored him and continued messaging them, sending Jungkook over the edge.

His fingers dug into your side, biting painfully into your skin as he held your still and snapped his hips up to meet yours. He thrust so violently that You could feel him in your fucking throat. He was just so big and it felt like you were getting closer to a bruised cervix with each one.

You gripped his hair, pulling his head back so that he would look at you. He was crying, tears staining his cheeks from the overstimulation and the pain from his rut.

You took back control, rolling your hips against his as you forced him to look at you. Jungkook couldn't even put together proper sentences and "mommy" was the only word on his lips. His hands helplessly tried to bring your body closer to his.

The pain was gone now, only filled with unimaginable pleasure. To feel you around him, to be one with your, it made him feel like he was on cloud 9.

"Say you like it." You muttered as your kissed at Jungkook's neck, kissing his Adam's Apple. Your left hickeys all over his neck which Jungkook saw as a claim. He was yours.

"I like it, mommy. I like it so much. Please, don't stop." Jungkook's mind was a daze of nothing out of pure pleasure. His hair became stringy with sweat and stuck to his skin.

You moved faster as your felt your orgasm coming as wrapped your arms around his neck. "Ahh...fuck." You whined as you came all over his dick, your walls squeezing and pulsating around him, triggering the hybrid's own orgasm.

He twitched again and came deep inside your pussy, filling you with his seed like he always wanted to. Jungkook thrust up into you, pushing in further as his animal instincts kicked in.

Breed. Fill you with his kits. That's all he could think of right now.

Jungkook buried his face into your neck, scenting your even more as his pain completely subdued, and now he was just an exhausted bunny.

You got off of him and fell down to the bed, panting, tired. Jungkook's came up beside you with familiarity and pulled the covers over them before snuggling up with you.

"This doesn't change anything between us, Noona, right? We're still friends?" Jungkook asked innocently. He didn't want his to ruined their relationship. That was the last thing he wanted.

Jungkook got his answer when You pressed your lips to his in a soft kiss, more gentle and loving than the ones before. He melted into the kiss and hummed with happiness at the show of affection.

"I don't think we can be just friends after that, bun."

And so Chaewon was no longer needed when Jungkook's rut came around. He'd just tell You and you'd gladly help him before it got painful.

Jungkook's ruts became his most favorite times.


What is wrong with me. Posting a smut on Christmas?...oh well.

Thank you all for reading. I hope you guys enjoyed and I wish you all an amazing day/night


~태현 /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\

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