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Dumbass ||BNHA||


"I don't think you're okay..." "You don't think at all." . . . . Meet Aizawa's daughter, a talented kid with a happy life that couldn't get any better. However when she gets into UA, things drastically change. . . . . . ♡Started January 6 2021♡ ♡Finished Febuary 17 2021♡

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

Karasu rolled out of bed and stumbled to her dad’s room, rubbing her eye with her chubby fist. The dark blue night sky she had fallen asleep to earlier had now become lighter.

The six-year-old girl tiptoed to reach the door handle, barely getting it. At last, the door opened and her dad sat up with squinted eyes, exhausted as his eyes landed on his daughter.
“Nightmare again?” He asked nonchalantly.

“Yes.” She mumbled, grinning sheepishly. He patted an empty space on his bed, inviting her to get on.

When she got to the side of the bed, she struggled to climb on. Aizawa noticed this and a small smile lit his face up. He then lifted her up onto the mattress and tucked her in. “Goodnight, kid.” He muttered, hugging her.



“When I’m older and stronger, you’ll be sleeping in my bed when you get a nightmare.” His chest vibrated as he let out a small chuckle.

“In good time, kid.” Karasu giggled and felt tingles from her fathers head pats. Comforted and reassured that she was safe, she fell asleep.

9 years later...

“Dad! Come on! It’s my first day!” I violently shook his limp body, his exhausted groans causing me to giggle.

He’d been working at UA high all these years and it’s my first day going there. I’ve heard so many things about his class- how they fought off villains at USJ-... now that I think about it, that didn’t go down too well because dad did come home with bandages all over him.

Even on his face.

Unlike most of the students, I got in through recommendations. Survival of the fittest eh?

As I tucked in the button-up shirt of the uniform, I sucked in a confident breath. It not only felt comfortable- but powerful.
Like I could fight anyone with this on.

Abruptly, a slender hand ruffled my hair, messing it up. I glared at my dad. “That took forever ya know?” I patted my parted fringe down.

“I don’t see why you care so much, kid... you’re going to be a hero to save people not to look flashy.”

I pouted. “What’s wrong with looking neat?” I watched as he sat down at the table, clutching onto his yellow sleeping bag and sipping on the coffee I made him.

Although he can be a bossy adult, he sure was a mood.

“By the way,” Dad said, I took a seat in front of him, nodding. “Are you sure you want to stay in the dorms just yet?”

I suddenly became defensive. “Yeah, why not?”

“You still get nightmares.” He answered without a stutter. I sighed and dropped my face in my palms, shaking my head. It’s a miracle that I don’t have eyebags.

Those nightmares are so confusing, so sketchy and ominous, I still go to dads room when I get them. Embarrassing but I’m being honest- plus... I had to, otherwise, I’d feel completely unsafe.

But I didn’t want any of my classmates to know that so I decided to get my things packed then I could move in by tonight.

When we finished everything, we left our house to get into the car. Dad was tired as always and I wrote down every single detail in my small notebook. My memory is a bit blurry, I can only remember really important details.

Sometimes I was too scared to let him drive, the man seemed drunk half the time. Despite his alcoholic appearance, dad never drank, he despised alcohol. At reunions, he always rejected any wine or drink containing it.

I mean, he would be asleep the whole party sometimes and I’d be stuck learning how to stitch with grandma. I was better off shaking my ass with aunt Nemuri. Anyways, grandma was disappointed in how dad didn’t want to be known as a hero and keep it hidden but honestly, I think dad is inspirational for doing that.

It shows he’s serious about his job and isn’t in it for fame.

“If you get a nightmare you best not come rushing to me about it.” He warned, parking.

“Come on! Have a little bit of compassion!” I whined, following him out of the car. No matter what I said he didn’t bat an eye. Sometimes dad would act cold in an attempt to get me to be independent. He wasn’t like this when I was a kid.

I stopped in my tracks and crossed my arms, glaring as he continued on his path inside the school, not noticing that I was far behind him.

Why is he so meaaan!?

Ignoring the other students walking in, I got the forehead protector from my pocket and tied it neatly around my head. There wasn’t a specific reason as to why I wore it, it somewhat helped me focus.

UA was huge as I expected it to be, a step up from my last school. It’s modern appearance slightly scaring me. Everyone walking in looked so cool and I... was bland.

In fact, I appeared quirkless. Which isn’t entirely true. While I do have a quirk, I’m not dependant on it. Dad taught me a lot. He’d train me almost every day, it was annoying and tiresome but it helped.

Exhaling all my doubts and anxiety, I took off inside the school.

I was assigned to my dad’s classroom. Which I did speculate was because he requested that I stay in his class. He doesn’t show it but he’s very protective of me.

1-A, the strong students who fought off villains by themselves.
They must be scary... big or even worse! Mean!

Before I could knock the door swung upon to reveal a brunette close to my size. “Hey! It is the new girl!” She shout-whispered to herself.

She doesn’t look scary one bit. Instead, she resembled a cute puppy. I immediately fell in love with her appearance, her aura allowing me to relax in her presence.

“Come in.” My eyebrows deepened as soon as I heard his voice. Why does he have to act like we aren’t related? Like hello, Mr Man! You cuddle me at night!

“YeS I wAs jUsT aBouT tO Do tHaT.” I tsked and suppressed the urge to stomp in, facing the class and observing every single one of them.

Soon enough I wanted to facepalm. At first, I thought these 1-A kids would be the most frightening pieces of shits. Instead, they were all so adorable and friendly-looking.

Like little pokemons’ I needed to collect and keep them away from the horrors of this world. They all somewhat made me feel like a protective sibling.

“Introduce yourself.” My dad added. I almost wanted to glower at him with the red eyes from my quirk. But I knew that he’d flick my forehead if I did.

Instead, I coughed and frowned. “I’m Karasu Aizawa, you can all just call me Karasu though,” I said, a certain Pikachu look-alike decided to say some smart shit.

“You’re like a more awake, cute female version of Mr Aizawa.” The class chuckled, I couldn’t help but smile. “Yeah I do, don’t I?” I turned to dad with pursed lips, threatening to stick my tongue out.

He shook his head, melting into his sleeping bag and laying against the corner like the weird caterpillar he was. “Whatever, go sit now.”

Because he was being so mean to me, I smirked remembering that I could pretend to be upset by sniffling and lowering my head, he’d instantly feel bad and try to make up for it.

That’s the power I had over him.

Even with all that power, I chose not to and went to go sit next to the green-haired boy, behind the angry blonde. Was he constipated or something?

“Hi!” I waved back at the cute freckled guy. “I’m Izuku Midoriya!” His voice cracked, cheeks red as he could barely maintain eye contact with me. I suppressed the urge to coo at him and hold him to my chest.

He was like a polite cat, holding out his scarred hand for me to shake. Gladly, I
took it and very slowly shook it.

After we let go of each other’s palms, his smile shifted into a serious poker face, scaring the life out of me.

“What’s your quirk?”

Authors note: I- I have nothing to say for this 😔

Like I had this idea out of nowhere and scripted it for so long and now here we are, reading my fanfiction 👀

Thanks for reading this chapter, this is going to be quite a journey for both of us💀👍

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