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Dumbass ||BNHA||

Chapter 2

"Hey Midoriya, don't you think it's rude to ask her that so soon?" Four eyes snapped from behind him. He sounded like a rich knight. Accent like he belonged in a musical.

"O-Oh sorry!" He stumbled on his words, shaking his hands around frantically.

"You can guess." I laughed at how flustered he became. He was like an extremely strong fangirl.

"If my dad's quirk is to erase someone's quirk, what do you think mine is?" I cocked a brow, observing him as he mumbled under his breath.

And that reminded me that a sign of intelligence was to talk to yourself which only proved that my aura reading was accurate. He was smart and strong whether physically or emotionally- he was full of some kind of strength.

In the corner of my eye, the angry guy in front of me was tense, like he was about to snap at any moment.
Something told me that he and Midoriya didn't get along well.

"Will you quit that, damn Deku?!" He turned around, eyebrows melted onto his lids. What if he got wrinkles? Was he not worried about it? This guy is going to look like Gordon Ramsey at twenty years old.

"Sorry, Kacchan!" He apologised, sinking in his chair. Deku doesn't have a nice meaning for all I know, I didn't know what Kacchan meant but it certainly doesn't sound mean from the way Midoriya says it.

Tch, I thought this was a hero school...

I rolled my eyes, trying not to butt in. "Come on! You didn't guess it!" I gently kicked Midoriya's desk. Hating the constant panic on his face. This guy shouldn't be scared with the amount of strength I can sense from him.

"It's simple." Pikachu guy spoke from behind me, a smirk carved on his lips. "You must be able to erase peoples quirks." From his aura, he wasn't so smart. More funny and loyal from what I was seeing.

I shot him a smug look and shook my head. "Nuh-uh." His jaw dropped and four eyes glanced towards me with uncertainty which only boosted my confidence.

"You must be able to add on to somebodies quirk." Midoriya abruptly answered. "You and Mr Aizawa are like a pencil. He's the eraser and you must be the led."

My chest suddenly rose, pupils shrinking in shock. How did he figure that out so quick?! When I first got it, not even dad saw it coming- hell even uncle Hizashi couldn't guess it that quick!

"How did- how did you know that?!" I burst, slapping my hand on my table.

"Lucky guess." He sheepishly grinned, rubbing the back of his neck.

Izuku Midoriya...

I think he'd be the most useful guy to use my quirk on.

It was a precious quirk to say the least, when I use it, my hair floats and my eyes glow red just like dads. But instead of erasing, it adds to the quirk, making the person much more powerful.

From 100% I could make their power go to 200 at the moment, but the results of my quirk would cause the person to pass out and go through a huge hangover afterwards- I'm talking 'can't even move a muscle' hangover.

I'm aiming to reach 1000% by the end of this year, it could save the world.

Pretty useful to say the least and I have combat skills which means if I pair with a good fighter, we could be unstoppable.

And that fighter in mind was already him in my head. "I've never met someone with such an intelligent aura before," I told them, propping my elbow on the top of my seat and leaning against the wall behind me.

Their faces lit up with curiosity while Midoriya blushed. "We should talk about it sometime," Pikachu said, giving me a flirtatious wink.

"I can already tell you're a pervert. What's your name?" I cocked a brow. A cute pervert, I wanna make him into a keychain.

"Call me Denki." He wiggled his eyebrows. I realised he was probably joking around and chuckled. "What about you, four eyes?"

By using that name, I must have triggered something because he began making robot movements, rambling on about manners and what names are.

"Tenya Iida." I nodded at his final answer. It sure took forever for him to say it.

When homeroom finished, Midoriya was nowhere to be seen. But I decided to mind my own business and go to English class with Denki, Mina and Jirou.

They were the funniest trio I've been around not that I've been around kids my age much. I've only been close to Shinsou because dad trains him with me. And sometimes I'd visit the school to see Eri, no one's seen me before though. She's such a bright kid and warms up to his pretty quick. Having her in school makes Shinsou much more confident than he usually is.

Speaking of Shinsou, where was he? He must be somewhere around here.

Mina wrapped her pink arm around my shoulder, tilting her head to say, "Our English teacher is cool! But... he does scream a lot." A light bulb popped in my head and I had already thought of who it was.

My favourite uncle. What a coincidence.

"Ayyy!" I cooed as I spotted the tall blonde male. He spun around with those funny glasses of his, pointing at me with his dorky finger guns.

"Aizawa told me you'd be joining today!" He yelled back. I've gotten used to it, I actually like how loud he is since my home is always silent- apart from the noises our cat Myowmyow made, demanding attention all the time.

From the atmosphere, I already knew what type of teacher he was. Laidback and made jokes to lighten up the students' day.

And I was right, we were through half the lesson and had our phones out to use the translator.
If he was boring he would have given us dictionaries instead.

"Ok, how do you describe someone in English?" He sat weirdly on his spinny chair, swirly manic eyes searching the class for someone to pick on. As expected, everyone avoided his gaze out of sheer paranoia that they may get the question wrong.

"You there! Porcupine!"

We all laughed at his name for Bakugo. Jirou told me previously that he and Midoriya were childhood friends. It didn't look like it but people do have weird ways of showing affection nowadays.

I don't know how Midoriya manages to forgive him every time since Bakugo shouting always caused my chest to pang in some weird way. I'd cower in my seat when he unexpectedly wailed. It's not like I was scared...more curious as to why it made me flinch. Probably because it feels like he might explode my face.

Suddenly two knocks on the door caught all our attention and Midoriya's head peeped in, a blush tinted on his freckled cheeks. "Sorry, I'm late." He apologised and took his seat.

Now his aura was mysterious and secretive. What are you hiding broccoli man...?

Authors note: I hope you guys like Karasu so far, I don't know how to use Y/N so I made up Karasu, if you guys don't like her appearance you can adjust it in your mind

But if I do get the chance to, I will digitally draw her hero costume and her character. Thanks for reading chapter 2.

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