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Dumbass ||BNHA||

Chapter 3

We didn't have training that day but it was pretty fun. Bakugo was grumpy as always but I saw him smile secretly at lunchtime- at a dumb joke Sero made.

"I asked a Chinese girl for her number. She said, "Sex! Sex! Sex! Free sex tonight!" I said, "Wow!" Then her friend said, "She means 666-3629."
(A/N: Got the joke off of Reddit LMAO)

Although it was the unfunniest thing I had ever heard, Mina and Denki were slapping the table hysterically. I chuckled and glanced towards Bakugo who had a cute little smile on his face.

The moment he met my gaze he frowned and averted his attention elsewhere shyly.

Huh...So he does have emotions other than anger.

"It was heavy that's why I couldn't throw it far!"

"You used your quirk!"

Afterschool I was with Ochaco, Kirishima and Denki but we were the last people to leave considering how long Denki took to pee. We did give him shit for taking so long, the sky was already a dull colour and the campus was completely deserted by the time we left.

We were seeing who could throw their bags the highest and catch it. We were just near the dorms, close to the doors.

"Ok Ochaco, you do this one but don't use your quirk this time." I handed her my bag since it was the lightest.

She nodded, her round face scrunched up with a smile. "Three two one!" The bag flung to the side before rocketing to the sky.

My eyes widened when I realised where it was heading to. I gasped, hastily telling Ochaco to stop it with her quirk.

However, I was far too late when my bag thumped on the rooftop of the dorms.

Ochaco panicked, apologising endlessly. I told her it was fine and that I'd go get it without an issue. "I'll see you guys in the dorms! If my stuff arrives just leave it in the main rooms." I ran ahead of them to the rooftop.

Jogging up the stairs and ignoring the 'keep out' signs, I gently pushed the door open in fear that anyone was there. Like a staff member that could get me in trouble.

My steps were soft and unheard, sparking small memories of dad when he used to call me a little ninja because I was so good at sneaking up on people.

The black and purple bag caught my eye and I snatched it victoriously, thinking of how clumsy Ochaco was. I'm going to tickle this girl for revenge. I found that out pretty quickly. After all, her worst nightmare was being tickled.

Just as I was about to leave the rooftop, little sniffles stopped me in my tracks.

I squinted my eyes and tiptoed to the area around the exit. A familiar green-haired guy stood on the railings, staring into the mild sunset. Assuming the worst, I hastily called out his name.

"Midoriya?" With a yelp, he stumbled backwards and fell, groaning at the hard contact.

"Sorry! Oh my god!- Sorry! Are you okay?!" I ran to him, helping him up. The tear stains triggering something I never knew I had inside of me.

"Yeah-... you just- just surprised me a little, heh." He chuckled with no emotion evident. The glitter in his eyes missing. It had only been a day and he wasn't looking like himself.

Again, I didn't want to make assumptions but it sure seemed like he wanted to jump.

Awkwardly, I sat on the railings, still facing him. "Is everything alright?" I barely said. He nodded, gulping audibly.
Clearly, nothing was okay, but I couldn't force an answer out of the guy, it'd only make it worse.

"How was your first day?"

That's the question he asks after contemplating his life? ...I should just answer to make the silence less awkward.

"Apart from dad being lame, it was okay..." No, it's not ok! He's going back on night patrol and I've argued with him millions of times about how he shouldn't be doing that!

All sorts of fucked up villains come out at night, the ones who do screw'd up crap- creepier ones! How much trauma does dad actually have? He's always napping during breakfast and only drinks energy shit. That can't be good for him and whenever I try to help he tells me I'm being dramatic and that there's nothing to worry about! Uncle Hizashi understands me so why can't he?!

Not only that but...-

I still get nightmares...

And no one is home to comfort me when he patrols.

Dad does it so well, I feel so safe like nothing can touch me when he's hugging me.

A big part of me wants to be a hero to not only protect my loved ones but to protect myself. I can't always depend on my dad for safety.

"Mr Aizawa always acts like he doesn't care, but you just know that inside he's a big softie." Midoriya hummed with a grin. I nodded in agreement.

My gaze shifted from his emerald eyes to the orange sky, blending in with the darkening clouds. A cold, gentle wind caressed my face and that's when I decided to say the things I was contemplating to let out for all these years.

"You know, the world has so many issues that not even the symbol of peace can balance all at once..." I felt him tense up next to me. It caused me to wonder why but I ignored it.

"So, us humans really should be helping each other out rather than fully depending on one person. It's our duty, it's just how we were made." I turned to him with a comforting smile.

"Depend on me to vent your feelings out, I love seeing people smile after crying, it's one of those underappreciated things in life." As if his cheeks couldn't get any redder, I was astounded to witness how flustered he became.

Was the man not used to comfort? He looks like he's been through some shit. Nothing I wouldn't know, his aura has some grey in it, meaning a few wounds to his spirit. He's strong though, I can sense it.

My intense stare was broken when the light flooded out of my view, the clouds had turned grey, covering the immersed sun.

"How about we go back inside before it starts to rain?" I got up, looking down at him, holding out a hand encouragingly.

He only nodded and joined me, still in some sort of pain.


Authors note:
So far Karasu knows a few things about Midoriya, will she find out about Bakugo and Todoroki too?

Also, who do you think she considers her best friend so far?

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