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*E•la•tion: great happiness and exhilaration* Kennedy Horan or Ken for short is in a band along with Niall Horan -her brother- Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles. Their band is one of the biggest on the planet. Everything looks great from the public eye, but behind the scenes they still have some issues they need to work out with the members. Harry believes he is better than everyone as the lead, Ken doesn't take too kindly to that though while everyone else just lets it pass knowing they won't get far. Between Harry and Ken's constant bickering with each other, Niall always being late, Zayn and Louis' jokes the band isn't the best with time schedules. Will they be able to stay best friends and bandmates in the public eye? Or will it all fall out from under them with one slip up? (Warning- There will be use of strong language, sexual scenarios/ talk and potential drug use. You have been warned.) Started: February 18, 2021 Finished: If you would like to translate (etc.) please ask permission first, thank you. I hope you enjoy :) -Em <3

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Welcome guys, gals and non-binary pals, I decided to make yet another fic.

Is it gonna be any good?

Probably not, but I got bored and wanted to try out this type because why not?

Ken/Kennedy Horan-(imagined as Kennedy Walsh) The Drummer

Harry Styles- Lead Vocals

Niall Horan- Electric Guitar

Louis Tomlinson- Guitar

Zayn Malik- Backup Vocals

Blare Madison- Lighting Tech

Twitter-- tbsl_tbs

Wattpad-- tpwklh

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