Alien!Komaeda! Komahina fanfiction


There will be a new student attending Hopes Peak, Luckily Hajime Hinata gets to meet him early! Not expecting him to be an extraterrestrial being

Romance / Scifi
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???’s POV

I woke up in an unfamiliar place. The walls were plain white and parts of the room had pipes sticking out. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, adjusting to being awake before standing. ” Time to start the day! ” I tried to sound enthusiastic but in reality I wasn’t. I’ve been here for....I think 1 month and everyday is boring and the same. I wake up, eat breakfast, play some video games, board games and maybe watch something. I do have a couple of run ins with the only other person on here, who was one of the persons that planned this.

-Short timeskip-

I was finished with getting ready and sat on my couch ” I’ll get something to eat later. ” I promised myself. Out of the blue the sound of my door sliding open echoed through the room, a man with long black tentacles for hair walked in, his eyes a piercing red. Shadows seemed to follow him wherever he went. I gulped quietly ” Good Morning, Mr. Kamukura! ” I said hiding my slight nervousness, what was he here for?? ” Good morning Nagito. ” he replied somewhat coldly

" What’s up? ” I ask, trying to look calm. ” I have good news for you. ” he said as he sat on the chair opposite from me, which caught my attention. ” In a few hours we will be arriving on Earth. ” My eyes lit up and I almost let out a loud ” YESSSS!! ” but I stopped myself before I could even slightly mouth it. ” You seem excited about this. ” He said, analyzing me. ” Ah! Yes I’m just really curious about Earth and all- ” I laughed a little. In reality I was only partly interested in Earth and mostly interested in getting off this boring ship. I was tired of going through the same day over and over again! Living like this was awfully, as Mr. Kamukura would say, BORING!

He didn’t really seem to buy my part of the truth but went along with it ” Yes, Earth is quite interesting. ” if he wasn’t trying to be kind to me he would probably say that it can also be painfully boring, damn what’s with him and boredom. ” Now, Nagito. Just for a reminder, please tell me what your mission is. ” It gave me a few seconds to remember but it managed to get to my head ” We must protect Earth from destruction by our enemies, right...? ” he nodded. Earth was a part of our protection list since it seemed to have a lot of potential to become as technology advanced as us, which could lead to another ally in this whole universe. So far we have exactly 149 allies and are protecting 13,685 planets. Our enemy has about 136 allies and only has 59 planets protected, so we’re quite ahead! ” Good. Now I suggest you get your things together. ” He said as he got up and swiftly left.

I got up and turned to my room, which had most of my things. I got the basics, clothes, pillows and blankets, soap, some personal items, video games and of course, books. I put some in suit cases where it would be sent to my house and put more personal things, books and video games, in my backpack. I then was ready for the wait, so I took the time to make myself some breakfast. I was going to need to eat at least

- Another timeskip -

I was handed two items, a strange patch and a slip of paper with an address. I looked up at Mr. Kamukura for an explanation. ” That patch is a disguise, it will disguise you as a human. It didn’t take too much coding since you look more human-like than any of the others. ” I nodded ” Okay... ” the fact I have to put on a disguise or else I could cause mass panic is very odd to me, I was always so used to being overlooked. I’m not that special after all. I slipped it into the pocket of my pale, desaturated green bodysuit. ” The address is where you are going to live, unfortunately I can’t drop you off at the house itself so you are going to have to find it. ” I nodded and slipped the address in the same pocket. ” Finally, here. ” he handed me a raygun, which caught me off guard for a second ” Use this to erase memory and for self defense. ”

I slowly took it from him. I never held a weapon before so it was very odd to me. ” We are going to be landing soon. ” He handed me yet another thing, which was some jetpack looking thing, I put it on with my backpack. Suddenly the door slid open, now I was able to really see the slow descent towards the ground. Mr. Kamukura suddenly put a hand on my shoulder ” Good luck, don’t disappoint me. ” I nodded and stepped towards the door, taking a look at the ground, we were high up! I gulped and took another step forward.

One more moment, saying goodbye to these boring and uneventful days before leaping.

After falling for a bit and honestly, I was pretty sure I was going to vomit, I activated the jetpack to start my slow descent.

My descent was peaceful, just slowly getting closer to the ground with the sound the jetpack’s engines going, keeping me afloat. It was nice. After a little while my foot touched the ground and I turned it off. I blinked a few times before my excitement set in ” I’m on Earth....a whole different planet! ” This is going to be interesting, I was lucky enough to even get in the army for my subpar abilities. To be here was an honor ” Now! Let’s start this journey ″ I turned around only to be met with a human, staring at me, frozen in fear. They had short, brown and spiky hair and were wearing a black hoodie. Oh geez this is bad! This is so bad! A human can’t see me! I’m gonna get in trouble. I aimed my ray gun at them, their tan face seeming to pale a little ” Think fast!! ” I yelled, they didn’t understand me. I blasted the raygun at them, knocking them unconscious.

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