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BTS Interracial Oneshots


It's what the title says. I'll update when I don't feel like writing on one of my actual books.

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High Seas • J.HS (Pt. 1)

"Melania, get back here!" There was the deep voice of very father, calling his daughter back to him as the adventurous girl went to the edge of the pier to look out at the ocean.

"Coming father!" She called back to him, giving her beloved sunset view of the ocean one last look of longing before walking away back to her father who was making a deal with an overseas merchant.

It was just Melania and her father, a man who co trolled almost every aspect of his life. He was a firm believer that women were meant to do the housework and to be lady like, but too bad he was born a rebellious daughter who believed that women were just as capable as men.

Melania stood a little behind her father as he tried to make a fair deal. Finally, the merchant let up and they traded. After that, they continued on their way through the seaside market to find more items.

"Father, can I please go explore? Find something of my own to purchase?" She asked her father hopefully, pleading for him to let him go even though she already knew his answer.

"No, Melania, you know you aren't supposed to go anywhere without a man to protect you. We are of some of the highest of nobles and it would be a shame if you went missing, especially with those barbaric pirates roaming around." Her father's face morphed with upmost disgust at thought thought of pirates getting their hands on his daughter. Oh, the horrible things they would do to her.

"But father-" Melania was ready to argue with him only for her father to snap at her. "I said no. You cannot protect yourself. You are a mere woman."

She left back a scowl, a snarl as she looked down at her feet.

Maybe if she ran while she wasn't looking, she could get away. Of course she would return, but she needed to get away from the pressing of his societal pressures he was putting on her shoulders, weighing her down.

So she kept glancing at him, when he had found something that caught his eye, he was now focused on it. Melania took this as her chance and walked away calmly past the hoards of people, blending in with the crowd.

When she was out of his sights, a grin pulled at her lips and a light escaped and she started running, looking back every so often to make sure no one was chasing after her.

Her father always had at least two guards with them at all times, watching to make sure she was safe from a distance.

They would've noticed that she was gone by now.

And then she heard her name being called.


Melania could see them chasing after free, pushing through the crowds to catch up to her. Panic invaded her body as she pushed herself to run harder, not paying attention to watch was ahead of her until she ran right into the hard chest of a man.

She stumbled backwards, only for her wrist to be grabbed to save her from falling.

Once she had stable footing, Melania looked up to see whom her savior was, only to find that he was a tall, very attractive man.

His skin was tan, delicately kissed by the sun after being out all day. His hair was messy, an ebony black color, like the night sky. He had almond-shaped eyes, dark like a black onyx, hardened. His nose was sharp and narrow and his lips were pink and thin.

His eyebrows furrowed with confusion, but then a charming smile made it's way into his face. "Well, well, what is a pretty lady like you going over here?" He asked, his voice deep and raspy.

Melania looked behind him at the other men who stood on the ship, some where loading things in while others were staring at her with hungry looks in their eyes.

She had stumbled into their territory, pirate territory and she felt as though she would be eaten alive.

"I'm really sorry to bother you, sir, but I must be on my way." Melania spoke respectfully, looking back to see that the guards were starting to gain on her, coming close.

The man looked up behind her to see what she was so scared of. He was easily able to see the two men approaching fast and whistled to him men to come down as his hand hover over the holy of his sword.

When they got close enough, the man drew his sword from it's sheath, pulling Melania to his chest, signalling for his men to do the same.

The two men came to a stop in front of them. Hoseok's sword pointing directly at one's chest. His look was dark and menacing as his grip around her waist tightened.

He sneaky of the sea, salty and humid, also of beer and ale. It sounded gross mixed together, but it was actually not that bad.

"What business do you have here?" The man asked asked them, the sharp tip of his sword touching the chest of one of the guards.

"We are here to retrieve, Lady Charles, that is all. Hand her over and we will be on our way." The guard told him, staring directly into the pirate's eyes.

He hated that.

"She's stumbled her way into my territory. That makes her mine now." He told the guards, staking claim on Melania, telling them that they could no longer have her.

The guard became pissed at this. "Listen you soon to be drowned rat, I will not tolerate this any longer. Give us the girl back and we will not have to slaughter your entire crew." He threatened, only making the man laugh along with his crew.

Melania felt his chest rumbled with amusement and then watched as he swiftly brought his sword up and then down, cutting off the guards hand in one swift motion.

Melania shrieked and hid her face in his chest to avoid the view of blood gushing, but she could still hear his screams.

"That was a warning, no leave before I submit to my urges and do much worse." He threatened, quickly sending the two of them on their way.

He watched as they went with a grin on his face, making sure they didn't come back before looking down at Melania.

"Come with me, darling." He told her, grabbing her wrist as he started dragging her up the plank to board the large ship.

It the hull of the ship was carved "The Silver Ivy" in silver letters.

Melania tugged against his grip. "Wait, let me go! Please!" She begged, quickly coming to the re-realization that he was a pirate and the way his crew looked at her showed that they did not have pure intentions with her what-so-ever.

The man looked back at her. "Calm down, dear. No one is going to hurt you...though it has been a while since we've had such a beautiful woman in board." He smirked, looking her up and down

Melania looked away as she was forced into the deck. All eyes were in her, but she walked passed the lustful stares with grit, not wanting to be see as weak or easy prey.

"Get back to work!" The man barked at all of them in a dark tone and they all immediately did so.

So he was the captain.


Hoseok brought her to the head of the ship where the captain's wheels stood and sat her down on the side.

Melania stared at him as he paced slowly in front of her, trying to figure out what to do with her.

"Please sir, just let me go. My father will pay you handsomely for my return." Melania told him, making the man stop in front of her.

He knelt down in front of her and grabbed her chin lightly so that she'd look at him. "What is your name, dear?" He asked her. The man didn't see violently, though he had just cut a man's hand off. Blood splattered a bit on his cheek, but not much.

"Melania, Melania Charles."

The man smiled. "Mel." He settled before standing up to his full height. "Hoseok." He introduced himself, offering his hand for her to shake.

She did so hesitantly. Where's pirates supposed to be evil, ugly, bearded men who pillaged villages and cities and raped women.

But he was, kind enough to help her out, and he certainly wasn't ugly. He was probably the most beautiful man she's ever seen in her life.

The man, Hoseok, started pacing again. He should most likely let her go for a price, get her off of his hands. He wasn't one to force people to join his crew, only those who volunteered, people who were lost or abandoned in some way.

"I will give you a choice, my dear Mel." Hoseok told her. "I can either return you to your family for a sum of money or..." He paused for a moment. "You could join me and my crew."

Melania looked at him with confusion. "What would make you think I would want to join a pirate crew?" She asked him with curiousity as to why he would suggest such a thing.

"Well, you were running for some reason." Hoseok told her in an obvious tone. "So make your choice, darling and quickly. I am an impatient man."

Melania sat there, thinking about her options. She goes back to her father only to be put down and taught that she was good for nothing except making babies. If she says, she would be around a bunch of horny men who could possibly rape her at any moment.

"If I stay here...will they touch me?" She asked him, not believing that she was even entertaining the idea of staying on pirate ship.

Hoseok shook his head. "I do not permit rape in my ship. If you were to stay, you would be under my protection and under the protection of some of my closest friends. If one of the other crew were to touch you in a way you do not like, I will deal with them." He stole her.

Melania wasn't sure. He could just be saying that to convince her to stay and then when she's trapped in the middle of the sea with nowhere to go, she'd be attacked.

"You have my honest word." He told her, looking her in the eyes with his dark one's, dead serious. He was allowing her to search him for any lies for the eyes were the windows to the soul.

Melania felt as though he was being honest with him. She knew she shouldn't trust him, but he felt trustworthy.

And she so desperately wanted to get away from her oppressive lifestyle at home.

So she agreed.

"Alright, I'm in."


Welcome to the first chapter of my oneshot book. My name is Taehyun and I am the author of all my books. I want to dedicate this chapter to cutetinygiraffe who had requested this oneshot.

I might publish a second part to this if you guys want it.

Also, if you want to put in a request, feel free to comment, DM me, or put it on my message board and I'll get to it as soon as possible. Be sure to be specific, like which member, the scenario, if you want smut of fluff, etc.

I hope you all enjoyed and I hope you guys have an amazing day/night



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